My Whole30 Reset Flop

My Whole30 Reset Flop

I thought about just letting this go and not actually sharing it. I technically “failed” with my Whole30 Reset, so why talk about it? Shouldn’t we only share things when they go perfectly? Well, of course, the answer is no. At least for me. I definitely want to share about things that go well, but I also want to be transparent with you. I think we can learn from any type of experience if we’re open to it and take the time to reflect.

So lets talk. 

My original plan was to start my Whole30 reset Monday, April 23rd and stick with it for 9 days. Easy enough, especially since I’ve completed a full Whole30 not too long ago. 9 days would go by in a flash.

Things were different with this reset than with my first ever full round. It was a lot easier to plan since the whole concept and guidelines were familiar to me. I was able to get into the swing of things much faster and had an easier time making purchasing decisions in the store. I had missed the structure and built in “choice system” of the program. When I’m doing Whole30 I automatically know certain things are a no-go. This makes it a lot easier to resist and say no. Unless you’re not fully committed. Which happened to be my problem. I think since it wasn’t a full round, I was easily convinced to go against the plan.

Everything was going well. I was hungrier the first few days, but had compliant snacks ready if needed. I wasn’t thinking about food 100% of the time like I did during my first round (yay!) I wasn’t feeling the full on positive side effects yet, but I was feeling good.

It was all good until Thursday night. There was a delicious chocolate and strawberry triffle being served at small group and I rationalized ‘I’ve been doing well with this reset, so a little bit wouldn’t hurt.’ That threw me off because it confused my mind and body about what we were doing. This was supposed to be a time where I was fueling my body with whole foods and giving it a break from all the carbs and sugars. Whoops…

It pretty much fell apart from there. My brain is too good at rationalizing what the ‘dark side’ wants. Added sugar, french fries, dessert. I’m totally not against those things in moderation, but my moderations had gotten out of control which was the reason for my reset. Those things don’t fit into a Whole30 Reset, but once they made their way in, it was tricky.

So it wasn’t a wonderful reset by any means. I felt a little guilty when I flopped, but then let that go. Guilt doesn’t do any good especially when it’s in our relationship with food. Life happens outside the walls of a perfectly planned program. Sometimes we get it “right” and other times we don’t. It’s not an all or nothing kind of thing.

What did I learn?

I have the choice. I don’t need a particular program to make a change. It can be helpful to have a program if I need the guidance or the extra push, but ultimately every moment is a chance for a better choice. When I look at each moment as independent of each other, it helps me stay out of the mindset of one misstep blowing the rest of the day. I’m sure we’ve all been there — one bite turns into a whole weekend and then you feel crummy. Ican be empowered to make the right choices for my own body and health.

Be gentle during crazy stressful times. On the scheduled last day of my reset, Vida Dulce had their friends and family celebration and set to open to the public the next day. In retrospect, this probably wasn’t the most ideal time to do a reset. My focus was all over the place and treats were on the brain. I think it’s beneficial to treat your mind and body especially well during crazy times, but putting too much stress on it can cause an adverse effect. Maybe during that time relaxing a bit in the food department would have allowed more breathing room in other areas.

Buy the good things. Only buy the things you want to eat. This seems pretty obvious, but isn’t always done in practice. If you want to eat the veggies, buy the veggies. It’s easier to just not buy something than to rely on your will power.

Consider the WHYs. When bumping up against something that I “shouldn’t” do, I can consider the why. Why do I want to do this? Why do I feel like I shouldn’t? Those answers can help guide my choices and actions. Maybe that something is a big dessert. I feel like I shouldn’t because it’ll make me feel sluggish and bloated later. If I feel like I should because its been a long day and I need a treat, it’s best to avoid it. If I feel like I should because it’s cake to celebrate my sister’s college graduation, that’s a special time and I can enjoy a smaller piece. The why behind it makes a difference.

Keep accountability. I enjoy keeping accountability with myself through a journal and with others through honest conversations. Journaling helps me work out the deeper layers of a situation. It helps me uncover patterns and missing pieces. Health is important to me and I have close friends that feel the same — these are the people I share goals, struggles, and victories with. The best part about being vulnerable with others is often times they have been there too and can help you overcome the struggle! I don’t know everything and can learn so much from the experiences of the people in my life. Take comfort in knowing you are not the only person who has ever gone through that situation.

