40 weeks + waiting…

I’ve taken an unplanned hiatus from blogging. As per usual, life has been busy. But I’ve missed it and am finding myself with quite a bit of free time lately, so hello again.

In case you’re new here or don’t know me in person, I’m pregnant. You can read more of what I’ve shared about my maternity journey here.

Today is baby Charlotte’s due date. I’ve said “March 11th” probably a million times over the course of the last nine months and it’s crazy that’s actually today. Right now it feels like this pregnancy is going to last forever. Of course, I know it’s not and I know I’ll miss this. I can never get these moments back, so I wanted to document my thoughts to help me look back on this time.

I feel so blessed. A healthy, full term pregnancy is unfortunately not a guarantee and I don’t take it for granted one second to be in this position. As much as I’m ready to be done and meet her, I’m soaking it all up. I’m appreciating my body for what it’s creating and thanking God for the intricacies and awe that is new life. It’s incredible that our bodies are created for this — thank goodness it knows what to do because I’d be lost.

We’re finally feeling settled in our new home and that feels good. There’s still more to do, but when does it really stop? We were able to celebrate baby girl with our friends and family here in February. It was one of my favorite days. So much love, so much excitement, so much support. And all in the comfort of our beautiful new home into which we put a lot of energy (and money). I’d still love to do a house tour — maybe that’ll happen soon.

Stella has been loving my time at home — lots of attention and long walks. I decided to stop working a week before my due date in case she came early and to give me some time to rest/wrap up loose ends. It’s now been a week without baby yet, but it has been nice. The achieving part of me feels like I should have kept working, but I think this was the right move. This is the most amount of free time I’ll have for many, many years, so I’ll enjoy it!

We had our 40 week appointment with the OB this morning. I thought more progress had been made, but she’s still cozy inside. We went ahead and scheduled an induction for March 16th at 7:30pm. I’m hopeful she will come on her own before then, but at the very least she has a deadline. The eviction notice has been served 😉

At the beginning of my pregnancy I was freaked out about labor. I was worried about the unknown and the pain. At this point, I’m still nervous, but mostly like bring it on. I guess that’s why we get nine months — plenty of time to come to terms with labor and delivery and prepare mentally for parenthood. An induction usually means more interventions, but I’m willing to do whatever I need to meet this baby.

I have a birth plan (or a birth wish list rather), but I’m not married to it. This feels unlike me since I’m such a big planner. It’s hard to know what you’ll want when you’ve never been in that situation before. I’m trying to go into it with a positive, open mind and stay focused on the big picture: this will end with us holding and loving on our baby.

I’m feeling great — no aches or pains. Pretty much normal aside from the watermelon bump on the front of my body. I’m still able to stay active with long walks around the neighborhood and bouncing on my exercise ball. I know some women are miserable at this point, so again I feel blessed. Sometime between now and March 16th we’ll be on our way to bringing a little one into the world. It still feels surreal, but it’s about to get real very soon.

Will you please pray with us?

  • For patience while we wait
  • For a safe, productive labor and delivery
  • For a healthy, happy baby girl
  • For peace and comfort in our decisions (especially if things don’t go as planned)
  • For the nurses and doctors that will be caring for us
  • For our marriage as we enter into this new, unknown season of parenting
  • For grace as we learn and inevitably make mistakes

Thank you so much for all the prayers, the check-ins, and overall love we’ve received. They say it takes a village to raise a child, I think it also takes a village to prepare for a child. Ours is the greatest!

I look forward to sharing her birth story and lots of cute pictures! I’m ready for motherhood, now we’re just waiting to see when she’s ready to make me a mama!

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