2020 Word of the Year + Goals

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Happy New Year, friends!

Did 2020 sneak up on anyone else or was that just me?

I know we’ve been thinking about it for a while. We knew a new decade was approaching. People doing decade challenges, year in review, sharing goals and resolutions for the new year. I enjoyed seeing all of it, but it wasn’t until maybe a few days ago that I really got my stuff together in terms of my own goal setting…

I’m a planner, so that’s unusual for me. But in mid November we moved. Then it was Thanksgiving. Then we went to Aruba in mid December. Then it was Christmas and NYE. The end of the year got away from me. That’s okay cause we’re here now.

Since I started using PowerSheets in 2017, I’ve chosen a Word of the Year (WOY). If you’re not sure what this is, why you might choose one, or need some ideas, you can read this post I wrote last year.

To sum it up, it’s a simple way to choose your intention for the year and keep it front of mind.

2017 was the year to Become.
2018 was the year to Flourish.
2019 was the year to Rest.
2020 is the year to…

Nurture: to care for and encourage the growth or development of someone/something.

This word popped into my mind before I even started my PowerSheets prep work. I knew there would come a time to choose my word, so I would give it some thought as I was driving. Once nurture came in it felt right. Then it was confirmed once I looked up the definition.

2020 is the year I become a mother. A major motherly (and womanly) instinct is to nurture and I realized this is at the heart of what I want for 2020. I want the important people and things in my life to be cared for and encouraged to grow.

Growth is a top priority of mine, but I understand it’s necessary to narrow my focus on what is growing. If I try to pour into everything the reality is that nothing will have the space and resources to truly develop.

This year I’m focusing on six goals. Some will evolve through the year as things change — this is what they look like now.

Goal 1 — Find joy in His presence // I want to grow in my faith year after year. Joy is a desire that keeps coming to mind and I know that will be found by listening and being close to the Lord.

Goal 2 — Serve and love Eric well // I’m a different wife than I was when we got married three and a half years ago. There is always more to learn, especially as we’re about to experience an entirely new adventure.

Goal 3 — Embrace and celebrate a healthy pregnancy // I’m so grateful for this pregnancy. Although it’s starting to get uncomfortable and I can’t wait to meet her, I know this won’t last forever and I want to savor this special time.

Goal 4 — Cultivate community // We moved into a new area and neighborhood in November. I want to build our community here and strengthen the relationships with the amazing people in our lives.

Goal 5 — Create home sweet home // We love our new home and have an incredible opportunity to use it to love our people well. I want it to be a cozy, safe place – both for us and others.

Goal 6 — Know and care for myself // My identity is getting ready to change. I’m excited for it, but I don’t want to lose who I am. I want to be honest with myself about what I need and not be hesitant to care for myself.

When thinking through goals, it’s helpful to have a big picture vision to hold them up to. If it’s not deeply important to you, it’s going to be easy to give up on it. Hence why many New Years Resolutions are thrown away by February…

We are doing this different though. We are digging into what matters most and setting goals from that place. Not what looks good. Not what you “should” do. Not what will get you the most praise or accolades. But instead what moves you closer to where you want to be when you’re 80 ❤

Why is this goal important?

What positive effects will this goal have on yourself and others?

What is at stake if you don’t start (or follow through on) this goal?

What needs to happen for you to get from where you are now to where you want to be at this end of the year on this goal?

These questions will help you determine if this goal is worthy of your precious time and energy (by stating why it’s important) and what little by little steps will be on your path to accomplishing it. You won’t be motivated every day, but that extra boost of purpose behind your goals might be just the push you need.

Your turn! Have you chosen your WOY? If so, leave it in the comments and let us know! If not, what are you leaning towards? I’d love to hear from you!

2 thoughts on “2020 Word of the Year + Goals

  1. Love this and your word for the year !!! I got stuck on nurture and maybe I need to do more for myself. Your blogs always make me think 🧡

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