Our favorite newborn products

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As a new mom you feel like you need everything. It feels like there’s a million products and a thousand options even within one category. Building our registry was fun, but it was also stressful. I wanted to be wise with the investment, get the best, and not clutter up my house more than necessary with tons of baby things. Our friends and family were beyond generous in their gifts for baby girl, but I still felt unprepared. You don’t really know what you need until you’re in it.

If you’re a first mom time waiting for your baby to come or you’re a brand new mom feeling overwhelmed, take a breath. You got this! Every baby and family is different, so what we love may not work for you. In all reality babies don’t need much, but these products have been ones we use over and over again and have made our lives so much easier. You need all the help you can get as new parents, right?

Our daughter, Charlotte, is 10 weeks old and we’re starting to get a handle on things. I’m sure we’ll find new favorites as she grows, so I’ll keep my Amazon storefront up to date (newborn must haves // pregnancy + postpartum).

For feeding

  • My Brest Friend pillow: Breastfeeding is tricky, especially at the beginning when you and baby are trying to figure it out. This pillow provides great support and stays in place with the buckle. The little pocket is great to keep a burp cloth and snack bars. We have a Boppy too, but I prefer this for nursing.
  • Bottle warmer: Charlotte gets a couple bottles of breastmilk a day, especially when we’re out and about or when daddy feeds her. It’s a pain to warm up a refrigerated bottle via warm water in a cup. We love this one because it warms a bottle of breastmilk safely to keep the nutrients in tact. The downside is that it does take about 10 minutes, so we have to plan it right.
  • Enfamil tri-vi-sol vitamin: This was recommended by our pediatrician. Check with your baby’s doctor, but it’s good for breastfed babies to get vitamin D added. We drop this in her bottle of breastmilk or you can put directly into their mouth.
  • Dapple baby bottle and dish soap: At first I was using our regular dish soap to clean her bottles, pump parts, pacifiers, etc, but I felt better about getting a baby specific soap for anything she uses. I like this one because it’s fragrance free, plant based, and hypoallergenic. Plus it came in a 3 pack so we’re good to go for a while!
  • Wash buckets: We use these to put all the dirty baby dishes and then let them soak. It’s much easier to fill up a bucket and keep track of the little parts. Especially during Covid times, I want to keep all the stuff she uses as clean as possible!

For sleeping

  • Portable white noise machine: White noise helps so much! It’s nice to not have to be absolutely quiet (which would be impossible with our big, loud dog). We use this one for her naps and I can easily throw it in my diaper bag if we’re heading out and she needs a nap. The charge on it lasts pretty long, but it has died in the middle of a nap which is the worst.
  • Sound machine for bedroom: For nighttime sleep I wanted a sound machine where I didn’t have to worry about it dying or shutting off after a certain period of time. This one has been great! It has a little light on it I like to use when I’m putting her to bed. It has improved our sleep as well since it drowns out my snoring husband 😉
  • Halo Sleepsack Swaddle: Babies aren’t supposed to have anything loose in their sleeping space, so these are perfect for keeping her warm and safe. We use one for bedtime and for naps. They’re way easier to use than a swaddle blanket and you can transition your baby to sleeping with arms loose depending on how you position the sleepsack.
  • Infant Optics DXR-8 Baby Monitor: We went almost two months without a monitor since she sleeps near us both at night and during the day, but this has been a game changer! I used to just listen for her nearby during naps, but I love being able to quickly check in without interrupting her sleep or her seeing me. Babies are noisy sleepers and sometimes she’s just making noise and settling in instead of actually being awake.
  • Nightlight: This is great, especially for those early days where you’re up around the clock. It has different settings to adjust the brightness and it’s easy to turn on and off. The charge lasts forever and it can be moved to wherever you need. It can even be used at the hospital so you don’t have to turn on the overhead lights.
  • Blackout paper shades: When it comes to sleep, the darker the better! We have blackout curtains in our bedroom (where she sleeps at night), but we needed something for our guest room downstairs (where she naps during the day). These are a great, affordable solution.
  • Taking Cara Babies sleep class: Cara is great to follow for free tips on Instagram and her “First Five Months Bundle” class was worth every penny. We learned invaluable tools and information that we’ve been able to implement since the early weeks. I’m not sure if we were blessed with a good sleeper or if the class saved us, but it’s probably a bit of both.

