2019 Word of the Year

Hello, friend. Welcome to the new year.

Or if you’re reading this after January 2019, welcome to the new moment.

First lesson: you don’t need to wait for a fresh year to have a fresh start. Although it does feel like a good time, doesn’t it? Lets use it.

At this point in the year, I’ve chosen my Word of the Year (which is why we’re here) and my main focuses for 2019 aka my goals. I stopped making resolutions years ago because we all know how those tend to go. I give up on resolutions. But goals, on the other hand, I make progress on little by little.

My word felt pretty obvious last year. Before I really dug in too far, it was there. This year didn’t feel that way and I felt panicked. It’s totally not the end of the world to experience a year without a specific word. I had gone through 24 years without a word. But I wanted one.

What is a Word of the Year (WOY)?

Simply put, this is a word (or even multiple words or a phrase) that you want to carry with you for the year.

It might be an overarching idea of what you want to develop (strength, patience, community, contentment, grace, etc). It might be a description of what you want for your year (adventure, fun, abundance, joy, etc). The beauty (and the challenge) is there are no rules. Choose a word (or multiple words) that speak to you.

How do you choose your WOY?

Choosing a WOY is different for every person. The process may vary year to year. Some people know it immediately. Some people have to talk about it, pray about it, wait and listen on it. There’s no right or wrong way here.

Start brainstorming.

Ask yourself questions and write down your answers — you may notice themes in your responses. What worked last year? What didn’t work last year? What do I want for 2019? What do I want more/less of? Where do I want to be when I’m 80 years old?

Read and/or listen to music.

Jot down any word that sparks something.

Take a look at your list — does any word speak to you? If there are a few, look up the definitions and see if one stands out. If not, don’t stress. There’s no deadline. This is your word, so it’s whatever you want it to be! You even have the flexibility to change if the chosen word falls out of alignment. The purpose is to set your intention as it works best for you in this season.

2017 was the year to Become.
2018 was the year to Flourish.
2019 is the year to…

Rest: cease work or movement in order to relax, refresh oneself, or recover strength.

When I was working through my questions, I noticed a theme of rest.

Rest worked well in 2018.

I crave refreshment, rejuvenation, and recovery.

I’m not just talking about physical rest, although that’s extremely important to me (even though it’s an area I struggle in). I mean soul rest too. Giving myself the space to breathe, think, and just be.

I heard a phrase on Emily P. Freeman’s podcast and it stuck with me. To sit down on the inside. She was talking about peace. That soul rest we can feel when we take the time to slow down. I want that even when our schedules, days, and lives are hectic.

Rest means being purposeful. It means knowing, setting, and sticking to my priorities. It means saying no to things that aren’t my best yes. It means letting some things go. It means pouring into myself so I can be, feel, and do my best. Yes, that all sounds lovely.

So this year I’ll practice rest. Honestly, rest doesn’t feel natural to me. It feels scary because it requires trust. I’m trusting that everything will be okay without me. If I’m taking the time to rest (my body, my mind, my soul), that means I’m not doing.

WOY Ideas

abide / able / adventure
balance / be / beloved / bloom / brave / bold / breathe
change / cherish / confidence / consistent / courage / contentment / cultivate
deeper / delight / devoted / diligence / discover
embrace / enrich
faithful / fearless/ finish / flourish / focus / freedom
grace / grateful / gratitude / grow / grounded
happy / healing / heart / hope
implement / intentional
join / joy
kind / knowledge
learn / less / light / listen / love
manifest / meaningful / mighty / mindful
natural / nourish / nurture
obedient / open / organized
peace / play / powerful / prepare / present / progress / purpose
question / quiet
ready / redefine / renew / rest / rise / rooted
savor / self-discipline / shine / simplify / steady / still / strength / surrender
thankful / thrive / trust / transform
unshakeable / unstoppable / understanding
value / vibrant / vitality
wellness / worthy

This is YOUR year! I’m so excited to see how you will use 2019.

Have you chosen a WOY?? Let me know in the comments below what yours is ❤

8 thoughts on “2019 Word of the Year

      1. My third time, actually! I really enjoyed the reflection process this year though, it was pretty insightful. I gave in to it instead of kind of going through the motions like I had in the past. Such an amazing system!

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