House update – almost there!

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It’s not even been a full month since my last house update and so much progress has been made!

Even though I see houses being built every day at work, it still blows my mind how quickly things can come together. It’ll feel like it’s going to take forever, like no progress has been made and then all of a sudden all the pieces start falling into place.

That’s what has been happening at our house!

I’m not going to list out everything that’s happened in the last month because honestly I don’t know it all. But I’ll share pics and the highlights!

Drywall is up. This is HUGE! Made such a difference in the way the home flows. We could finally get a good feel for the spaces.

Drywall got a few layers of mud and then paint.

Siding went up. I’m seriously obsessed!

Cabinets got put in!!! It makes such a difference. I can see our kitchen and bathrooms coming to life and I’m loving it.

Our covered porch is almost good to go. I’m picturing a swinging bench out here.

Our front door got a coat of paint. Looks like it still needs some love, but maybe they started on it when they were doing siding touchups. It’s such a pretty, deep color with our light grey siding.

Front door

We have a railing and spindles on the stairs. Lets hope Stella doesn’t decide to chew on these stairs like she did in our current house…

Stairs with railing and metal spindles

Tile started going in. Not much to see here, but by now it should be finished. We haven’t seen it yet.

Doors were delivered. I was told doors and trim were being worked on a few days ago, so can’t wait to see!

Interior doors were delivered

I’m so stinkin’ excited to see how everything is coming together! Remember in my first update when I shared a glimpse of our Design Gallery selections? We’re starting to see it all in real life and it’s amazing. I’m so glad I still like what we chose 😉

We’re looking at an early November closing date. The timing is perfect with baby on the way. We can get settled and get his or her nursery all set up. I feel beyond blessed to have this brand new, beautiful home to begin this next chapter of our lives. I wasn’t anticipating this many changes for 2019, but God’s plans are much better than our own.

At this point, the construction is pretty much down to details. Our driveway will be poured early October. Countertops should be coming soon. We’re in the home stretch!

Our current house is getting pretty bare. I started selling items on Facebook Marketplace that I knew wouldn’t work in the new house or we just didn’t want to keep.

We’ll be starting over with most of the furniture and decor, but I’m not mad at that. We planned and saved extra so we’d have shopping money. Pretty much everything we have is stuff from growing up/college or Craigslist. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with buying secondhand stuff (awesome way to shop), but I’m looking forward to intentionally choosing pieces that we truly like instead of just getting whatever is cheapest and fits the space. I’ve tried to stay off the tempting websites and out of the stores until we move, but it’s almost time!

The decluttering and selling will continue. Our neighborhood actually has a community wide yard sale happening October 12th, so that works perfectly! We’ll see about donating whatever doesn’t sell – if you know of any good places to do that in the Raleigh area, let me know!

Lots of coordinating yet to do between the sale of our current house and the new house purchase. It looks like everything will work out well. Just trying to keep all the moving parts straight and make sure nothing gets overlooked. My Simplified Planner and lists are keeping me sane… or as sane as a pregnant woman getting ready to move can be!

That should catch us up. Eric and I will be stopping by the house later today (I can hardly wait!!!), but I’ll save the rest for the final update: the big reveal in November!

This process has felt long and short all at the same time. Thank you for being on this journey with us – I’m having so much fun sharing our progress. Maybe there will be more house content to come around here – what do you think?

It’s been over 4 years since we moved and that was just moving from a 1 bedroom apartment to the house we’re in now. Please share all the tips and tricks you have to make this easy and painless! We do have a moving company lined up (thank goodness!), but the thought of packing has me overwhelmed.

Ready or not, 40ish days to go!

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