8 ways I’m cultivating wellness

Feelin good, livin better…

That Drake lyric just felt right and has been going through my head all day.

Health and wellness have been an important part of my life for years now. Maybe one day I’ll dedicate an entire post to my background and journey. For now I’m focused on what I can do from here to cultivate wellness.

Wellness goes beyond physical. It goes into mental and spiritual as well. If my body is strong and healthy, but my mind isn’t, I still feel weak. I can’t neglect my mental or spiritual health and still expect to feel healthy.

When it was the time leading up to our wedding, I wanted to get fit to look good on our big day. That worked, but right now I don’t have a big goal like that I’m working towards. So my why had to take a different shape.

I want to live life as my best self. I want to feel prepared and capable for whatever life throws our way. One day that’ll be a baby hopefully. There will be other challenges – mental, physical, spiritual – that come before and after that. I want to be strong and ready for them.

One of my main goals for 2019 is to cultivate and enjoy wellness. In this season, there are eight ways I’m doing that.

The Expected

Eating well

There’s no way around em. I feel my best when I’m on top of these things. It’s an easy win, but it’s also easy to not do. So I try to do them well as much as I can.

AM/PM Routine

The way I start and end my day makes a big impact on how the rest of it goes. There are certain things I’ve identified to be positive impactors for me, so I try to make those happen in their respective time block. I’m gentle on myself because each day is a little different, but I also try to not go more than two days without my routine.


Staying up to date on my appointments is a commitment I made to myself a few years ago and it’s been so beneficial. I know it’s annoying to make the appointment and then have to go (especially since mine is usually for 8am), but in the scheme of things it’s not much time or effort. Plus prevention is always easier than treatment.

The beginning of the year is my time to knock out all the “ists” – dentist, dermatologist, endocrinologist, gynecologist, etc. I keep a GoogleDoc so I know what’s been scheduled and when because it’s hard to remember year to year. A little organization and forethought goes a long way. Your health is worth it!


I have struggled with my skin for as long as I can remember. I have to give it credit because it has improved as I’ve gotten older, but it’s still not where I want to be as a 27 year old woman. It affects my confidence which impacts my wellness and the way I feel about myself.

I think I have finally nailed down a skincare routine that is focused on my needs and is actually working. Not only do I have the products, but I have the resources and knowledge that’ll make the difference. I don’t want to jinx it, so I won’t go into detail yet. If you’re struggling like I have, don’t give up. There is a clear, radiant light at the end of the tunnel.

Chiropractic Care

When something has just always been that way, you may not realize it isn’t right and needs a change. I’m not your typical chiropractic client. I don’t have any major pains or issues. But I’ve learned more and knew that my thyroid history may mean I could benefit greatly from a quality chiropractor. So far, that’s proven very true!

Having a care plan with my chiropractor has helped multiple areas in my physical body and beyond. It’s amazing what can change for the better when everything is aligned and healing towards working the way it should.

Workouts + Recovery

I have fallen in love again with fitness. I’m loving the challenge Orange Theory offers and the changes in my body. I might even be becoming a runner… who am I!? I’m getting stronger and that feels good! But with as much as I’m pushing myself, my recovery is even more important. Work and rest are both needed. Active rest days are my jam – my favorite being a long, brisk walk with Stella.


This is still new to me. I’ve heard of the concept before, but the actual practice is something I’m learning about and introducing to my life. Simply put, Sabbath is a day for stopping and delighting in God. It’s so hard for me to stop, but I’m called to stop and trust. Not only does this align with my Word of the Year, Rest, but it also aligns with God’s Word. So I’m going to practice this more and give my mind/spirit space to stop and delight.

Listening + Giving

I never fully understood what it meant to “listen to your body.” I loved that phrase, but I couldn’t say I knew how to do it. I think I’m getting a handle on it now though. It’s interesting because when you give yourself space to stop and rest, you also give yourself space to listen. I can listen to myself easier.

By listening, I’m able to give myself what I need. Sometimes that’s an encouraging word, a glass of wine, or an early bedtime. Sometimes it means stepping away or it means digging in to what I know I need to do. It always looks a little different, but I’m getting better at caring for myself. ❤

Is wellness a goal of yours? How are you cultivating it? Cheering you on, friend!

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