20 weeks pregnant + gender reveal

I want to begin this by recognizing those that are struggling with infertility, loss, and any other heartache surrounding pregnancy. I cannot imagine what that hurt feels like. I’m praying for you. The pain you’re experiencing is real and your feelings are valid. Please seek the help you need. You’re not alone. I don’t say that to diminish your unique story, but to remind you that you’re loved and supported. If this topic is too tender right now, please stop reading. I understand. I love you and I’m lifting you up. There is hope. ❤

If you’ve been wondering what my brain looks like lately, it can pretty much be summed up by the follow: new house, baby coming March 2020. 

I mean that makes sense, right? Two pretty major life things that we’ve been dreaming about. If you’re more into the house stuff, you can see all my updates and other real estate fun here. If my pregnancy is news to you or maybe you’re going through your first trimester and are curious about mine, check out this post.

Now that we’re all caught up to this point, lets move forward, shall we?

This week I’m officially 20 weeks pregnant. TWENTY! That means I’m half way through my pregnancy, which is mind blowing to me. Time has been flying! I’m still in disbelief at times that I’m pregnant.

I know it’s happening because my belly is getting bigger and I’m experiencing typical pregnancy symptoms and doctor visits, but for some reason it’s still crazy that it’s happening to me. Does that make sense? I guess it’s still a lot to process that we’re having a baby, but we’re thrilled to become parents and grow our family!

My pregnancy has been uneventful and I’m grateful! Of course, the tiredness continues, although it’s definitely less than it was in my first trimester. Maybe I’m just getting used to it and/or preparing myself for motherhood? I’ve been having more heartburn (lovely- I never had that prepregnancy) and dull headaches. I drink a ton of water and my blood pressure has been good, so I think it’s just my hormones. I’ll double check with my OB at my next visit.

I’m still turned off to vegetables, although I do sneak them into my breakfast shakes so I can’t taste them. I don’t want to hear about it, but I’ve had McDonalds a few times (and other fast food more than that). It just tastes so good and it’s a quick solution when I’m in a pinch. Whatever, it happens. And I’m sure it’ll happen again. Just being real… the important thing is I’m eating and taking my prenatal vitamins. Baby will be fine.

I haven’t had any crazy cravings. Anything carb-y is wonderful. I’m not one of those super healthy pregnant women. I wanted to be, but when the thought of a lot of healthy food makes me feel sick, then it’s not going to happen right now. Maybe that will change as my pregnancy goes on, we’ll see. I’ve been loving Chinese, sushi (I don’t do the raw kind anyways), burgers and fries, and snack foods.

I canceled my OrangeTheory membership since we’re getting ready to move and life is hectic and we joined O2 Fitness to have a gym to go to. I’m listening to my body and doing what I can. My favorite form of exercise though has been walking. I have a goal to get 10,000 steps and drink over 90oz of water each day – staying healthy for both myself and baby.

At 18 weeks we went in for our anatomy scan – my favorite part so far! This is where the ultrasound tech checks to make sure everything is present and in the right spot. Ten fingers and toes, two arms and legs, spine, heart, etc. This is also where they can determine gender. I could hardly wait!

I truly didn’t care what the gender was either way as long as Baby Torres was healthy. There are such great things about both that I knew we’d be ecstatic with whatever the Lord gave us. I was just eager to know so I could feel more connected with our baby. Eric was so sure baby was a boy and I had to keep reminding him baby could possibly be a girl, so knowing would finally confirm if he was right or wrong…

We did a gender reveal with our immediate families. It was special to get everyone together and share in the exciting moment. My heart was racing cutting into the cake. All the anticipation came down to this moment.

I saw a little pink on the knife after the first cut, but we need to do one more to be sure. Sure enough the inside was pink!

Baby Torres is a GIRL!

We are overjoyed to have a little girl joining our family. Eric is about to be even more outnumbered with me, our crazy dog Stella, and baby girl on teh way. He’s going to be the best daddy! I know she’s going to have him wrapped around her little finger.

My sister-in-law is also having a little girl in December. I’m looking forward to the cousins growing up together and always being close to family. The timing of settling into our new home will be perfect. I’m looking forward to hosting holidays, backyard get togethers, and babies crawling around!

We are 20ish weeks away from meeting our baby girl. It seems so far away, but time is going quickly already. We have lots of changes to come in the meantime, the next biggest one being our move. I can’t wait to share about our new home and get the nursery set up!

We are so excited for this next family adventure and new amazing chapter!