2019 Goals

2019 Goals

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The dust is settling and we’re a few weeks into the new year. Can we still call it the “new” year? When does it stop being new??

Anyways, by now you might be getting back into somewhat normal routines. Everyone is back to school or work. Hopefully all the delicious desserts are gone. The holiday alcohol consumption has slowed down. We’re back.

For me, the year starts off with equal parts of excitement and overwhelm. It’s a lot to ask of ourselves to up and change everything at once. But it’s helpful to know what you want to adjust and have an idea for starting steps.

In December I like to set yearly goals with my PowerSheets. This incredible goal planning tool walks me through prep work and helps me identify common themes to set my goals. It helps me get honest with myself in what really matters. Simply, I want to do more of what works and less of what doesn’t.

If you’ve been around FWR for a bit, you’ve seen my monthly progress + goals updates. These tending lists tie back to my core set of goals for the year. They are made up of smaller action items that move me closer to progress on the big picture. Here’s the big picture for 2019.

Goal 1: Know God deeply

Affirmation: I feel close to my Creator and know I am His beloved child. Through the Holy Spirit, I am full of love, joy, peace, forbearance, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control.

Action Step Ideas
Prayer — alone, with Eric, with others
Attend church regularly
Small Group
Read Bible
Read devotional
Play worship music

Goal 2: Be an exceptional wife

Affirmation: I am fully committed to my marriage. I strive every day to become a more loving and serving wife. I choose my words wisely, speaking life over and to my husband. I love Eric and love the life we’re building together.

Action Step Ideas
Unplugged, intentional date nights
Pray together
Connect — be present with each other
Set couple goals
Determine what memories we want to make this year
Practice patience
Cultivate communication
Seek out ways to help him

Goal 3: Enjoy + create wellness

Affirmation: I care for my body well and am proud of all it does for me. My body is healthy, strong, and the exact weight it was created to be. I am mindful and careful of my mental health. I am energized, joyful, and well from the inside out!

Action Step Ideas
Eat to nourish my body
Reduce sugar consumption
Unprocess my diet
Drink lots of water
Move my body daily
Commit to 3 Orange Theory classes each week
Stretch/foam roll
Stay up to date with appointments
Rest — sit down on the inside
Work with a therapist — find one and visit
See a chiropractor — find one and visit

Goal 4: Blog growth

Affirmation: I am a talented writer and am blessed to be able to share my gift. My subscribers and readers are increasing daily which means I am positively impacting more people through my words. My blog is opening the door to many amazing opportunities.

Action Step Ideas
Plan content
Brand collaborations
Guest post opportunities
Learn more about Pinterest for growth
Join NC Blogger Network
Create freebies
Increase following on blog and Instagram
Brainstorm new post ideas
Become Amazon Influencer

Goal 5: Be a good steward of our finances

Affirmation: There are virtually no limits to how much money I can earn and save. Money flows easily to me and I use it well. I live like no one else today so later I can live and give like no one else.

Action Step Ideas
Continue through baby steps
Learn from Dave Ramsey
Work with our financial advisor
Set up our wills
Continue saving monthly for home down payment
Pay cash for car at end of lease
Budget meeting monthly with Eric

Goal 6: Simplify

Affirmation: My space is peaceful and life-giving. My schedule accurately reflects my priorities because I’m mindful about what I say yes to. I have cultivated productive and fulfilling routines.

Action Step Ideas
Reread A Simplified Life by Emily Ley
Leave white space in planner
Cultivate AM/PM routines
Follow Clean Mama cleaning schedule
Time block tasks
Maintain organization — physically and digitally
Make sure everything has a “home”
Simplicity challenge
Participate in neighborhood yard sale in spring

Goal 7: Love my people well

Affirmation: I have incredible, supportive relationships. I focus on adding as much value as I can to enrich the lives of everyone I come in contact with. I encourage others and make their lives better simply because I’m a part of it.

