November Progress | December Goals 2018

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Hi, friend! I’m so glad you’re here.

You know what a new month means: PowerSheets update! I love reflecting  and preparing for what’s the come with these posts. They may just be my favorite because it gives you a glimpse into my world and (I hope!) inspires you to create your own. 

It’s great to have goals, but you become unstoppable when you write them down. My goal planner is that reminder to set meaningful goals and then that encourager to take the next right steps to make them happen. 

November Progress

Monthly Goals

  • Last 90 Days Challenge: Another month down of this challenge. I’m really enjoying it because it’s giving me something to focus my energy on in addition to my morning routine. It’s helping to keep me on track which is much appreciated at this point in the year. 
  • Budget communication — Add $3,000 to savings: We were able to go above and beyond here woohoo! I’m so grateful and impressed by how well this goal is growing. Little by little truly adds up, yall.
  • Contentment Challenge: This challenge was SO good that it deserves its own post. So that’ll be coming next week — stay tuned. In case you missed it, I’m referencing this challenge and I highly encourage you give it a go!
  • Progress at work — 3 sales: We didn’t quite hit 3, but we did get 2. That’s progress! It’s a new month and a new opportunity to reach goals.
  • Simplify a space: Thanks to the Contentment Challenge, I simplified a lot of spaces in November. Specifically my closet, Eric’s closet, the office closet, and many other spaces around our home. It feels more peaceful at home, which I love. 
  • Create a “Personal Timeline”: Done! This is an idea I got from the Happier Podcast with Gretchen Rubin. The point is to create a timeline of your life noting the important milestone moments. It’s like a resume, but for your whole life. I got it started and it’ll take some time to think through, but I got a big chunk down on paper. It’s helpful to remember special dates and is a cool way to reflect. I wish I had started it sooner!
  • Research/plan Rise Weekend: This one only got halfway complete because Rise Weekend sold out before I could grab a ticket. Bummer! Oh well, what’s meant to be will be.
  • Hospitality with our Small Group: Hospitality is a theme for me lately. In November we hosted our small group for a meeting and we had a Friendsgiving where we brought a sweet potato casserole and yummy dessert from Nothing Bundt Cakes. Hospitality is becoming one of my favorite ways to love my people. 
  • Successful realtor event: Check! We hosted an exclusive realtor event at our model home. The event had a great turnout, helped us get useful feedback, and cultivated connections.
  • Plan a holiday get together: The month slipped away from me, so this got moved to December as you’ll see later on.

Weekly Goals

  • Dream about future — Achieved 5/5 weeks
  • Speak life to/over Eric — Achieved 4/5 weeks
  • Blog post published + shared — Achieved 3/4 weeks
  • Use my voice well — Achieved 5/5 weeks
  • Rest + care — Achieved 5/5 weeks
  • Cultivate healthy phone boundaries — Achieved 5/5 weeks

It feels a bit ironic to discuss a goal I specifically chose not to do one week, but here we are. I love this little corner of the internet and the community we’re cultivating, but sometimes it’s better for me to take a step back. I made the decision to skip a post the week of Thanksgiving – reasonable. I totally could have powered through and got a post up just to keep the consistency, but I didn’t. It honestly felt good to give myself a break and focus on my best work instead of just checking it off. 

If you’re feeling called to rest, listen and do. 

Daily Goals

Lots of faith progress happened in November! I want to savor the meaning of this season and continue to dig deeper into my relationship with the Lord. Praying with Eric has not only strengthened my faith, but also our marriage. It helps unify us. We pray before we go to sleep — sometimes I try to make the excuse that I’m too tired (there may be days we do fall asleep), but I always feel more at peace when we take the moment to pray. 

December Goals

Monthly Goals

  • Last 90 Days Challenge
  • Add $3,000 to savings
  • 3 sales
  • Holiday get together
  • Set up 2019 PowerSheets
  • Set up 2019 Simplified Planner
  • Love my people well
  • Savor the season
  • Pure Barre 250 Club
  • Blog rebranding

Weekly Goals

  • Speak life to/over Eric
  • Blog post published + shared
  • Rest + care
  • Create margin
  • Date Eric intentionally

Daily Goals

  • Pray with E
  • Finish devo
  • Luke Bible reading

We’ve got less than a month left to soak up 2018. You don’t have to wait for January 1st to make things happen. Start right now, today! It may seem like it’s too late to get started, so you might as well wait. But why not start taking steps in the right direction? Momentum will build and you’ll be that much closer if you begin now. 

What will you accomplish before the new year? You totally got this!

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