August 2018 Round Up

This month has felt long. I’ve been very mindful of the days since we’ve been doing Whole30 this month (more about that in just a bit), but it’s also felt so fruitful. I’m feeling healthy and determined. August was a good one — lets recap, shall we?

3 things I’m excited about

  1. Fall: Every year I get more and more excited for fall. I love living in North Carolina because we do experience the different seasons and I enjoy the change from one season to the next. Fall is especially cozy and I’m totally here for that. Bring on the pumpkin spice, sweater weather, and bonfires. I’ll be singing a different tune once the temperature drops below 50 degrees, but for now I’m excited! As of August 28th, the PSL is back at Starbucks, so pretty much fall is here…
  2. Being fully released in my new position: September 1st my promotion is officially official! I’m super excited, but also a little nervous. This is what I have been preparing for since I started this job on June 12, 2017. I am ready and beyond blessed to have a supportive, knowledgable team that I know will be there for me. It’s so cool that I’m able to play a part in helping people find a beautiful house that will become their home. When I graduated from NCSU in 2014, I had no idea this is where I’d be today, but I’m grateful for the plans that are better than my own.
  3. Small group starts back: We took a needed break from small group during the summer season. Everyone was so busy traveling and had other plans/responsibilities, it just made the most sense for our group. Now that summer is essentially over, small group is back! We will start the fall season on September 6th and I couldn’t be more excited. Creating space for a break is allowing us to come back stronger and ready to serve our group members. I can already feel that it’s going to be a powerful season.

Quote I’ve been meditating on

Choose a life of conscious simplicity (simple meals, walks outside, meditation, cooking whole foods) and you’ll find more freedom in your life.” -Amie Valpone

I can’t remember where I saw this quote initally, but it immediately spoke to me. Simplicity is a value that I have been weaving through my life. Why make things more complicated? There are enough complexities in the world that I cannot control, but I can make my world within my four walls simple, peaceful, and life-giving.

This month was all about nourishing our bodies with whole foods and keeping things simple by listening to and respecting my body. There truly is freedom in the simple because it creates more space and energy to choose to let other things in.

Who or what I’m adoring


This is my second round of Whole30. I did my first in February 2018 (you can read about that experience here if you’d like)! Round 2 was so much different. I think it was a lot easier to do it a second time since I was already pretty familiar with the program and the way it all works. I learned a lot from my first round, so I was able to carry that knowledge into round two.

A major factor this time was that my husband did it with me! I was honestly shocked he wanted to join me, but this was mostly his idea. Way to go, honey! This made it easier and harder. Easier because I had accountability and he wasn’t tempting me with going out to eat or bringing home non-compliant foods. Harder because I had to cook and do dishes a lot more! Because of my husband’s business, he wasn’t able to help too much with cooking and cleaning (he’s gone all day 6 days a week), but he helped when he could.

I really enjoyed the challenge and I love the way I feel from only eating whole foods! My body feels like it’s operating much better and my skin looks/feels so healthy! I’m definitely going to be writing a blog post all about our August Whole30, so stay tuned if that interests you 🙂

Favorite memory from August

So many wonderful things happen in a month, but our family beach trip was hands down my favorite memory in August. Earlier this month we decided to sneak away to my family’s condo in my favorite North Carolina beach town, Pine Knoll Shores. It was during the time we were getting storms and rain pretty much daily, so the weather almost kept us away, but we went for it!

It was interesting — since we were doing Whole30, we brought all of our own food. I had cooked and prepped everything ahead of time, so we packed up our cooler and were good for the two days. It was so nice to not have to spend money or take time getting ready/going anywhere, but we definitely missed the shrimp burgers from Big Oak Drive In. No alcohol was also different (Whole30 doesn’t allow for alcohol for obvious reasons), but we still had a blast!

To our surprise, Stella absolutely loved the beach and did so well. She hated it when she was a puppy, so this was new. But we’re so glad she can be a beach pup now! It was a great getaway and the perfect reminder to make time for the things that are most important. ❤

A good lesson I learned

I’m stronger + more capable than I think.

I hear this often in my Pure Barre classes from the fabulous instructors, but when I’m shaking and struggling to keep going with the move, it’s hard to believe. But it’s true. I am stronger than I think. Mentally. Physically. Emotionally. Spiritually.

August has provided some challenges in those areas, all of which I have overcome. They weren’t easy, but I already had everything within me to handle them. And of course that wasn’t done 100% by my own strength. I rely greatly on the Lord’s strength and the strength of those He has put into my life. I’m getting stronger every day, but maybe it’s partly because I know I’m weak and need help. It can be hard to admit, but I need the help of my Savior. He makes me brave. He makes me strong. And He always knows just what I need to carry on.

In September…

I’m saying no to: the urge/need to do it all.

I’m saying yes to: simplifying my space/schedule/life.


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