What now?

It may be a while before I complete another round or reset, but that doesn’t mean it’s back to my treat yoself daily ways. Once in a while, yes, because #balance. While it’s still a crazy season, I think it’s best to take the pressure off. I want to enjoy fueling my body with whole foods, but allow some space for flexibility. It seems like everyone has been sick (I haven’t been feeling so well myself), and I know rest and food are our first lines of defense.

So if I put a label on it, maybe it’s a loose Whole30. Which is itself an oxymoron, but I think you get the point, yes? There is a time for everything. Right now is the time to take what I have learned and nourish myself — mind, body, and soul.


Life after Whole30 + why I’m resetting

Life after Whole30 + why I’m resetting

If you’ve been following along, you’ll remember I completed my very first round of Whole30 back in early March. It was honestly something I never thought I could do. Could I really cut carbs, sugar, and wine for 30 whole days? I found out the answer is YES! I had amazing results that you can read about here and I was feeling good.

Fast forward a month and a half later and I can tell I’m slipping back into some old, bad habits. Like dessert every day. And all the breads. It’s like my brain is saying “I went without this for 30 days so EAT ALL THE THINGS!” Did this happen to anyone else??

But on the bright side, my views and awareness around food have remained positively changed because of my Whole30 experience. I’m more mindful of what I’m consuming (although I still don’t always make the best choices). I pay attention to labels and ingredients more than I ever did before and try to select better alternatives based on what I’ve learned. That’s a win!

I’m more in tune with my body. The Whole30 gave me an opportunity to see how my body is “supposed” to be right now. It wasn’t perfect, but it was a body without bloat, sugar cravings, and better sleep. It gave me a new baseline to evaluate other experiences against.

Before Whole30 I had gotten into an exercise funk. I was bored with my workout routine and couldn’t find the motivation to stick with anything. I got back into Pure Barre after being away for a couple years when I started my Whole30. Barre + healthy eating choices is a wonderful, feel-good combination. Good news — the regular exercise train has continued and I’m still really enjoying it! I even attended the 6am class this morning. Proud of myself!

With all that being said, there is still a mental shift that needs to happen around my nutrition. I guess it takes longer than 30 days to rewire 26 years of brain programming. As they say, it’s a marathon, not a sprint. I’m choosing to give myself grace while still learning and doing better.

Know better. Do better. 

Immediately after completing my first round of Whole30, we took a trip to the west coast to visit Los Angeles. A bit of poor planning on my part since I didn’t allow myself the recommended “reintroduction period,” but honestly it’s really hard to set aside the perfect time without any distractions, events, or commitments. So I did my best, but everything got reintroduced pretty much at once. I wasn’t able to take my time and identify how the different foods affected my mind and body.

Maybe that’s part of the reason old habits are sneaking back in. Maybe it’s just because I need more time with the positive habits. Either way, I believe a reset will do me good.

This reset is going to be exactly how it sounds: a chance to reset my body and my mind. To get back into good eating habits — whole foods, minimized snacking/grazing, not fueling my body with sugar, better sleep. It’s going to be an all around focus on wellness.

I think I did so well with Whole30 because it’s a black and white, structured plan. I didn’t have to think about my choices as much because the guidelines are clear. Eat what nourishes your body in the best way. Say no to processed, sugary, gut wrecking foods. Easy peasy.

Although it’s much easier said than done, my will power is stronger when I’m equipped with my game plan. It’s a lot different than the real world where every decision has to be considered. Am I okay with eating gluten today? How about a little sugar? What about a coffee with creamer? How about a few extra snacks just because I’m hungry, but maybe I’m just bored? That whole thought process will be eliminated for the reset because I’ve already determined the answers.

This reset will give me a chance to evaluate my food choices, nip those bad habits before they come back full on, and add some more delicious and nutritious go to meals to my arsenal. I can flex my Whole30 muscles again and, since it’ll be for a shorter period, really laser focus.

My reset will be 9 days beginning THIS Monday!

