May Progress | June Goals 2019

I know it’s not technically summer yet according to the calendar, but it is according to the weather and my heart. Honestly, I do miss those summer days of middle school where summer literally meant nothing but pool days and beach vacations.

Even though adult life doesn’t have the same summer chill-ness, there’s still a magic to it that I love! Schedules, plates, and backyards get more full in the summertime and I’m here for it.

Summer fun is my top priority for June and I’m utilizing my PowerSheets to help make that happen! Friend, you can grab a 6 month set for 30% right now, just click here. Lets be intentional together — you’ll be so grateful you decided to go for it! Just make sure to order yours before they’re gone!

May Progress

Monthly Action Items

  • Unplug for a “weekend”: This was such a good choice! My weekends are Thursday/Friday since I work traditional weekends. I deleted social media apps off my phone and used my time on other things like resting and spending time with family. It felt great to step away. I realized how many times I reach for my phone and how much time I spend scrolling. If you’ve never done this, I highly recommend it.
  • Celebrate mom: I had the privilege of celebrating both my mom and my mother in law for Mother’s Day. We’re both so blessed to have incredible moms and it was fun to honor them. They do so much for us even though we’re “grown up.” I have amazing examples for when it’s my turn to become a mother.
  • Yard sale: This was a super early Saturday morning, but it was successful! We made about $100 and got rid of lots of things. We still have more items to sell, but those are bigger items, so we’ll do that when it gets closer to moving.
  • Put together action plan for selling home: Done! We chose to work with an awesome local realtor. She’s super knowledgeable about our area and is the nicest. We’re confident and excited!
  • Add $4,000 to savings: We fell $500 short of our goal. But hey, that’s $3,500 more than we started the month with, so that’s a win!
  • Represent M/I well: We had a realtor appreciation event and a meeting with a visit from our Corporate VP of Digital Marketing – exciting month! Each interaction and event is a chance to make a connection, learn, and grow. I love where I am and what’s ahead!
  • 4 sales: We made it halfway there. We’re eager and preparing for a successful June! We have beautiful homes and the right opportunities to make it happen!
  • Explore 1 new blog opportunity: I’m currently working with a brand that I’m excited to share! I only want to share what I truly love, so I’m mindful about the types of opportunities I say “yes” to. I strive to serve you well – only recommending brands/products that I honestly adore is one way to do that.

Weekly Action Items

  • Love Eric well — Achieved 5/5 weeks
  • Sabbath practice — Achieved 1/5 weeks
  • Consistent wellness — Achieved 5/5 weeks
  • Nurture plants — Achieved 5/5 weeks
  • Style hair — Achieved 2/5 weeks

Isn’t it frustrating when well intentioned goals don’t come to pass? One that falls into that category is seemingly easy while the other is more challenging.

Styling my hair should be pretty simple, but it hasn’t happened as often as I’ve intended. I’m out of the habit and having a hard time getting back into it. Creating and following a Sabbath practice is more challenging because it’s something brand new to me. I’m still learning and figuring out what does/doesn’t work. The habit hasn’t been formed yet.

In either case it seems to come down to habit. Habits make or break our days and our goals. If a habit is being resisted maybe it’s just not that important or maybe a different route needs to be taken. Remember, it’s okay (and encouraged) to reevaluate and adjust as needed.

Daily Action Items

  • Pray — Achieved 25/31 days
  • Tackle top 3 — Achieved 28/31 days
  • Listen to body — Achieved 29/31 days
  • Prioritize sleep — Achieved 17/31 days
  • $ on essentials — Achieved 23/31 days

Sleep. So important, yet many days I feel like I did not follow through on my goal. A week or so into the month I realized the wording for this goal wasn’t the best. Prioritizing sleep was certainly what I wanted to accomplish, but what did that really look like when determining if progress was made?

Many nights I prioritized another Netflix or Amazon Prime episode over sleep or I got a late start to bed when I knew I had an early morning. For June I decided to stick with the same action item, but change up my wording so it’s easier for me to know what I’m striving for. Again, it’s all about adjustments if something isn’t working.

June Goals

Monthly Action Items

  • Unplug for a “weekend”
  • Add $4,000 to house savings
  • 4 sales
  • Fun at Battle of the Builders
  • Enjoy beach trip
  • Refresh summer wardrobe – suits/clothes
  • Increase blog views

Weekly Action Items

  • Love Eric well
  • Practice Sabbath
  • Consistent wellness – release weight
  • Care for plants
  • Style hair

Daily Action Items

  • Pray
  • Top 3
  • 7+ hours of sleep
  • $ on essentials

Here’s to a warm, sunny month of afternoons by the pool, trips to the beach, and lots of laughter and sangria! Action item idea for July: master a white wine sangria 😉 If you have any recipes you love, leave em below!

I’m cheering you on! This will be the best month yet!

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