November Progress | December Goals 2019

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Hey there, friend.

Long time, no see! I took the month of November off from social media and blogging. I missed it (and honestly did hop on social media from time to time to check in), but it was a much needed break.

As you’ll soon read in my tending list, November was a crazy month. We finally moved! I’m actually writing this post from a Starbucks around the corner with a grande medicine ball in hand since we’re still without cable and internet 3 weeks later… joys of moving.

Despite all the crazy and stress, November was a fruitful month and I’m so excited to be back here with you!

I’m looking forward to finishing 2019 strong and I’m ready to charge confidently into a new decade. I’d love for you to join me! Grab your own set of PowerSheets (my favorite goal setting planner – get 15% off right now with code BESTYEAR2020) and lets make it happen!

November Progress

Monthly Action Items

  • Social media detox: This went really well. As I mentioned earlier, I wasn’t perfect with it. BUT I gave myself time away from social media and the blog – it was exactly what I needed to focus on the most important things. So even though it wasn’t 100%, it was great for me. Social media is such an incredible tool to connect and share, but it can take over. If you haven’t before, I encourage you to take a break – whether it’s for an afternoon, a day, a weekend, or a month.
  • Closings — current & new: Done and done! We closed on our old house on November 14th and the new house November 15th. Both went smoothly and I’m so glad that’s all behind us.
  • Moving prep list complete: This isn’t fully done, but we made great progress. There are so many things to update when you move! Especially when you move to a different county. We did a lot of the major updates and will continue to tackle it this month.
  • Move!: We’re officially living in the Brier Creek area again. Our move went incredibly well. I’m so grateful we had a moving company helping us because we were done in about 2 hours (including a 40 minute ride from house to house). I highly recommend the moving company Bellhops.
  • Healthy pregnancy: So far both baby and I are doing well. She’s growing and moving around. I love it! I did get a little sick (minor cold or allergies? so hard to tell) around moving time and I’m still dealing with it, but think we’re almost done. Something I learned this month- it’s difficult to find good meds you can actually take while pregnant.
  • Set up baby registries: I did set up 4 registries, mostly to take advantage of the welcome gifts and to get in store to register- Target, Buy Buy Baby, Amazon, and Babylist. I’m overwhelmed at the thought of adding all the things, but we’ll hopefully take care of that this month.
  • Enjoy start of holiday season: It’s my favorite time of the year! Thanksgiving was wonderful as we were able to spend time with both of our families. It’s such a treat to live close to them again! This is the last holiday season with just the two of us ❤

Weekly Action Items

  • Connect with Eric – Achieved 5/5 weeks
  • Unplug on days off – Achieved 5/5 weeks
  • Fitbit goals – Achieved 3/5 weeks

The Fitbit goals I pay the most attention to are sleep, steps, and water. I struggled especially with steps and water in November. Things were busy and I didn’t prioritize it as much as I would have liked. I want to be as healthy as I can for my baby girl and that’s my motivation. But sometimes no matter how motivated we are, things still don’t go as planned.

My favorite form of exercise right now is walking while listening to a podcast. That didn’t happen much in November, partially due to colder weather and partially due to being consumed by the move. What we focus on expands, so this month I’m being more mindful about my activity and how I can best take care of my body and growing baby.

Daily Action Items

  • Word before world – Achieved 27/30 days
  • Relax – Achieved 24/30 days
  • Train with Stella – crossed it out.

Training with Stella was a big goal for us. That is, until she got hurt. She’s back to normal now, but November was hard. She experienced an injury that put us in the vet a few times, 1 x-ray, and lots of meds. Her limited activity meant mine was reduced too. It was scary to go through, but I’m so grateful for the wonderful vet that helped her and that all is good again.

Goals can change as fast as life happens and that’s totally okay. This experience encouraged me to be flexible and let go of anything that isn’t important. Training took a huge backseat to rest and care.

December Goals

Monthly Action Items

  • Finish updating address
  • Healthy pregnancy
  • Complete 1st personal training session
  • Prep/pack/enjoy Aruba
  • Savor Christmas season
  • Set up 2020 planner and PowerSheets
  • Outfits for Christmas and NYE
  • Feel settled in new home
  • Connect to a small group
  • Progress on baby things- registry, nursery

Weekly Action Items

  • Connect w/ E
  • Train w/ Stella
  • Less spending
  • Back in blogging rhythm

Daily Action Items

  • Word before world
  • Move body
  • 90oz water

How are you feeling about the end of the year? Are you as shocked as I am that December is already underway!?

“The bad news is time flies. The good news is you’re the pilot.”

Michael Altshuler

Where you are steering your December? You are in control over how this year ends and how the new one begins. The things we’re doing now will determine both of those things. If you want something different, what do you need to change?

I’m cheering for you! If you have questions about goal setting or need encouragement, I’m here for you.

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