I’ve had a feeling I should get back to Whole30 for a couple weeks now as I’ve noticed my sweet tooth and cravings coming back, but decided to go for it once I saw a Whole30 Instagrammer that I follow talk about it. It was the confirmation I needed to just do it and stop thinking about it.

Are you in??

Follow the Whole30 guidelines and principles for 9 days. 

Simple as that.

This wouldn’t be recommended for you if you’ve never completed a Whole30 because I believe you need the 30 days to get into your groove. But this will be perfect if you’ve previously completed a Whole30 and need a “tune up.”

I’ll be sure to let you know how this reset goes and what I learn along the way! ❤

If you’ve done a Whole30 reset before, do you have any tips?? Definitely let me know in the comments below if you’ll be doing this with me! Yall are the best! 


My Whole30 Results

My Whole30 Results

Hi friend!

It’s been a week since I completed my Whole30 and I’m so happy I did it.

It was a challenging, exciting, eye-opening experience. It may sound a bit dramatic, but it will forever change the way I look at food. It encouraged me to try new foods and step out of my usual (but not ideal) diet. And when I say diet, I mean the way I’m eating in general. Not “diet” in terms of weight loss. I don’t believe those really work. They may work as a short term fix, but long term… it’s nutrition and health that’s important.

Ok, back to what we’re here for…

I didn’t do a perfect Whole30, but I intentionally did my best. There was learning curve and a lifestyle adjustment which made it challenging, but each day got easier and made more sense. I’m so excited to share these results with you because it means my body responded well and it was worth the change!

Mental + Emotional Results

More even tempered: There were definitely times where I was irritable (especially in that first week), but overall I was pretty even. I wasn’t experiencing the sugar highs and then crashes. Since I was more comfortable in my body and satisfied, I was able to relax.

Positive goal to work towards: Whole30 gave me something to work towards! Since it was just 30 days, I knew it wouldn’t be forever (unless I chose to continue forever). I focused on my goal of completing and that made it fun.

Stronger will power: I was able to say “no” to the things that wouldn’t serve my goal. I stayed true to what I was working towards. I think it was easier since I had a predetermined goal through Whole30 and was held accountable to the close people in my life.

Connected to community: Whole30 has an incredible community and that made me feel connected during the entire process. The website, the books, the Instagram accounts — all these things gave me motivation and ideas to keep moving forward.

Reduced cravings: I have such a big sweet tooth. I would crave sweets, especially at night or after dinner. Not a good habit, but often times I would give into that craving. You crave what you consume, so once I was free from the sugar my body didn’t really miss it. Of course if something was right in front of me, I may want it, but I didn’t have that blind, random craving. That was amazing to me because I didn’t think it could go away.

Reduced hunger: I was eating less, but better foods during these 30 days. I used to eat every few hours, but learned that’s not the best for your body and your hormones. I was extra hungry the first week (especially the first few days) as my body was getting used to this new rhythm, but once it did it was glorious! I ate 3 healthy meals and maybe a snack or two if I was still hungry. I was working out almost daily, so I needed the extra nutrition.

Proud + accomplished: Whole30 gave me a sense of pride and accomplishment. It wasn’t easy and not everyone can or wants to do it. I proved to myself that I could make it happen.

Improved confidence: Internal changes + external changes = boost

Physical Results

Lost 9 pounds: This speaks for itself! I was surprised by how much I actually lost. Weight loss wasn’t the ultimate goal of this, but it was a very nice byproduct! I didn’t take before/after measurements or pictures, but my clothes are fitting better and I can tell my body is slimmer.

Clearer skin: My skin has always had a struggle, some times more than others. Taking out the problem foods (like dairy and gluten) did a wonder for my skin. It positively impacted my skin’s tone and reduced the amount of blemishes. It’s still not perfect, but opened my eyes to actually how much nutrition affects it. Whole30 introduced me to collagen supplements (Vital Proteins is the brand I’m using) so we’ll see how that helps!

Reduced bloat/tummy problems: This was a big one! It had become normal to feel bloated or to have tummy rumbles after a meal. Turns out, that isn’t normal! I mean it is normal when you’re eating tacos, pizza, or big meals out. But it isn’t exactly normal when you’re eating nourishing, natural, healthy foods. Who knew??

