Jan Progress | Feb Goals 2019

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Hey there, friend!

How’s your year going so far? Not quite as far along as you thought you’d be? Have you completely given up on your resolutions? Did you set any goals? The good news is that there’s still more than enough time to turn it around if needed. Yall, we’re only in month two out of twelve! Don’t stress. But do get intentional.

I haven’t always been good at goal setting. I used to decide on maybe one or two unrealistic resolutions and then get frustrated with myself when they fell apart come mid January.

My eyes were opened and world was turned upside down (in the best way) when a set of PowerSheets entered into my routine. I found a system that worked for me. I learned about the power of little by little steps and how progress is always above perfection.

Be encouraged that you already have everything you need inside of you — you just need a system to guide you. Grab a set of the six month undated PowerSheets set and dig in! Until then… here’s a glimpse into mine ❤

January Progress

January Progress with PowerSheets

Monthly Action Items

  • Launch new small group season well: Our group is ever evolving and I’m so excited for what this season has in store. The community we’re cultivating is amazing and Lord is definitely moving.
  • Set 2019 couple goals: We created this in a shared note in our phones, so we always have it to reference. The biggest one is building a new home. Stay tuned for that journey!
  • Research therapist: I did some research, so this action item is complete, but I’ve decided to hold off on moving forward with one for a bit. My schedule has gotten fuller and we want to save any extra money we can.
  • Research chiropractor: A friend gave me an awesome recommendation and I’m really enjoying my visits. I was nervous about the cracking sounds from adjustments, but I know my body needs it.
  • Plan blog content for quarter: Done! I’m excited about what I have planned. As always, let me know any content you’d love to see here.
  • Add $4,000 to savings: Check! This is an aggressive savings goal for us, so I’m extra proud that we’ve been able to meet it. It will be worth it.
  • Budget meeting – review/set goals: We’ve gotten out of the routine of budget meetings since we got into a good money groove, so it was nice to intentionally sit down and make sure we’re on the same page.
  • Add important dates to planner: I finally got to add all my appointments to my planner. February and March are the months of doctor visits. Praying for positive feedback from each one.
  • 3 sales: So happy to say we exceeded this goal. Teamwork is a beautiful thing, yall!
  • Create daily action items for work: Done! Created a checklist in a note on my phone, so I can reuse it each work day. I think it’ll help keep me on track and productive.

Weekly Action Items

  • Speak life to/over Eric — Achieved 5/5 weeks
  • Date E intentionally — Achieved 5/5 weeks
  • Mindfully rest — Achieved 4/5 weeks
  • Unprocess my diet — Achieved 4/5 weeks
  • Blog post published + shared — Achieved 5/5 weeks
  • Cultivate flourishing AM routine — Achieved 4/5 weeks
  • Cultivate flourishing PM routine — Achieved 4/5 weeks

This was a strong start! Wellness is at the top of my priority list. My nutrition is the area I struggle in most. I have no problem working out and am getting better at sleeping enough, but nutrition is tricky. I have a big sweet tooth and love my carbs. It doesn’t help that Eric is the same way…

I had gotten into a bad habit of processed foods — snack bars, eating out, etc. Whole foods weren’t as abundant in my diet, so that needed to change to feel my best. Unprocessing my diet means reducing the added sugar and processed foods to make room for more whole, healthy foods. I’m still working on it, so you’ll see this goal for February as well.

Daily Action Items

  • Time in the Word — Achieved 30/31 days
  • Pray with Eric — Achieved 26/31 days
  • Show up with effort — Achieved 29/31 days

I felt silly at first for adding that last goal to my list. Honestly, I thought judgment would kick in. “Does she really need to make that an action item??” Yes. It’s an area I struggle in, especially in the winter when I just want to stay in sweatpants. And this is my tending list, so I add what I need. I’m not the girl that enjoys doing her hair or makeup. I’m not the girl with the most stylish clothes. I am the girl that can use what she has and put in the effort, so that’s what I’ll do. A little intentionality and mindfulness goes a long way.

February Goals

February Goals with PowerSheets

Monthly Action Items

  • Positive report at appts
  • Learn about Pinterest for blog
  • Add $4,000 to savings
  • 3 sales
  • Cultivate productive work rhythm

Weekly Action Items

  • Speak life to & over Eric
  • Love Eric well
  • Mindfully rest
  • Unprocess my diet
  • Blog post published & shared
  • Flourishing AM/PM routines
  • Love my people well

Daily Action Items

  • Worship > screens
  • Pray with & for E
  • Show up well [early & with effort]
  • Spend on essentials

February is a lighter month for action items. January had a lot going on (which lead to changes that I’m still adjusting to), so I wanted to give myself space. You don’t need to fill in every nook and cranny. Good things are able to grow well when given space to breathe. I’m embracing margin and doing my best.

What are you working towards this month?

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