August Progress | September Goals 2019

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September feels like a second January.

I’ve been out of school for longer than I care to acknowledge, but this time of year still triggers those back to school feelings for me. Like that fresh start feel we experience in January. I love it!

It might help that a brand new season is right around the corner. One of cooler temperatures (but don’t go below 50 degrees please…), coziness, pumpkin everything, and Crockpots.

It’s already feeling like Fall in my heart even though we still have 80+ degree days and the thought of sweaters right now makes me sweat.

Regardless, I’m soaking up these fresh start vibes and ready for what’s to come! PowerSheets help me with reflection and preparation – the best!

August Progress

Monthly Action Items

  • Turn in X3 lease: All set! I’m definitely going to miss it because it was nice to drive luxury and is my perfect sized car, but I’m not going to miss those payments and stressing about going over on miles (which we did greatly… whoops). The extra mileage is paid for, disposition fee paid – we’re over, Southpoint BMW.
  • Rhythm + rest: I’m still learning and getting better at what this looks like for me right now, but I made good progress in August.
  • Wellness appointments (4): All appointments went well! We had appointments for the baby (first ultrasound, first OB visit, 4 week followup OB visit) and dentist. Great reports from all!
  • Save $2,000: Surprisingly, we were able to go way above and beyond this amount even with turning in our car lease. Our savings account is looking incredible, which is great timing because we have lots of things coming up.
  • Share the exciting news – friends/fam: This was so much fun!!! I’ll be going into a ton more detail to come, but this has been one of my favorite parts of pregnancy. Seeing the reactions, feeling the love and excitement – the best ❤

Weekly Action Items

  • Intentional time with E — Achieved 5/5 weeks
  • Simple AM routine — Achieved 4/5 weeks
  • Publish blog post that sparks joy — Achieved 3/5 weeks

I think it’s safe to say mornings are hectic for many of us. I don’t always have an hour to give a full on “morning routine” as much as I would like to. Being pregnant I also realize an extra hour of sleep feels more important than a long list of things I feel like I should do.

My mornings look different than they used to, but I still want to be intentional with them. I still believe my morning sets the tone for my day, so I want to use it well. But it needs to be simple. I’m still nailing down what this looks like, but I’m being open and receptive to change if needed. Just because something is a routine doesn’t mean it’s the routine forever.

Daily Action Items

  • Pray — Achieved 26/31 days
  • Journal — Achieved 13/31 days
  • 7+ hours sleep — Achieved 24/31 days
  • Move 30 mins — Achieved 26/31 days

I had to get real with myself about a habit I was wanting/trying to cultivate, but wasn’t happening well: journaling. Writing is healing and relaxing for me. I know I’m my best when I dedicate time to putting pen to paper, but many days I had trouble finding that time. Rather, I didn’t intentionally dedicate the time.

Ideally, I wanted to do this practice in the morning, but many days I found myself with a super early commitment or an overslept alarm. By the evening I was too tired and didn’t want to do it. Things shifted when I made this a before bed practice (unless I was able to do it earlier in the day). I gave myself grace and didn’t expect to fill out an entire page, but instead whatever I needed and could do for that day.

September Goals

Monthly Action Items

  • Save $4,000
  • Clarity on maternity leave
  • Declutter
  • Post house items for sale
  • Read a book

Weekly Action Items

  • Rest + relax
  • Intentional time with E
  • Simple AM routine
  • Write + share blog post I enjoy
  • Unplug on days off

Daily Action Items

  • Word before world
  • Journal
  • 7+ hours of sleep
  • 10,000+ steps
  • 90+ oz water

My tending list has a new focus now that we’re expecting. I’m early in my second trimester now, so maybe that means I’ll have more energy to tackle other things. We’ll see, but my most important focus is baby, my health, and my marriage. Everything else is just icing.

Would you like to read more about my pregnancy and how everything’s going? I’ve always wanted to be a momma and I still can’t believe this is real.

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