Normal blood pressure: So I can’t determine if this was totally from Whole30 since I didn’t check it prior to starting, but I can say confidently that Whole30 only improved it. Because of my thyroid (or lack thereof now) I’ve had issues with my blood pressure. I had 2 doctor appointments about halfway through my Whole30 and both found my blood pressure to be normal and healthy. Yay! It’s always good to hear good news from the doctor and nurse.

Better sleep: Sleep is so important for our bodies and minds. I didn’t always get enough of it, but I felt a deeper sleep. I also fell asleep faster (probably because my stomach wasn’t hurting or bloated at night).


I didn’t experience the energy boost or mental clarity other people have felt. Of course, everyone’s body reacts differently. I already struggle in these areas because of my chronic hypothyroidism, so I’m starting behind most other people. This may change as I go back to my “normal” eating — maybe I really did have a lot more energy and clarity, but I didn’t have a comparison since it was the new normal. The great thing is I can be more mindful to how my body is responding to food.

I cooked and planned my food more/better than really ever before! This experience required it. It got tiring at times, but it was such a good habit to get into and one I plan on continuing. Just maybe not as intensely so it’s sustainable for me long term.

So what now?

I didn’t end my Whole30 the best way (with a slower reintroduction phase) since we had our trip to Los Angeles. As you can imagine, that trip involved a good amount of normal food (not Whole30 approved), but that’s a part of my Food Freedom. That was worth it to me because it was special as somewhere I’ve never been before. And it was just a few days. So where do I go from here?

My new normal diet will be Whole30 inspired, but not as strict.

I will eat mindfully.

I will meal plan and prep foods that nourish my body. 

I will keep dairy and gluten to a minimum in my diet. 

I will make the Whole30 dishes that I discovered. 

I will use healthier alternatives.

I will enjoy a Food Freedom and not feel guilty about what I choose to eat. 

It is my choice — if I listen to and respect my body I will make the best choice. 

Thank you so much for coming alongside me on this journey. Is there a change you need to make in your own life? Diet? Exercise? Career? Family? Something else?? I encourage you to make it. Take the next right step to improve your world.

If that happens to be Whole30, you’ve got these blogs (and me) as a great starting place and cheerleader! You can totally do it — the only thing is, do you want to do it? The beautiful thing about life is you can always start new right where you are. It’s never too late or too early.

Do you have any questions for me?? If there’s anything I can do to help, please don’t hesitate to reach out ❤


My Whole30 | Week 4

My Whole30 | Week 4

28 days down already. TWO MORE DAYS TO GO!!! Time is flying!

Some things I have learned so far…

Anything can be made into a salad. 

Anything can become brunch if you add an egg to it. 

I’m loving Whole30 more and more. It’s becoming easier and less mentally taxing to be eating this way. I don’t have to think about it as hard because I’ve been eating like this for almost a month and I’ve found some go-to Whole30 meals that I love and can continue to eat week after week. I’m not trying to reinvent the wheel here!

Week 4 Trader Joe’s Grocery Haul

Week 4 Meals


  • Egg muffins with spinach and mushroom + avocado
  • Leftovers + fried egg (so good, so easy, and such a good use of leftovers!)


  • Baked chicken, sweet potato, cauliflower rice with onion (leftovers from week 3)


  • Chicken burger with veggies (Thank you, Whole30, for bringing these into my life! My new favorite freezer must have)


  • Salmon, asparagus, and red potatoes (Shoutout to hubby for making this! roasted potatoes and asparagus was used for the leftover breakfast — amazing!)


  • Of course my go to salad (Easy to make ahead of time for lunch at work)


  • Shrimp salad with spinach, peaches, avocado and lime juice (Not necessarily the combo I would have put together, but it was really tasty!)


Week 4 Experience

Again, I’m really enjoying eating this way. I do miss wine, chocolate, and cheese fries, but not in the way I thought I would. I’m so much stronger when it comes to saying no to foods that aren’t worth it too. Eric brought home dinner from work (aka delicious Mexican food) and although I would have really loved some, I was fine with him eating in front of me and I didn’t feel like I was missing out. There’s been a mind shift. I’m not held captive to cravings.