For bathtime + health

  • Fridababy silicone brush: We use wash cloths for sensitive areas like her face, but this is great for her head and larger areas like her legs or back. I love that the silicone dries quickly. We stick it to the side of her tub, so it’s always ready to go.
  • Fridababy Snot Sucker + Saline Spray: This is a product we said we would NEVER get, but that has obviously changed. It’s equally satisfying and disgusting to use. Honestly, we did gag the first few times we’ve used it, but it works like a charm and you can actually clean it well as opposed to the suction bulbs they give you in the hospital.
  • Aquascale by Babypatent: My favorite part of this tub is the baby scale! It also has a thermometer built in which is handy. The scale is accurate compared to the one at the pediatrician, so we like to use this to make sure she’s gaining weight steady. It’s comfy for her to lay in during a bath and can grow with her as she gets bigger. We like to use it on our dining room table so she’s at a better height for us, but it can also go right into your tub.
  • Electric baby nail file: We thought baby clippers and a nail file would suffice, but that was too scary. After the first attempt we made an Amazon order. It’s simple to use and we’re not worried about accidentally clipping her little fingers.

For comfort

  • Zipper sleepers: Zippers are a must! The last thing you want to deal with after a 2am diaper change is trying to line up all the snaps. She pretty much lives in these. Kyte Baby is so soft and cozy, but pricey. If you’re looking for something more affordable, we also love the Cloud Island brand at Target – affordable (usually $12 for a 3-pack) and cute pattern options.
  • Avent Soothies Pacifiers: We keep one downstairs for naps and one upstairs for bedtime. When she was really little, these weren’t too heavy and stayed in her mouth. These are the ones lactation consultants will typically recommend.
  • Ryan & Rose pacifiers and clips: These are the cutest! I love that all of their products are made of silicone and the entire piece is also a teether. The pacifiers have two different styles (flat and round) and different stages so you can find what your baby likes best. The clips are even able to be used one handed. We’re starting to build our collection! Get $5 off your order of $12+ here.
  • Solly Wrap: I didn’t know much about baby wearing prior to Charlotte being born, but I love having the option. Sometimes she’s just wanting mama. The Solly is buttery soft and although it’s overwhelming at first to do all the steps, it doesn’t take long to get it down.
  • Battery operated clip on fan: This is needed for warm North Carolina weather. It clips perfectly onto our Uppababy bassinet and has different speeds with a rechargeable battery.

For convenience

  • Baby Brezza Sterilizer + Dryer: At first we were boiling all the bottles, pacifiers, pump parts in a big pot of water. And then after boiling we had to take out all the things and let them dry. Every night. That got old fast. With this you set it and forget it. And all the tired parents said amen!
  • Baby Bjorn Bouncer: We have this set up wherever we need to set her down safely. She enjoys watching the world from it. It’s lightweight and we’ve taken it to a friend’s house for a socially distant backyard dinner.
  • Graco® Pack ‘n Play® Napper & Changer™ Playard: I love that this can grow with her! The napper and changer are so nice to have handy. We use this downstairs. She’s tall and has outgrown the napper and changer insert, but now takes naps in the pack and play.

For play

  • Lovevery 0-12 Week Toy Kit: Babies don’t need much when it comes to toys. I love that this kit is designed with development in mind. The toys are well made and will last for the next baby to play with. A new box with age appropriate montessori style toys comes every few months. Easy peasy! Get $20 off your order here.
  • Carter’s Play Mat + Activity Gym: This is a cute, soft place for Charlotte to play. When she was younger I took the extra pieces off and just used it as a play mat. Now that she’s more aware and enjoying her surroundings, I added the toys back on. She likes the colors and different hanging pieces.

For mom

  • Pumping/nursing bras: These make nursing and pumping more comfortable. It also makes pumping hands free – yes please! A few of my favorites are from Momcozy and Kindred Bravely.
  • Nursing tanks: I like the ones with the built in padding. Throw on with a pair of stretchy pants and you’re good to go.
  • Comfy nightgowns: These are all I wanted to wear after delivery and I still wear them to bed many nights. They’re easy to nurse and/or pump in and they’re comfortable for recovery. After much searching I found some great ones on Amazon: one, two, three.
  • Sunflower lecithin: If you’re breastfeeding/pumping this is a game changer. I’ve experienced clogged milk ducts (not fun) and these help prevent and get rid of them. I take them everyday and it helps.
  • LaVie Warming Lactation Massager Pads: Another breastfeeding/pumping game changer. The heat and massage can help the milk flow more effectively. They’re also great for helping to treat clogged milk ducts. I’ve tried the rice-in-sock-warm-compress and this is wayyyy more convenient and it actually works.
  • Freshly Picked diaper bag: I never knew I’d get excited about a diaper bag, but here we are. It’s cute and it holds SO much stuff! It’s a diaper bag that doesn’t look like a diaper bag, so it’ll be great to use even when we aren’t carrying around baby stuff anymore.

What are your go-to products for a newborn?

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