Action Step Ideas
Check in with friends/family
Birthday celebrations
Acknowledge special moments
Get together face to face
Put important dates in calendar (birthdays, anniversaries, etc)

Goal 8: Success at work

Affirmation: I become better every day and serve my customers well. I successfully sell multiple homes each month because of my knowledge, skill, and nurturing relationships with realtor partners and customers.

Action Step Ideas
Create and follow daily checklist
Follow system for check in with buyers
Educate myself — books, podcasts, colleagues
Identify areas to improve
Show up!
Get to community early
Organize digital files
Get more involved with industry
Meet and exceed sales goal

Goal 9: Cultivate confidence

Affirmation: I am worthy, deserving, and capable of achieving everything I want. I commit now to schedule and follow through TODAY with the necessary actions that will ensure that I create the extraordinary life I deserve. I give up being perfect for being authentic. I love who I am and I am proud of the woman I am becoming.

Action Step Ideas
Find confidence coach (book, podcast?)
Plug into Rachel Hollis’ resources
Put effort into appearance daily
Speak up
Create a confidence playlist
Emphasize my strengths
Do more of what makes me feel powerful!

“You, and only you, are ultimately responsible for who you become and how happy you are.”

Rachel Hollis

Some of these goals will never leave my list like growing in my faith and pouring into my marriage. Some goals are similar to last year, but have evolved. Some are new.

The wonderful thing about goals? They’re yours and you have the power to delete them, switch them up, or continue them to the next year. You may feel like you should set certain goals because of what others may think or say, but you don’t. Truthfully, those people probably aren’t thinking much about you because they’re too busy thinking about themselves. So relax and go after what set your soul on fire.

If you stick around, you’ll see more of the nitty gritty in my monthly tending lists. This is where I break down my big goals into daily, weekly, and monthly action items. Little by little I’m making progress on my big, important goals ❤

There is nothing magical about January 1st. If you’ve set your 2019 goals, I’m so proud of you! If you haven’t yet, I’m still so proud of you! There’s still plenty of time to set them if you want to. I do encourage goals because, in the wise words of Zig Ziglar, if you aim at nothing, you’ll hit it every time. Lets aim for huge, incredible, scary (yet exciting) things!

One more affirmation to leave you with — I’m believing this: I am grateful for all that I have, accepting of all that I don’t, and I actively create all that I want. I strive to make everyday the best day of my life, because there is simply no good reason not to. Good things are coming and I am excited for what’s ahead!

How can I better encourage you this year? I’m cheering you on, friend.

2019 Word of the Year

2019 Word of the Year

Hello, friend. Welcome to the new year.

Or if you’re reading this after January 2019, welcome to the new moment.

First lesson: you don’t need to wait for a fresh year to have a fresh start. Although it does feel like a good time, doesn’t it? Lets use it.

At this point in the year, I’ve chosen my Word of the Year (which is why we’re here) and my main focuses for 2019 aka my goals. I stopped making resolutions years ago because we all know how those tend to go. I give up on resolutions. But goals, on the other hand, I make progress on little by little.

My word felt pretty obvious last year. Before I really dug in too far, it was there. This year didn’t feel that way and I felt panicked. It’s totally not the end of the world to experience a year without a specific word. I had gone through 24 years without a word. But I wanted one.

What is a Word of the Year (WOY)?

Simply put, this is a word (or even multiple words or a phrase) that you want to carry with you for the year.

It might be an overarching idea of what you want to develop (strength, patience, community, contentment, grace, etc). It might be a description of what you want for your year (adventure, fun, abundance, joy, etc). The beauty (and the challenge) is there are no rules. Choose a word (or multiple words) that speak to you.

How do you choose your WOY?

Choosing a WOY is different for every person. The process may vary year to year. Some people know it immediately. Some people have to talk about it, pray about it, wait and listen on it. There’s no right or wrong way here.

Start brainstorming.

Ask yourself questions and write down your answers — you may notice themes in your responses. What worked last year? What didn’t work last year? What do I want for 2019? What do I want more/less of? Where do I want to be when I’m 80 years old?

Read and/or listen to music.

Jot down any word that sparks something.

