Our New Adventure – Month 1

In case you haven’t heard…

SURPRISE! We’re building a brand new home!!!

We are absolutely ecstatic and grateful to have this opportunity. We’ve been dreaming. We’ve been praying. We’ve been saving. We’ve been planning. Now, it’s reality. And now we’re super impatient, but it’ll be worth it.

Our new home elevation
Rendering of our home elevation – isn’t it adorable!?

We own our current home in Fuquay Varina, NC and have been here since May 2015. We had been living in an apartment previously and were craving our own space and not having to worry about sharing walls. It was an awesome next step.

Our current home has welcomed many friends and families. Its provided shelter for us through many storms (both hurricane and winter related). Its been a place to relax (and stress) while planning our wedding. Its been a quiet place to study for my real estate license and for Eric to plan and open his business. Its made us homeowners, neighbors, and Fuquay Varina town residents.

We have grown so much here and while it’s sad to let those things go, what we have ahead is so exciting and sweet!

Our apartment was in Brier Creek and we always said we’d love to move back to that area. Goal accomplished – we get to do that once this home is built! Being close to our families was a big deciding factor. We want kids one day and we knew we wanted to be nearby so family visits can be easier and more frequent. Plus we’ll be super close to the airport and have a home we can grow into (and welcome plenty of guests!)

I sell new homes and it’s been so much fun and insightful to be on the other side of the table. We are so blessed that the builder I work for has an active community in a perfect location for us. And we think we got the perfect lot!

Our homesite
Hard to tell at this point, but our home will be somewhere in there backing to the pretty trees

Since new homes is something I do everyday, I felt building from the ground up was the way to go for us. We have the time to wait since we own our current home (plus it’s giving us more time to save) and it’s allowing us to personalize all the details… and wow, are there many details!

I wasn’t very involved when we bought our current home, so it’s been cool to see how it all comes together from start to finish. I’m able to serve my customers from a different perspective since I’m a customer myself and walking in their shoes just a few steps ahead.

What happened in month 1?

We signed our contract at the end of February and paid our builder deposit to secure our homesite and floorplan. Definitely the biggest check I’ve written so far in my life! But we got what we wanted and the bad dreams of someone taking our homesite or floorplan were over.

The following week we went to our first Design Gallery appointment to start making our interior selections. It was so much fun!! Eric and I agreed on a lot more than I thought we would. Our late night Pinterest searches did help a bit figuring out our overall house vibe. We had our second/final Design Gallery appointment at the end of March once Eric was back from his Europe trip and finalized those early April.

Care to get a glimpse of what we chose?

I CANNOT WAIT to see how it all comes together!

Our home selections
Our home in a rectangle – lots of cool grays and whites

Now it’s up to the construction team! We got our final plot plan so we can see how our house will sit on our lot. At the moment there is no road in front of our house or down our street, so that has been interesting. We’ve had to carefully walk through lots of red clay to get to our homesite, but they’re making progress with curbs and (hopefully) a real street soon!

What we learned in month 1

  • Patience! This has been huge. This whole process has taken time and more twists and turns than what we anticipated. Building a home is fun, but it’s also stressful, so we’ve had to have patience with each other as well. We’re going to have to continue to wait through the road development and the construction process in general. As I said before, it’ll be worth it! I trust the team and know this home is going to be amazing!
  • It’s important to be prepared with a lender. We met with our lender right after we filed our taxes to make sure building a home was a possibility in this season. This guided us to what we could likely afford and also gave us the green light when we were truly ready to move forward on the purchase. In today’s market this was crucial and took some weight off our shoulders.
  • Compromise. Eric and I had to compromise with each other in our structural and Design Gallery selections. We had to compromise on our homesite. We found out the one we initially wanted wouldn’t be available for a very long time, so we chose something else and I’m so happy with our decision. Sometimes compromise encourages you into a decision that’s better for you, but you wouldn’t have made on your own.
  • Set goals, but give grace. You know I love goal setting, but I also believe in giving grace. It’s okay for goals to shift as things change. Sometimes you may need to tweak a goal or change it altogether.

We’ll be over here, continuing to save away our down payment and trying to be patient. One of those things is going a little better than the other 😉

Do you have any home building (or patience) wisdom to share? We would love to hear it! ❤

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