I really don’t even have cravings anymore. If something is right in front of me, then it is more tempting, but that’s different than craving foods that just come to mind. It’s been really eye opening to see how responsive I was to cravings in the past and how often I would “treat” myself just because. Because it was a long day, because I earned it, because I want it. Now I’m being more mindful and finding other ways to treat myself. Maybe a long walk when the weather is nice or an episode on Netflix. If I’m still hungry after that I’ll have a healthier snack. And I feel good about it!

I’ve only eaten out for two meals during Whole30. I love how much I’ve been in the kitchen! It does take a lot of meal planning and prepping to stick to Whole30 without driving yourself crazy, but I’m loving that flow! It’s a habit I’ve been wanting to get back into: meal plan, grocery, meal prep. It makes each day so much easier and reduces the decisions I have to make each day.

Instead of wondering what I’ll eat for dinner and then snacking away cause I’m starving, I move forward with the plan. Some nights that’s heating up leftovers. Some nights it’s more involved with making something on the stove. No matter what I have a game plan and it reduces the mindless eating by a hangry Rachel.

When you’re eating different from the norm (aka Whole30), group gatherings can be challenging. Of course you can’t expect people to know your nutrition guidelines, much less to provide something compliant. If you’re facing something like this (maybe a gathering with friends, a party, a bridal/baby shower, etc) I have a few tips for you…

  1. Eat before you go. You won’t be tempted by other foods because you’re full. In case there isn’t anything you can eat you’ll be fine to just enjoy the gathering instead of being hungry and potentially going off plan.
  2. Offer to bring something. This is helpful to the host as well as yourself. You’ll be contributing something to the gathering and ensuring there’s something you can eat while staying true to your Whole30. Win win!
  3. Share your goals in advance. Depending on the get together, this may not always be necessary. If you do choose to share, it’s possible the host will be able to accommodate. At the very least, they will hopefully be more understanding of what you’re doing with the Whole30 and help hold you accountable.

We meet every Thursday with our small group. We finished up a study series last week, so this week we met to fellowship and share appetizers. My group is aware I’m doing Whole30 because I’ve shared my goals, but I wasn’t expecting anyone to bring a compliant dish. No biggie — Eric and I ate dinner before we went and I brought a fresh fruit salad to snack on with everyone else. While all the appetizers looked delicious, I still had a great time with everyone and was satisfied.


And proud. Each day has gotten a bit easier and better. It’s so funny because before I started I never would have thought I could do it. But now, I can’t imagine going back to fully the way I was before. Experiences change you ❤

28 days is pretty much the same as 30, right?? It would be easy at this point to say it’s just good enough and slide back into all the sugar, gluten, and wine. But I’m determined to make these next two days the BEST two days! Then I’ll start introducing the foods I’ve been without and see how it goes 😉

Thanks for following along so far! Can’t wait to share all my results soon!!


My Whole30 | Week 3

My Whole30 | Week 3

Three weeks of eating this way — so far so good!

I’m going through eggs like crazy! It’s the easiest way for me to get that protein in. I enjoy cooking and having my meals prepared, but sometimes things just don’t go according to plan. Having a go to meal with ingredients you always keep on hand and a frozen option (like my Chile Lime chicken burgers) will keep you sane and on track!

Whole30 isn’t necessarily hard, but it does require a lot of planning and preparation which can be challenging, especially when something happens like a busier than expected day. Set yourself up for success by planning and preparing as much as you possibly can and having a backup option just in case.

Week 3 Aldi Grocery Haul

Week 3 Meals


  • Eggs muffins with mushroom, spinach, and nutritional yeast
  • Rx Bar or fruit in a pinch


  • Chile lime chicken burgers with veggies (as seen in Week 2)
  • Zoodles + turkey meatballs (also seen in Week 2) this marinara sauce from Aldi is my new favorite and a must have around our house
  • My go to salad as seen in Week 1 and Week 2 cause it’s a go to for a reason — so easy and so good! (bed of spinach, mashed sweet potato, scrambled eggs, avocado with fresh lemon juice as dressing and sprinkle of Everything But the Bagel Seasoning)


  • Baked chicken, sweet potato, cauliflower rice with onion (leftovers for week 4, win!)