Take a look at your list — does any word speak to you? If there are a few, look up the definitions and see if one stands out. If not, don’t stress. There’s no deadline. This is your word, so it’s whatever you want it to be! You even have the flexibility to change if the chosen word falls out of alignment. The purpose is to set your intention as it works best for you in this season.

2017 was the year to Become.
2018 was the year to Flourish.
2019 is the year to…

Rest: cease work or movement in order to relax, refresh oneself, or recover strength.

When I was working through my questions, I noticed a theme of rest.

Rest worked well in 2018.

I crave refreshment, rejuvenation, and recovery.

I’m not just talking about physical rest, although that’s extremely important to me (even though it’s an area I struggle in). I mean soul rest too. Giving myself the space to breathe, think, and just be.

I heard a phrase on Emily P. Freeman’s podcast and it stuck with me. To sit down on the inside. She was talking about peace. That soul rest we can feel when we take the time to slow down. I want that even when our schedules, days, and lives are hectic.

Rest means being purposeful. It means knowing, setting, and sticking to my priorities. It means saying no to things that aren’t my best yes. It means letting some things go. It means pouring into myself so I can be, feel, and do my best. Yes, that all sounds lovely.

So this year I’ll practice rest. Honestly, rest doesn’t feel natural to me. It feels scary because it requires trust. I’m trusting that everything will be okay without me. If I’m taking the time to rest (my body, my mind, my soul), that means I’m not doing.

WOY Ideas

abide / able / adventure
balance / be / beloved / bloom / brave / bold / breathe
change / cherish / confidence / consistent / courage / contentment / cultivate
deeper / delight / devoted / diligence / discover
embrace / enrich
faithful / fearless/ finish / flourish / focus / freedom
grace / grateful / gratitude / grow / grounded
happy / healing / heart / hope
implement / intentional
join / joy
kind / knowledge
learn / less / light / listen / love
manifest / meaningful / mighty / mindful
natural / nourish / nurture
obedient / open / organized
peace / play / powerful / prepare / present / progress / purpose
question / quiet
ready / redefine / renew / rest / rise / rooted
savor / self-discipline / shine / simplify / steady / still / strength / surrender
thankful / thrive / trust / transform
unshakeable / unstoppable / understanding
value / vibrant / vitality
wellness / worthy

This is YOUR year! I’m so excited to see how you will use 2019.

Have you chosen a WOY?? Let me know in the comments below what yours is ❤

Dec 2018 Progress | Jan 2019 Goals

Dec 2018 Progress | Jan 2019 Goals

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If you’re anything like me, you’ve been so excited for January. Don’t get me wrong — I love the holidays! But I’ve been craving the newness of a fresh start. I’ve been eager to get started on the goals I set. Although I could have started at any time, there’s just something exciting and motivating about a new year.

It probably feeds my excitement that my birthday is January 1st. But regardless, I’ve been looking forward to 2019. 2018 ended well and I’m proud of the progress that I made on my goals. I didn’t perfectly wrap up every single one or even finish the way I had initially expected, but tons of progress was made.

That’s cause for celebration!

I surprised myself with my PowerSheets prep work. I allowed myself to be honest. I share these monthly updates with you for two reasons: to inspire you and to hold me accountable. But I don’t have to share everything. I allowed myself get into the dirt of my prep work and dig into what’s really in my heart. It ain’t pretty, but it’s life giving if you allow it to speak up.

I feel good about December’s progress. I’ll be sharing my overarching 2019 goals in a post coming up — based on January’s tending list you’ll notice some have continued into the new year, some have been refreshed, and some are totally new. Lets get into it!

