August Progress | September Goals 2018

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The pumpkin spice latte is back at Starbucks, so that must mean fall is upon us. Although it’s still in the 90s here in NC, so gimme all the margs. Summer aint done yall! I can be eager to hurry up and get to the next season, but I’m trying to slow myself down because I’ll miss it when it’s gone.

As per usual, August was a full month. Lots of progress was made, but some things didn’t get done. That’s okay! We’re about progress, not perfection around here. In the day to day it may feel like I’m not doing much, so I love taking the time to reflect and celebrate what was accomplished with my PowerSheets!

August Progress

Monthly Goals

  • Budget communication: We are still doing great with this. Since we’ve been doing it a while, we have a system that works for us so the communication doesn’t take a lot of time. We keep each other in the loop and keep our spreadsheet updated. We set a new savings goal, so we have something we’re working towards!
  • Set up our wills with LegalZoom: Another month this didn’t get done. We’re thinking it may be best to actually meet with an attorney to help get this set up since our situation is a little more complex. We’re overwhelmed and not sure where to start. I think this goal would be best accomplished as broken down steps, but for now this will be set aside.
  • Friend date (x3): Loving this goal! I’m a homebody at heart, but I get lonely sometimes with Eric working so much. I’m fully supportive and understand his career, but it still gets too quiet here at times. Plus I think it’s so important to cultivate friendships. These friend dates looked like shopping, just catching up at home, and a get together — all were so good and much needed for the soul!
  • Read book #8: I’ve been reading a lot lately since I’ve been using my library card! I finished The Best Yes by Lysa TerKeurst. I also read The Magnolia Story by Chip and Joanna Gaines and The Girl with the Lower Back Tattoo by Amy Schumer. I enjoyed both of those reads. They were autobiographical and it was cool to get a real look into their lives.
  • Simplify a space: I feel like I’m always in a state of decluttering. I want our home to be a peaceful, meaningful space; clutter has to go! I made a list of the different spaces that need attention so we can work through those. In August we tackled the kitchen cabinets and drawers, Eric’s “junk” drawer, pantry, my bedroom side table, and our bathroom drawers. I try to do this pretty regularly, but it’s crazy how much clutter can still accumulate.
  • Whole30 — complete with Eric: We did it!!! I’m not going into too much detail here because I’m going to do a dedicated post soon, but it was so good!
  • Transition well into promoted position: My first month as a New Home Consultant is under my belt and I’m feeling great about the position! I’m trying to learn and grow each day. There’s definitely more responsibility, but I have been preparing for it. I’m excited to experience what’s to come!
  • Plan blog content — August & September: I have some great content planned that I hope you’ll love! In September I’m trying out 2 blog posts a week, so that’ll be a challenge for me and more good stuff for you! Definitely let me know if there’s anything specific you’d love to see here.
  • Nurture plants — keep alive & well: I’m an aspiring plant mom. So far, so good. It’s hard to keep plants alive outside with this heat, but I’m okay. I do have a succulent and peace lily that are struggling a bit inside, so hopefully they perk up with some extra attention. Any tips are welcome!

Weekly Goals

  • Serve Eric well — Achieved 5/5 weeks
  • Encourage someone — Achieved 5/5 weeks
  • Blog post published — Achieved 5/5 weeks
  • Cultivate life-giving routines — Achieved 5/5 weeks
  • Mindful spending — Achieved 5/5 weeks

I’m most proud of how the mindful spending went in August. I’m good at spending money. I can justify most purchases pretty easily with myself, so it takes will power for me to not spend and actually save. I keep a list on my phone of “wishes” – things I would like to purchase. I started doing this so that I could get the things out of my head and reconsider later if I still want them. This helps me be more mindful about what I’m purchasing and it’s been great for our budget! I’m moving towards contentment and realize it’s not the things that’ll make me happy.

Daily Goals

  • Bible plan — Achieved 31/31 days
  • WTW (Write the Word) Journal — Achieved 29/31 days
  • Move body — Achieved 31/31 days
  • Pray with Eric — Achieved 27/31 days
  • Dental Care — Achieved 31/31 days

I should have done this a long time ago, but I decided after my last dentist appointment that I really needed to make dental care a priority. That means taking the time to brush well and actually floss. I’m sure you understand the struggle… Since it’s a written intention, I made great progress here! I’m getting into good habits with my teeth, so I’m expecting some praise at my next dentist appointment 😉

September Goals

Monthly Goals

  • Budget communication
  • Read book
  • Friend date
  • Simplify a space
  • Growth + progress at work
  • Nurture plants
  • Begin new small group season well
  • Create healthy phone boundaries

Weekly Goals

  • Be curious — ask good questions
  • Speak up for myself
  • Rest — do nothing
  • Blog post published x2
  • Mindful spending
  • Life giving routine

Daily Goals

It’s easy to get swept up in doing the seemingly urgent/important things that aren’t actually urgent/important to you. When my goals and intentions are written down, it’s much clearer to identify what’s what. My PowerSheets help me keep what matters at the forefront and then I can make the necessary decision about anything extra.

How are goals and progress going in your life? Do you set goals or just go with the flow? It may look complicated, but it’s actually easy to set goals. It’s the progress that takes the work! But it’s worth it. What goal would you like to accomplish in September? You don’t need a fancy goal setting planner to make it happen (although it’s certainly a useful tool). Set your intention, write it down, and go after it!


4 thoughts on “August Progress | September Goals 2018

  1. Congratulations with achieving so many August goals! I’ll admit that I never set monthly goals but maybe I’ll start from now on 🙂 My goal this month will be to find more time to read.

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