  • Dried mango slices (make sure to get dried fruit that doesn’t have added sugar)
  • Celery or apple slices with almond butter
  • Hazelnuts

Week 3 Experience

I’m loving Whole30, but I’m also quite ready for it to be over.

I’m feeling good! I’m learning a lot about reading labels and what to look out for (sugar is in everything it seems)! My body composition is improving — I’m feeling stronger from my workouts and look more toned. All really amazing things, but I’m ready to stop being so limited in my foods.

Eric and I were too lazy to cook Sunday night. I was exhausted from not enough sleep and a busy day and I just wasn’t prepared. Chipotle can be compliant as long as you order correctly (lettuce, carnitas, pico, and guacamole), but we didn’t feel it would be worth the money spent. So instead we went to a local restaurant, Bass Lake Draft House. This place has the deliciously tempting cheese fries I love — I felt strong enough to say no. I had their cobb salad without the cheese and a side of sweet potato fries. I forgot to ask for no corn (whoops) so I ate around it.


I’ve discovered different foods I enjoy thanks to Whole30. Sometimes I just want to be able to add some black beans to my Chipotle order or have a piece of sweet cornbread with my salad without worrying too much. I do enjoy eating this way and will probably continue to do so with some modifications depending on how my reintroduction goes. It’s been challenging for me to live in the real world while still staying true to my Whole30. It’s definitely not impossible, but it does require planning ahead, research, and asking questions.

A usual trip to Starbucks used to look like ordering whatever I wanted off the menu. I’m not a big coffee person, so that’s usually something sweet and yummy. Now it looks like doing a little research on Google, asking if the compliant drink is available, finding out it’s not, asking questions about what’s in the alternative, and going with a unsweetened fruity tea. Starbucks isn’t a common part of my life, but it is a convenient place to meet up with friends, so it’s been a small part of my Whole30.

Unsweetened Passion Tango Ice Tea

I think I’m just feeling a bit drained with it all. I do enjoy cooking, but my enthusiasm for meal planning and prepping is dwindling. Eric working at the restaurant most of the time makes it a bit easier in a way because I’m only planning and cooking for myself, but it also makes it a bit harder because I don’t have anyone to share the planning, cooking, and dishes with. It’s okay! I’ve made it this far and I can complete it!

My cravings are minimal and I can tell my tastebuds have started changing too. Your body craves what you feed it, so since mine hasn’t had added sugar in 21 days it doesn’t care for it. That’s a victory because I have a big sweet tooth! It really does feel empowering to feel healthy and in control of my food choices instead of letting my cravings dictate what I reach for to put on my plate.

Week 3 feels like a slump mentally, but I’m proud of myself for committing and getting this far! 9 days to go. I got this, but can definitely use some encouragement. The finish line is in sight — I’m so excited to share all the positive changes!

What are your favorite encouraging words?


My Whole30 | Week 2

My Whole30 | Week 2

Another week down and I’m feeling great!

It’s starting to feel a lot less forced since I’m learning about more about the program and have more time and experience under my belt. I’ll go ahead and let you know I did a lot better with meals this week! I still got a little bored just cause I ate the same thing for lunch 4 days in a row… but I’d rather do that than make a ton of different meals or worse, eat out. Shout out to TJs for the wonderful food this week!

Week 2 Trader Joe’s Grocery Haul

Week 2 Meals


  • Egg muffins with spinach and bell peppers + avocado (same as last week)
  • RxBar if I’m in a super rush (like running late for Pure Barre)


  • “Spaghetti” (aka zoodles) + Turkey Meatballs


  • Chicken burgers with veggies
  • Compliant hotdogs with homemade sweet potato fries



  • Celery with almond butter
  • Dried mango slices
  • Hazelnuts (my newest obsession!)