December Progress

Monthly Goals

  • Last 90 Days Challenge: We did it! I’ve talked about this goal in past updates. In short, this was Rachel & Dave Hollis’ 3 month challenge where you strive to finish well. There were 5 piece to it for each day and it was really helpful to have something to work towards, especially during the holidays.
  • Add $3,000 to savings: Check! We were even able to go above and beyond here, which is such a blessing!
  • 3 sales: We got 1/3. Snow storm in NC + holiday season does not an easy sales month make. But it’s okay because we can keep moving forward.
  • Holiday get together: I waited too long to plan this and then the date I chose didn’t work out. Note to self for next year — plan earlier and pick a date farther from Christmas.
  • Set up 2019 PowerSheets: Done! You’re seeing the fruit of that here in my January tending list and goals. It was a challenging process, but as always, so worth it!
  • Set up 2019 Simplified Planner: Also done! I’m a sucker for a new planner. I’m trying out some new systems in it like color coding, so we’ll see how that goes.
  • Love my people wellI’m still learning how to improve at this, but I’d say it was a win for December. Loving my people well this month looked like spending time together, exchanging gifts, reaching out with a call and/or text, and praying for them.  
  • Savor the season: Similar to the last, I’m still learning how this looks. I think I get a little better at it every year. Next year I want to do an even better job of enjoying every step of the season. If I wait until Christmas Day to soak it up, most of the season has already past. There is joy even in the process.
  • Pure Barre 250 Club: I can do hard things! This goal was tough to accomplish because it really pushed me. I started Pure Barre back in February 2018, hit 100 club in June 2018, and then hit 250 club in December 2018. Phew!
  • Blog rebranding: This is done! If you’ve been around here for a bit, you’ll notice the change. If not, welcome anyways! What do you think??

Weekly Goals

  • Speak life to/over Eric — Achieved 3/4 weeks
  • Blog post published + shared — Achieved 4/4 weeks
  • Rest + care — Achieved 4/4 weeks
  • Create margin — Achieved 4/4 weeks
  • Date Eric intentionally — Achieved 3/4 weeks

An area I really want to grow in is our marriage. We go on “dates” every week, but they haven’t been feeling intentional or as connected as I’d like. We love eating good food, so it’s usually dinner out, but that gets into a rut. It may just be the season (cold and rainy, ick!), but going forward I want us to put more thought and effort in here. We don’t get a ton of time together, but we can use what we have more wisely ❤

Daily Goals

  • Pray with E — Achieved 27/31 days
  • Finish devo — Achieved 31/31 days
  • Luke Bible reading — Achieved 24/24 days

I loved our reading plan for Christmas! Leading up to December I saw an idea floating around about reading the book of Luke in December. Starting on December 1st, you read one chapter of Luke — short, sweet, and so special. This book of the Bible details Jesus’ life, so it gave us a fresh and more in depth perspective of what Christmas really means. If you’re a Christian, I’d highly encourage reading through this book. You don’t have to wait until Christmas.

January Goals


  • Launch new small group season well
  • Set 2019 couple goals
  • Research therapist
  • Research chiropractor
  • Plan blog content for quarter
  • Add $4,000 to savings
  • Budget meeting – review/set goals
  • Add important dates to planner
  • 3 sales
  • Create daily action items for work

Weekly Goals

  • Speak life to/over Eric
  • Date E intentionally
  • Mindfully rest
  • Unprocess my diet
  • Blog post published + shared
  • Cultivate flourishing AM routine
  • Cultivate flourishing PM routine

Daily Goals

  • Time in the Word
  • Pray with Eric
  • Show up with effort

January is here, friends! I know the first few days can feel out of whack. It’s like a holiday hangover and then we’re expected to jump right into achieving our goals. More power to ya if you can do that, but I know I’ve been moving a bit slower. Slower is totally okay. Just don’t stop!

Even if you haven’t had a stellar beginning to your new year, we’re only three days in. That’s a tiny fraction of the whole year. I believe the way we use each day matters, but your year isn’t fully dependent on what you do with one or even three days. Give yourself grace and carry on.

Do you have any goals set for 2019? If so, I’ve love to read them in the comments below! If not, but you want it, it’s not too late.

November Progress | December Goals 2018

November Progress | December Goals 2018

This post contains affiliate links. See affiliate disclaimer here.

Hi, friend! I’m so glad you’re here.

You know what a new month means: PowerSheets update! I love reflecting  and preparing for what’s the come with these posts. They may just be my favorite because it gives you a glimpse into my world and (I hope!) inspires you to create your own. 

