Dec 2018 Progress | Jan 2019 Goals

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If you’re anything like me, you’ve been so excited for January. Don’t get me wrong — I love the holidays! But I’ve been craving the newness of a fresh start. I’ve been eager to get started on the goals I set. Although I could have started at any time, there’s just something exciting and motivating about a new year.

It probably feeds my excitement that my birthday is January 1st. But regardless, I’ve been looking forward to 2019. 2018 ended well and I’m proud of the progress that I made on my goals. I didn’t perfectly wrap up every single one or even finish the way I had initially expected, but tons of progress was made.

That’s cause for celebration!

I surprised myself with my PowerSheets prep work. I allowed myself to be honest. I share these monthly updates with you for two reasons: to inspire you and to hold me accountable. But I don’t have to share everything. I allowed myself get into the dirt of my prep work and dig into what’s really in my heart. It ain’t pretty, but it’s life giving if you allow it to speak up.

I feel good about December’s progress. I’ll be sharing my overarching 2019 goals in a post coming up — based on January’s tending list you’ll notice some have continued into the new year, some have been refreshed, and some are totally new. Lets get into it!

December Progress

Monthly Goals

  • Last 90 Days Challenge: We did it! I’ve talked about this goal in past updates. In short, this was Rachel & Dave Hollis’ 3 month challenge where you strive to finish well. There were 5 piece to it for each day and it was really helpful to have something to work towards, especially during the holidays.
  • Add $3,000 to savings: Check! We were even able to go above and beyond here, which is such a blessing!
  • 3 sales: We got 1/3. Snow storm in NC + holiday season does not an easy sales month make. But it’s okay because we can keep moving forward.
  • Holiday get together: I waited too long to plan this and then the date I chose didn’t work out. Note to self for next year — plan earlier and pick a date farther from Christmas.
  • Set up 2019 PowerSheets: Done! You’re seeing the fruit of that here in my January tending list and goals. It was a challenging process, but as always, so worth it!
  • Set up 2019 Simplified Planner: Also done! I’m a sucker for a new planner. I’m trying out some new systems in it like color coding, so we’ll see how that goes.
  • Love my people wellI’m still learning how to improve at this, but I’d say it was a win for December. Loving my people well this month looked like spending time together, exchanging gifts, reaching out with a call and/or text, and praying for them.  
  • Savor the season: Similar to the last, I’m still learning how this looks. I think I get a little better at it every year. Next year I want to do an even better job of enjoying every step of the season. If I wait until Christmas Day to soak it up, most of the season has already past. There is joy even in the process.
  • Pure Barre 250 Club: I can do hard things! This goal was tough to accomplish because it really pushed me. I started Pure Barre back in February 2018, hit 100 club in June 2018, and then hit 250 club in December 2018. Phew!
  • Blog rebranding: This is done! If you’ve been around here for a bit, you’ll notice the change. If not, welcome anyways! What do you think??

Weekly Goals

  • Speak life to/over Eric — Achieved 3/4 weeks
  • Blog post published + shared — Achieved 4/4 weeks
  • Rest + care — Achieved 4/4 weeks
  • Create margin — Achieved 4/4 weeks
  • Date Eric intentionally — Achieved 3/4 weeks

An area I really want to grow in is our marriage. We go on “dates” every week, but they haven’t been feeling intentional or as connected as I’d like. We love eating good food, so it’s usually dinner out, but that gets into a rut. It may just be the season (cold and rainy, ick!), but going forward I want us to put more thought and effort in here. We don’t get a ton of time together, but we can use what we have more wisely ❤

Daily Goals

  • Pray with E — Achieved 27/31 days
  • Finish devo — Achieved 31/31 days
  • Luke Bible reading — Achieved 24/24 days

I loved our reading plan for Christmas! Leading up to December I saw an idea floating around about reading the book of Luke in December. Starting on December 1st, you read one chapter of Luke — short, sweet, and so special. This book of the Bible details Jesus’ life, so it gave us a fresh and more in depth perspective of what Christmas really means. If you’re a Christian, I’d highly encourage reading through this book. You don’t have to wait until Christmas.

January Goals

Monthly Goals

  • Launch new small group season well
  • Set 2019 couple goals
  • Research therapist
  • Research chiropractor
  • Plan blog content for quarter
  • Add $4,000 to savings
  • Budget meeting – review/set goals
  • Add important dates to planner
  • 3 sales
  • Create daily action items for work

Weekly Goals

  • Speak life to/over Eric
  • Date E intentionally
  • Mindfully rest
  • Unprocess my diet
  • Blog post published + shared
  • Cultivate flourishing AM routine
  • Cultivate flourishing PM routine

Daily Goals

  • Time in the Word
  • Pray with Eric
  • Show up with effort

January is here, friends! I know the first few days can feel out of whack. It’s like a holiday hangover and then we’re expected to jump right into achieving our goals. More power to ya if you can do that, but I know I’ve been moving a bit slower. Slower is totally okay. Just don’t stop!

Even if you haven’t had a stellar beginning to your new year, we’re only three days in. That’s a tiny fraction of the whole year. I believe the way we use each day matters, but your year isn’t fully dependent on what you do with one or even three days. Give yourself grace and carry on.

Do you have any goals set for 2019? If so, I’ve love to read them in the comments below! If not, but you want it, it’s not too late.

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