Week 2 Experience

I really enjoyed my meals this week! It was fun to try new things and include old favorites (sweet potato fries, yes please!) Pinterest and Google were my best friends when it came to finding recipes. I’ve also watched a good handful of Whole30 Trader Joe’s hauls on YouTube which is how I discovered the Chili Lime Chicken Burgers, Spindrift, Cruciferous Crunch Collection, and the 21 Seasoning Salute. They also gave me good ideas for recipes and snacks when needed.

No reason to recreate the wheel here — so many people have gone before me in this Whole30 journey and I’m all about learning from them. Which is also why I’m writing these updates for you 🙂

I’m feeling a lot better this week than I was in week 1. I’m learning more, so it’s becoming less time consuming and mentally tiring. Food doesn’t seem like a big deal, but it really takes up a large amount of brain space, especially when trying to eat different. The good news: it does get easier.

Date night — Whole30 Approved 😉

I was feeling really tired last week, but my energy levels seem to be back to normal. My sleep hasn’t been the best just because I’ve gone to bed late, but the sleep I get does feel quality. Now I just need to work on an earlier bed time! I did Pure Barre 6 days this week. I think it’s been the perfect activity to pair with my Whole30. I’m feeling strong, empowered, and confident. I’m loving my body more deeply as I’m getting to know it better and treating it well ❤

My skin is clearing up! It’s usually pretty good, but lately its broken out, especially around my chin. I haven’t changed anything in my skin care lately, so I think nutrition and exercise are doing wonders. The tone and color of my skin is improving too. It’s not as red/irritated looking, but softer and smoother complexion. Skin has always been a sensitive subject for me as it wasn’t very good growing up. Clear and healthy skin is what I’m striving for and it’s an indicator of how things are going internally. Health from the inside out.

I’m generally feeling happy. I’m excited about my progress with my health. I feel connected and more patient with my husband. My house feels in order. And for the first time in a while, I feel at peace. Externally and internally. It feels amazing!

During week 2 I successfully navigated some challenging social situationsI’m proud of how they went because I stayed true to myself and my Whole30. Instead of avoiding the situation (which probably would have been easier) I made it work and had fun while at it!

Thursday we had an appreciation luncheon at work. Each person on the sales team brought a dish to share for the construction and customer care teams. The dishes looked amazing, but I decided not to partake even with what appeared to be compliant. I didn’t want to go down a slippery slope into breads and desserts, so I had my packed lunch once I got back to the sales center. Win!

Saturday afternoon I met a friend at Starbucks to catch up and talk about our goals. A quick Google search helped me find a compliant, yummy drink (Passion Tango Iced Tea Unsweetened) and it was great! We had a good time and getting together with an old friend was just good for the soul. Win!

Saturday night was date night! Eric got us tickets to the Carolina Hurricanes hockey game and we had a blast! I ate dinner before we met up and didn’t have anything at the arena. I felt a little tempted by Eric’s wings and beer and all the other sweet treats around us, but I knew it wouldn’t be worth it. Win!

Sunday night we met friends out for dinner. Eating out is the part that seemed most difficult to me. What definitely made it easier were friends that understood my goals with Whole30 and were willing to go somewhere that all would enjoy! Bad Daddy’s was delicious! Burger in a lettuce wrap with avocado and sweet potato fries on the side. Yummy win!

It’s important to be social and cultivate connections no matter what your diet is like. Yes, it would have been easier and much less tempting had I just avoided all those activities and maybe tried to schedule after Whole30, but that isn’t beneficial. Nor is it the point.

The world doesn’t stop just because you’re making a change and your life shouldn’t stop either. Have a plan, be open and honest about your goals, surround yourself with people that lift you up, and enjoy each day! The challenges make you stronger because they push you and teach you something new.

I’m looking forward to week 3!

Lets spread love and light! What made you smile this week? 


My Whole30 | Week 1

My Whole30 | Week 1

I never thought I’d be able to do the Whole30 nor did I have interest in completing it. I mean why would I want to voluntarily give up sugar, carbs, and wine??