It’s great to have goals, but you become unstoppable when you write them down. My goal planner is that reminder to set meaningful goals and then that encourager to take the next right steps to make them happen. 

November Progress

Monthly Goals

  • Last 90 Days Challenge: Another month down of this challenge. I’m really enjoying it because it’s giving me something to focus my energy on in addition to my morning routine. It’s helping to keep me on track which is much appreciated at this point in the year. 
  • Budget communication — Add $3,000 to savings: We were able to go above and beyond here woohoo! I’m so grateful and impressed by how well this goal is growing. Little by little truly adds up, yall.
  • Contentment Challenge: This challenge was SO good that it deserves its own post. So that’ll be coming next week — stay tuned. In case you missed it, I’m referencing this challenge and I highly encourage you give it a go!
  • Progress at work — 3 sales: We didn’t quite hit 3, but we did get 2. That’s progress! It’s a new month and a new opportunity to reach goals.
  • Simplify a space: Thanks to the Contentment Challenge, I simplified a lot of spaces in November. Specifically my closet, Eric’s closet, the office closet, and many other spaces around our home. It feels more peaceful at home, which I love. 
  • Create a “Personal Timeline”: Done! This is an idea I got from the Happier Podcast with Gretchen Rubin. The point is to create a timeline of your life noting the important milestone moments. It’s like a resume, but for your whole life. I got it started and it’ll take some time to think through, but I got a big chunk down on paper. It’s helpful to remember special dates and is a cool way to reflect. I wish I had started it sooner!
  • Research/plan Rise Weekend: This one only got halfway complete because Rise Weekend sold out before I could grab a ticket. Bummer! Oh well, what’s meant to be will be.
  • Hospitality with our Small Group: Hospitality is a theme for me lately. In November we hosted our small group for a meeting and we had a Friendsgiving where we brought a sweet potato casserole and yummy dessert from Nothing Bundt Cakes. Hospitality is becoming one of my favorite ways to love my people. 
  • Successful realtor event: Check! We hosted an exclusive realtor event at our model home. The event had a great turnout, helped us get useful feedback, and cultivated connections.
  • Plan a holiday get together: The month slipped away from me, so this got moved to December as you’ll see later on.

Weekly Goals

  • Dream about future — Achieved 5/5 weeks
  • Speak life to/over Eric — Achieved 4/5 weeks
  • Blog post published + shared — Achieved 3/4 weeks
  • Use my voice well — Achieved 5/5 weeks
  • Rest + care — Achieved 5/5 weeks
  • Cultivate healthy phone boundaries — Achieved 5/5 weeks

It feels a bit ironic to discuss a goal I specifically chose not to do one week, but here we are. I love this little corner of the internet and the community we’re cultivating, but sometimes it’s better for me to take a step back. I made the decision to skip a post the week of Thanksgiving – reasonable. I totally could have powered through and got a post up just to keep the consistency, but I didn’t. It honestly felt good to give myself a break and focus on my best work instead of just checking it off. 

If you’re feeling called to rest, listen and do. 

Daily Goals

Lots of faith progress happened in November! I want to savor the meaning of this season and continue to dig deeper into my relationship with the Lord. Praying with Eric has not only strengthened my faith, but also our marriage. It helps unify us. We pray before we go to sleep — sometimes I try to make the excuse that I’m too tired (there may be days we do fall asleep), but I always feel more at peace when we take the moment to pray. 

December Goals

Monthly Goals

  • Last 90 Days Challenge
  • Add $3,000 to savings
  • 3 sales
  • Holiday get together
  • Set up 2019 PowerSheets
  • Set up 2019 Simplified Planner
  • Love my people well
  • Savor the season
  • Pure Barre 250 Club
  • Blog rebranding

Weekly Goals

  • Speak life to/over Eric
  • Blog post published + shared
  • Rest + care
  • Create margin
  • Date Eric intentionally

Daily Goals

  • Pray with E
  • Finish devo
  • Luke Bible reading

We’ve got less than a month left to soak up 2018. You don’t have to wait for January 1st to make things happen. Start right now, today! It may seem like it’s too late to get started, so you might as well wait. But why not start taking steps in the right direction? Momentum will build and you’ll be that much closer if you begin now. 

