July Progress | August Goals 2019

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I believe there’s good in every month and season, but I’m not sad to see July go. There was lots of excitement and beauty, but there was also lots of challenges and extremely hot weather. Onward to August!

If you’re new here, welcome!! I’m so happy you’re here. If you’ve been around here for a bit, you know I do this monthly update sharing my progress + goals with my PowerSheets. This is my favorite intentional goal setting resource because it’s not only beautiful, but it gets right to the heart of what matters most.

There are somehow still some 6 month undated PowerSheets available at 30% off (grab yours here). These are for you if you’d really love to set goals and be intentional, but you’re not sure where to start. We can do this together! Lets take a glimpse into what’s been happening on my Tending Lists…

July Progress

Monthly Action Items

  • Celebrate 3 years of marriage: I can’t believe it’s already been 3 years! We like to travel for our anniversary, but this year looked a little different. We spent time together and had a nice meal at a new place in Cameron Village called so•ca. It was lovely to celebrate and look back on what’s happened in our three years. Cheers to the next three! If you’d like to read about lessons learned in year 3, click here.
  • Sabbath rhythm + rest: I’m still learning about what this looks like for me in this season. I think it’s looking and feeling like saying “no” when it’s not a “yes” and giving myself space to just be.
  • Cultivate wellness – release weight: I scratched out the “release weight” portion of this goal maybe a week into the month. I decided I didn’t want to focus at all on weight, but fully on wellness. This goes hand in hand with the previous goal because wellness requires adequate rest – both body and soul rest. I’m considering this accomplished for July although I left a little room in the progress bar undone since it’s never really finished.
  • Save $4,000: We were $1,000 short on this goal, but still progress! Next month’s goal will be half since we’re turning in our car lease and will owe for miles and fees.
  • Home inspection: I’m so glad this is done! The inspection came back pretty good and we’re feeling more confident and settled about this next chapter.
  • Prepare X3 for lease end: New (used) tires are on the car and our turn in date and time is scheduled. I’m going to miss this car a ton (it’s my perfect size, color, everything), but it’s going to be really nice to not have a car payment.

Weekly Action Items

  • Intentional time with E — Achieved 3/4 weeks
  • Pool date — Achieved 2/4 weeks
  • Cultivate simple AM routine — Achieved 3/4 weeks
  • Encourage a friend — Achieved 4/4 weeks
  • Publish blog post that sparks joy — Achieved 3/4 weeks

Prior to this summer, we’ve used our neighborhood pool maybe a handful of times in the three previous summers we’ve been here. I decided that was going to change this year. There’s no better place to be on a hot, sunny day when you have nothing else to do. I find it so relaxing (even when there’s groups of crazy kids) to lay by the pool with a book or earbuds and then hop in whenever needed.

So that’s where the “pool date” action item came in. I was going strong with it and then one week it was rainy on my days off and the other it was honestly too dang hot. Yes, that’s a thing. Heat index of 100+ degrees and pool water that feels like a bath just didn’t sound fun. But I’m determined to get more use out of it in the summer days off to come!

Daily Action Items

  • Pray — Achieved 28/31 days
  • Journal — Achieved 17/31 days
  • 7+ hours of sleep — Achieved 24/31 days
  • Do thing for me — 29/31 days
  • Thoughtful spending — Achieved 31/31 days

No spend months or days can be hard and downright unrealistic in certain seasons. Instead of cutting my spending all at once, I thought it’d be better for the long term to develop a habit of spending thoughtfully. I’m definitely the person that gets suckered into the impulse purchases, but I wanted to get away from that. The things I purchased in July weren’t impulses, but items I truly thought were a good idea. This action item made me slow down and even rethink certain purchases which is what I always want to do.

August Goals

Monthly Action Items

  • Turn in X3 lease
  • Rhythm + rest
  • Wellness appointments (4)
  • Save $2,000
  • Not ready to share this one yet… 🙂

Weekly Action Items

  • Intentional time with E
  • Simple AM routine
  • Publish blog post that sparks joy

Daily Action Items

  • Pray
  • Journal
  • 7+ hours sleep
  • Move 30 mins

August’s tending list is probably the lightest one I’ve ever had. I did that purposely because I knew it’d be wise to keep a lighter plate with everything going on. It’s not always about the number of items you get done, but more about how well you do the important things and how you feel afterwards.

August is going to be a great month! What do you have planned!?

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