The more I thought about and researched it, I realized did want to do it because it would be good for me. But could I actually do it? Whole30 didn’t seem too hard. Just eat whole foods. But I needed to learn the specifics surrounding compliant foods/any exceptions and rid my house of whatever I could that didn’t meet my new guidelines. That seemed overwhelming. Plus I needed to do the dang thing. Maybe easier said than done…

So, why Whole30? I want to be healthy from the inside out. “Health is a state of complete harmony of the body, mind, and spirit.” I want to be the best wife, dog mom, friend, daugther, sister… I can be. That means I need to be able to show up as my best (healthiest) self. Along the way something had fallen out of sync. I couldn’t find the motivation to workout. “Treat yo self” became a daily mantra around food. My sleep wasn’t ideal. I crave alignment in how I know I should treat my body and how I’m actually doing it. Alignment of the inner and outer.

I want to create a positive relationship with food. I don’t want to use it as a crutch or a bandaid, but as nourishment to fuel my mind and body. I want to recognize the foods that really make me feel good, not just taste good in the moment. Cause lets be real, there’s a good amount of food I eat that taste delicious at the time, but make me feel icky and bloated later. Looking at you, cheese fries, and all your friends.

An elimination diet may seem extreme, but it’s only for 30 days and it’s a great way to reset mind and body. I’m giving myself time to detox my system from the craving-inducing, blood sugar disrupting, gut-damaging, inflammatory food groups and detox my mind from the negative thought loops around food I’ve created.

I will make good food choices. I will read food labels and be aware about what I’m putting in my grocery cart and my body. I will say “no” when I need to and I will say “yes” to myself and to this program. I can do this. I can do hard things. It will be worth it. ❤

Week 1 Meals


  • egg muffins, chicken sausage, and sometimes I added in avocado for good measure
  • spinach bowl with mashed sweet potato, 2 scrambled eggs, avocado sprinkled with Everything But the Bagel Seasoning (Thank you, Trader Joe’s!) and fresh lemon juice (I made this for dinner as well and it’s just as good)


  • chicken sausage, sweet potato, onion
  • baked chicken breast, sweet potato, asparagus


  • honey crisp apple with almond butter
My favorite and easiest meal from week 1!

Week 1 Experience

First thought from week 1 is “whoa I’m super bored with these meals.” I purposely kept it super simple to get started, but unfortunately I got bored with the food I made. I still ate it, but I wasn’t looking forward to it which made it harder. Note to self for week 2- make meals you’re less likely to get tired of and have some more options!

Whole30 so far has been both easier and harder than I imagined. Easier because I generally eat whole foods anyways. Definitely not Whole30 compliant on the reg, but we’ll say I’m no stranger to the produce section of the grocery store.

Harder because I didn’t realize how much I snacked for no reason and how often I consumed sugar. Ice cream after a long day. Spoonful of peanut butter and chocolate chips as a little pick-me-up. Dessert after a dinner out with my husband (he’s such a bad influence when it comes to sweets…). I don’t think sugar is necessarily a bad thing in itself when in appropriate moderation (life sometimes calls for celebration and cake, right!?), but the way I was consuming it and using it to help make me feel better was the problem.

It’s such a mental game. I think about food often because I have to take those “noncompliant thoughts” captive. The thoughts about that last Girl Scout cookie in the box. About just drinking one soda with lunch. About how a glass of wine wouldn’t hurt. About how good a piece of avocado toast would be. I didn’t realize until this week how often I had those kind of thoughts. Each day it gets a little easier and a little less since I’m training my brain, but it’s still challenging me. For that split second I consider it, but then I remember why I’m doing this. I will be proud of myself for resisting and completing this. And I will feel amazing!

Although I’m sleeping well, I’ve felt super tired in the afternoons. It’s getting a bit better each day, but I’m thinking it’s my body adjusting to this way of eating. No carbs and sugar. Way less snacks. My body isn’t getting those sugar spikes, so I’m feeling it. I did also begin going to Pure Barre again, so I’ve been physically tired and wearing out my muscles. Some good adjustments! This site is super helpful to explain some common Whole30 symptoms. I’m in my first 14 days, so makes sense.

Overall I’ve felt good! I’m feeling less bloated and overly full after meals. My body will continue to adjust and I’m looking forward to the energy bursts/restful sleep/clearer skin/flatter stomach I’ve heard about 😉

Have you ever done Whole30? If so, what are you biggest tips!? Help a sista out and leave them in the comments below ❤