What will you accomplish before the new year? You totally got this!

October Progress | November Goals 2018

October Progress | November Goals 2018

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Hi, friend. How are you doing?

How are you really doing? We’re officially in the final two months of 2018. The holidays, the gatherings, the meals, the presents, the hectic schedules, the joy, the stress. It’s all coming and I couldn’t be more excited!

It’s these seasons — crazy, busy, full speed ahead — that I’m especially grateful for my PowerSheets. They keep me focused on what really matters and encourage me to take the next right step. I’m not sure what my October would have looked like without them, but I made great progress with them…

October Progress

Monthly Goals

  • Last 90 Days Challenge: Eric and I have been doing Rachel and Dave Hollis’ #Last90Days challenge. This challenge focuses on five areas: wake up 1 hour early, workout for at least 30 mins, drink half your body weight in oz of water, give up one food category you know isn’t good, write down 10 things you’re grateful for. As you can imagine, each day hasn’t been perfect, but I’m being more mindful which makes a difference.
  • Add $2,000 to savings — budget communication: We went above and beyond this goal, yay! We still have a ways to go toward our big goal, but every bit adds up and it feels really good to make progress.
  • Contentment Challenge: Moving this to November.
  • Parade of Homes — represent well: Parade of Homes went so well! A lot of people visited our model and had great feedback about our floorplan and design. Although my particular model didn’t win an award, three of our company’s homes did. It was fun to be a part of.
  • Growth at work — 3 sales: Make that four sales for October! Four soon-to-be owners of beautiful homes. Yay!
  • Simplify a space: Eric decluttered and organized the garage. We both worked on the storage closet underneath our stairs. Simplifying these spaces has made such a difference in how I feel when I’m in them.
  • Celebrate + Share PowerSheets Launch: The launch was wonderful! So many friends getting their very own set of PowerSheets for 2019, which means so many lives will be impacted for the better! You’re not too late. Grab yours and join us in the intentional fun!
  • Create “Facts of Life” book: This is an idea I got from the podcast, Happier with Gretchen Rubin. You take a binder and put all your important life documents in it (latest insurance policy, loan documents, birth certificate, life insurance policy, mortgage information, etc). It’s all in one place so it’s easy to locate and use.
  • Create “Personal Timeline”: Also moving this to November.
  • Dream about future: Eric and I have been dreaming together and it has been so much fun! Dreaming about our future home, future family, future career directions. It helps us to get on the same page and set goals together.

Weekly Goals

  • Speak life to/over Eric — Achieved 4/5 weeks
  • Be an encouragement — Achieved 5/5 weeks
  • Blog post published + shared intentionally — Achieved 5/5 weeks
  • Use my voice — boldly + mindfully — Achieved 5/5 weeks
  • Rest + care — Achieved 5/5 weeks
  • Cultivate healthy phone boundaries — Achieved 5/5 weeks

Cultivating healthy phone boundaries has been so impactful on my days and peace of mind. I’m giving myself time and space from my apps which I really needed. Before I was spending too much time scrolling my phone when I really should have been doing other things like sleeping or spending time with Eric. It honestly felt a bit out of control, but I didn’t know how to fix it. I talked all about cultivating these boundaries in a recent post, so if this is an area you struggle with too, be encouraged here.

Daily Goals

My faith has been a major focus in my day to day as you can see from these daily goals. By digging into God’s Word and being in communication with Him, I have felt more grounded and capable of handling the crazy. Journaling my thoughts and prayers has been therapeutic. I don’t always feel like doing it because it does take time and I have to focus, but I’m always so glad I did.

November Goals

Monthly Goals

  • Last 90 Days Challenge
  • Budget communication — Add $3,000 to savings
  • Contentment Challenge
  • Progress at work — 3 sales
  • Simplify a space
  • Create a “Personal Timeline”
  • Research/plan Rise Weekend
  • Hospitality with our Small Group
  • Successful realtor event
  • Plan a holiday get together

Weekly Goals

  • Dream about future
  • Speak life to/over Eric
  • Blog post published + shared
  • Use my voice well
  • Rest + care
  • Cultivate healthy phone boundaries

Daily Goals

It may seem like there’s not much time left to make things happen. But there is. You don’t have to wait for January 1st to start going after your goals. You can start right now! Get that positive momentum going so you can begin 2019 even further ahead.

