Home building update – lots of changes

We started this home building process at the end of February. Had the timing been normal we would be preparing to close next month. BUT it hasn’t been normal and that’s totally okay because everything is working out even better than we initially thought.

The extra time means we had the opportunity to switch our homesite and save up more money for our downpayment. It’s giving us plenty of time to mentally transition, although I would certainly be excited to close and move ASAP! It’s all in God’s timing.

Tons of progress has happened since our last update in May…

Lot was prepped then underground plumbing went in.

We had our Buyer Builder Conference with our Builder.

I was really looking forward to this because we finally got to meet our builder in person (I work for the company and know a lot of the builders, but never had the opportunity to meet the one that’s working on our home). He is friendly and has built great homes in other communities, so I feel good about it! He gave us our closing month: November! Fingers crossed it’s well before the holidays 😉

Eric & Rachel at the homesite

The foundation was prepped and poured.

Most recently, framing has begun! Our framing package got delivered a few days ago on Wednesday and the framers got right to work. In just a few days they’ve done a lot, which is especially impressive in this heat! Our subcontractors work hard.

Home is being framed

We’re making progress with the sale of our current home too. Last week we had an inspection done so we wouldn’t be surprised by any work needed. Apparently our doorbell doesn’t work, who knew?? Now we’re just waiting for the full report. Please say a prayer there’s no major issues!

Over the past month or so we’ve done some things that I’d definitely recommend if you’re in a similar home buying position…

Inspection of our current home

As I just mentioned, we did this inspection early so there wouldn’t be any surprises. There would be nothing worse than having to drop a bunch of money right before closing to fix an issue. It’ll help us plan budget wise and time wise.

Prior to the inspection we did some paint touch ups and it’s actually making me enjoy living here more. It didn’t take very long, was basically free since we had extra paint from the sellers, and it reduced the amount of eye-sores in our home 🙂

Continue saving

I’m 99% sure between the sale of our home, savings, and deposits we’ve already made that we have the money we need for the down payment. But it’s always better to have more, right? We’re continuing to save as aggressively as we can which will be very helpful in case anything pops up during the process. Plus we’ll have the money handy for new furniture and decor after we move in!

Get decorating inspiration

I’m already looking online (Wayfair, Amazon, etc) and in store (HomeGoods, Target, etc) for decor and colors that I love. My style has evolved quite a bit in the 4+ years we’ve lived in our current home. Most of our stuff came from my college years or Craigslist. While there’s nothing wrong with that, I want to be more intentional in hand picking items for our new space.

Purchase wisely

I have to be careful not to buy everything while looking for inspiration. I told myself I wouldn’t buy anything until we moved, but that was a lie. I have purchased a few items, but I’ve been mindful to only buy what I know will work in the new house. I’ve bought things that have been on a great sale or things I love that I probably can’t find again (like a cute $9.99 framed print from Marshalls). It’s so hard to wait, but it also means less things we’ll have to move.

Determine what to declutter + sell

I’ve been cluttering our home overtime for years, but there’s always more to do. We did a yard sale a few months ago and were able to sell lots of smaller items. As we get closer to our moving date, I’m going to be selling our larger pieces like our dining room set that I no longer want/won’t work in the new home.

It doesn’t make any sense to put the effort into moving things we don’t like or we know won’t work. Might as well give the items a new home and make a little money in the process.

Visit the new home

For a while there wasn’t much to see when we’d visit, but it’s still cool to watch the overall progress of the community. We live about 40 minutes away, so our visits haven’t been very frequent, but anytime one or both of us is in the area, we make a point to stop by. Now that the home is being framed, I think we’ll try to visit more often!

Start meeting neighbors

We are so blessed to already have friends in the neighborhood! We actually spent Fourth of July at our future community pool with some close friends and had the opportunity to meet lots of neighbors! They are so fun and kind which makes me even more excited to move in. We have some awesome neighbors at our current home, but don’t know too many others well. It’s really important to me that we do a better job of getting to know and spend time with our neighbors.

Each step gets more exciting because it’s looking more and more like a home. I’m most excited to see how all of our design elements come together. Hopefully the heat will start backing off to make it a bit easier for the vendors and it won’t rain during the day until we have a roof on. No more delays, please! That’s asking a lot, but it’s worth a shot, right?

We’ll continue to try being patient. Keep an eye out for the next update. Do you have any questions? Is there anything special you want me to talk about next time? Let me know in the comments ❤

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