Brands I Love + Discounts

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February is the month of love.

I’m a recovering shopaholic — I love to shop. But more importantly I love supporting brands I believe in and purchasing products that truly make a difference in my life. I also love sharing about those brands and products because I feel strongly that they will make a difference for someone else.

Do you feel the love??

When I was planning this post, five brands immediately came to mind. I’d love to keep this post updated as I discover new brands doing awesome things, so by the time you’re reading this there may be more than five. This will be fun!

So here’s my favorites — why I love them, what my favorite products are, and a coupon code if I have one (because if there’s one thing I love more than shopping it’s saving money doing that shopping) ❤

Cultivate What Matters

Shop here

Keywords: goal setting / intentionality / faith / planner accessories / relationships

I have been a fan of CWM for years! I first learned about the shop because I decided to read a book called Make It Happen by Lara Casey and the rest is history. It was the kick in the pants I needed and thankfully it introduced me to this incredible company.

If you’ve been around here for any time at all, you’ve seen my monthly progress and goals updates. If you’ve somehow missed them, you can check em out here. My goals are put together utilizing my PowerSheets created by CWM. They’re my favorite, but the team makes many other amazing products that will truly help you Cultivate What Matters.

If you’re looking to grow your faith I highly recommend their Write the Word Journals. I have personally completed four of them — they guide me in being more purposeful in my quiet time and I love having the space to journal my thoughts.

Simplified by Emily Ley

Shop here if you’re a returning customer

Shop here if you’re brand new — get $10 off your purchase of $50+

Keywords: life planners / simplify / declutter / planner accessories

I’m pretty sure I stumbled upon Simplified through Cultivate What Matters. The founders are friends and the hearts behind the company mesh well together. It’s hard to cultivate what really matters without first simplifying, right?

My absolute favorite product is their Simplified Planner. I used the daily version last year and I’m currently using the weekly version. Honestly, I prefer the daily, but I’m still enjoying and getting good use out of my weekly. Back to the daily for 2020.

Emily Ley has written two books that I adore and I highly recommend to any woman: Grace, Not Perfection and A Simplified Life. Yes, please!

Primally Pure

Shop here — use code RACHELT for 10% off your entire first purchase

Keywords: natural / nontoxic / skincare / deodorant / healthy

In an effort to use cleaner products I tried (and fell in love with) Primally Pure. They are a nontoxic skincare company that believes in fewer ingredients for superior results. I love their mission, so thank goodness their products actually work beautifully.

I first tried their Starter Kit Bundle because it was a great, affordable way to try lots of their products at once. I adore and continue to use the products that came in the kit. Of course I’ve had to repurchase items to stay stocked.

It’s so hard to find good, natural deodorant. I don’t want it to cause skin irritation. I want minimal, nontoxic ingredients. Most importantly, I want it to work. I love their Geranium scent, but they have lots of choices so you can find what works best for you!


Shop here for $10 off your first purchase

Keywords: consignment / fashion / affordable / secondhand

I love new clothes, but I don’t like paying full price. ThredUp is the largest online consignment and thrift store. They have thousands of items at amazing prices. This is shopping responsibly — you’re helping keep items out of landfills AND you’re being kind to your wallet. That’s a huge win-win.

Also, if you have great clothes you want to get rid of they have a “Clean Out” consignment service. I haven’t used this feature, but it looks like you send in your clothes and then earn cash or credit for the items they accept. Marie Kondo would be proud.


Shop here for my favorites

Keywords: Amazon Prime / fast shipping / find everything you need

Well this one requires no further explanation. We all love Amazon 😉

Recently I’ve been able to put together my own Amazon Storefront where I can easily share my favorite products and items that are on my wish list. Because Amazon has pretty much everything we need and Prime shipping is amazing, I love having a simple place to point you to.

Bonus — save money while shopping

There are two services I love and use as much as possible when I’m doing my shopping! You might as well earn some cash back on the shopping you’re doing anyways, right!?


Sign up here and get up to a $20 welcome bonus

I love using Ibotta! It’s an app where you earn cash back on offers at participating stores. There are currently 283 supported stores, many of which are grocery and convenience stores.

Before you shop you just add your offers in the app, buy those products at the participating store, redeem your offers by scanning your receipt or using your store loyalty card, and then your cash is deposited into your Ibotta account within 48 hours. Easy peasy!

Once you’ve earned at least $20 you can cash out via PayPal, Venmo, or many giftcard options. To date I’ve earned almost $200 cash back on grocery shopping I needed to do anyways. Not too shabby 🙂


Sign up here and get a $10 welcome bonus after your first purchase

If you do any online shopping at all you MUST be using Ebates. All you need to do is shop through the site and then earn the given cash back for that store. This is especially perfect around Christmas time when you’re probably doing a lot of online shopping. Give a gift to yourself by earning that cash back 😉

Each store has a different percentage of cash back. Sometimes there’s even times where the stores are offering double cash back woohoo! Not every store participates, but most of your big ones do.

Once you create your free account, you’ll just search whatever store you’re shopping and then click on it to open your “shopping trip.” This will then track your money spent and calculate your cash back. It can be easy to forget to use it, so you may want to make a reminder or install the Ebates plugin so you never miss a cash back opportunity! To date I’ve earned around $350! Insert confetti and praise hands emojis here.

What are your favorite brands to support?

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