What will you be making progress on in November?


My #1 Goal Setting Tool

My #1 Goal Setting Tool

This post contains affiliate links. See affiliate disclaimer here. I personally use and adore the PowerSheets and many products from the Cultivate What Matters Shop. I greatly appreciate you shopping with my link! 

Have you ever found something that you never knew you needed, but once you had it you couldn’t imagine life without it?

For me, that is the PowerSheets.

That may sound a bit dramatic to feel that way about a beautifully bound intentional goal setting planner, but if you own a set you totally understand.

When the happy mail arrives

If you’ve been around here for a little while, you’ve surely seen my monthly posts about my progress and goals using the incredible PowerSheets.

I have always been a fan of planners and writing things down. For as long as I can remember, I’ve believed in the power of goals and the importance of setting them. Before the PowerSheets came into my life, I would write down my goals, sure, but they didn’t always have a true sense of purpose. I felt a little lost in setting them, so they weren’t as meaningful as I would hope.

My well-loved PowerSheets through the years: 2017, 2018, 2019

Last year, 2017, was my first experience with PowerSheets. I could hardly wait to start the prep work and get my goals ready! Although it was challenging and it certainly took a good amount of time to thoughtfully work through and prepare my goals, I was hooked. I finally had a vision for my goals and goal setting in general.

My PowerSheets feels like a cheerleader I can carry around with me. She encourages me to reach farther and picks me up when a goal isn’t accomplished or a dream changes direction.

Because of my work in my PowerSheets, I think about my goals, my time, and my daily actions differently. I’m better (and improving) at letting things go that don’t serve me in this season. I’m understanding it’s okay to say no because that means I can say yes to what’s more important. I’m learning and experiencing each day that little by little progress adds up!

I am a Cultivator.

I strive to cultivate beautiful things in my life.

Health and wellness.
Financial peace.
Success at work.

You know what the best part is? We don’t have to do this alone. You can be a Cultivator too and you can start right now. Do you need some guidance? Start with your very own set of PowerSheets. You can do things in these final few months of 2018 that will set up 2019 to be your best year YET!

#1: Order your PowerSheets Oct 24th at 10am EST!

#2: Dig into the work and get messy.

I promise you won’t regret it ❤

What I love most about the PowerSheets is the prep work. These are pages before you even get to setting your goals where you consider what’s working/not working, how different areas of your life are currently, and how you want to grow in the coming year.

The question that always makes me ponder hard and smile at the same time: Where do I want to be when I’m 80? My answer to that question helps me cultivate a life that adds up to 80 year old Rachel’s reality.

It’s hard to say where I would be today without my trusty PowerSheets, but I’m glad I don’t have to know. I believe this amazing tool has allowed me to reach higher and go farther than I would’ve done all on my own. It has helped me to realize goals and go after things that are scary, but ultimately so good!

Friend, if you’re feeling stuck in your goals, it doesn’t have to be that way. There is a community of Cultivators waiting to cheer you on! Grab your goal setting tool and lets dig in.

Will you be grabbing your set of PowerSheets!? Let me know below so we can crush our goals together! Do you have any questions about how to cultivate what matters?


September Progress | October Goals 2018

September Progress | October Goals 2018

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Happy October, friends. I love this season more and more as I get older. Summer is certainly fun, but fall has a special kind of magic. I’m a fan of changes: weather, seasons, focus. It feels fresh and I’m a fan.

We’re officially within the last 90 days of 2018 — can you believe it!? My PowerSheets help me stay laser focused on what’s most important which becomes even more crucial as we glide into the holiday season. I feel good about the progress I made in September and I’m fired up about the goals I have set for October.

September Progress

Monthly Goals

  • Budget communicationWe’re in a good rhythm and still going strong. We’re working towards our savings goals and are making good progress already.
  • Read book: I actually read two books in September. Food Freedom Forever by Melissa Hartwig since I had just finished my second round of Whole30. I also read Of Mess and Moxie by Jen Hatmaker. I enjoyed both for different reasons. Both encouraged me — the first more practically and the second through stories and good truth.
  • Friend date: Being intentional with my friends and cultivating relationships is important to me. I understand it’s not going to fall into my lap, so we have to make an effort to reach out and then follow through on the plans we make. Coffee and dinner dates are so sweet with girlfriends.
  • Simplify a space: It’s overwhelming to make a goal to “declutter the house.” Like when would that ever get done?? Writing out all the different spaces in our home where clutter accumulates (closets, drawers, cabinets, rooms, etc) and then choosing a space to focus on makes it possible. In September I tackled our hall closet upstairs and my office. Little by little progress adds up in every area.
  • Growth + progress at work: I’m learning and growing a little bit each day. There’s of course still so much I don’t know, but I’m learning.
  • Nurture plants: I was worried about how my outdoor plants would do during the hurricane, but luckily they all did pretty well. My gorgeous yellow/pink potted plant got wind blown since I put them back out too early, but I think they’ll be okay. Plant mom in progress!
  • Begin new small group season well: Our small group is back up and running since our summer break. It’s so sweet to have this weekly gathering in our lives again. It also encourages me to go deeper in weekly sermons since we’re doing a message based study. All around good stuff.
  • Create healthy phone boundaries: I’m going to do a whole post on this soon since I think it’s such a struggle spot for so many of us. Although I wasn’t good at actually implementing, I created some phone boundaries that I want to exist in my life. Now to work on cultivating them.

Weekly Goals

  • Be curious — ask good questions — Achieved 4/4 weeks
  • Speak up for myself — Achieved 4/4 weeks
  • Rest — do nothing — Achieved 3/4 weeks
  • Blog post published x2 — Achieved 4/4 weeks
  • Mindful spending — Achieved 4/4 weeks
  • Life giving routine — Achieved 4/4 weeks

Using my voice well has been a theme lately. Using my voice to ask good questions, to speak up for myself, and to share my thoughts and encouragement right here through written words. I’m learning about how our words have the power of life or death. I want mine to bring life. Doing this well doesn’t happen in a month. It’ll take more time to be mindful of it and practice. It’s worth the time it takes because I believe it’s so important to use the voice and platform we’ve been entrusted with well.

Daily Goals

  • Pray with E — Achieved 26/30 days
  • Love E well — Achieved 8/24 days
  • Bible plan — Achieved 30/30 days
  • WTW (Write the Word) Journal — Achieved 27/30 days
  • Dental care — Achieved 30/30 days

Loving Eric well was a challenge we did in September inspired by Rachel & Dave Hollis. I’m not going into detail here, but it definitely challenged us. Although we were far from perfect with it (33% accomplishment), it still brought us closer and improved our communication. That was eye-opening to me. Even when I’m not perfect, even when I “miss” way more than half, goodness can still come from it. It’s easy to look back and see how far off you were, but what if you looked back to see how far you have came? 

October Goals

Monthly Goals

  • Last 90 Days Challenge
  • Add $2,000 to savings — budget communication
  • Contentment Challenge
  • Parade of Homes — represent well
  • Growth at work — 3 sales
  • Simplify a space
  • Celebrate + Share PowerSheets Launch
  • Create “Facts of Life” book
  • Create “Personal Timeline”
  • Dream about future

Weekly Goals

  • Speak life to/over Eric
  • Be an encouragement
  • Blog post published + shared intentionally 
  • Use my voice — boldly + mindfully
  • Rest + care
  • Cultivate healthy phone boundaries

Daily Goals

Your steam may be running low, but don’t let all that motivation and intention drift away until New Year’s Day. There’s nothing special about January 1st (except that it’s my birthday, so that’s pretty special). Your life is happening right now. Each day is a new opportunity, lets use it.

What will you do with these last 90 days? We are pushing forward together! ❤