My Whole30 | Week 1

My Whole30 | Week 1

I never thought I’d be able to do the Whole30 nor did I have interest in completing it. I mean why would I want to voluntarily give up sugar, carbs, and wine??

The more I thought about and researched it, I realized did want to do it because it would be good for me. But could I actually do it? Whole30 didn’t seem too hard. Just eat whole foods. But I needed to learn the specifics surrounding compliant foods/any exceptions and rid my house of whatever I could that didn’t meet my new guidelines. That seemed overwhelming. Plus I needed to do the dang thing. Maybe easier said than done…

So, why Whole30? I want to be healthy from the inside out. “Health is a state of complete harmony of the body, mind, and spirit.” I want to be the best wife, dog mom, friend, daugther, sister… I can be. That means I need to be able to show up as my best (healthiest) self. Along the way something had fallen out of sync. I couldn’t find the motivation to workout. “Treat yo self” became a daily mantra around food. My sleep wasn’t ideal. I crave alignment in how I know I should treat my body and how I’m actually doing it. Alignment of the inner and outer.

I want to create a positive relationship with food. I don’t want to use it as a crutch or a bandaid, but as nourishment to fuel my mind and body. I want to recognize the foods that really make me feel good, not just taste good in the moment. Cause lets be real, there’s a good amount of food I eat that taste delicious at the time, but make me feel icky and bloated later. Looking at you, cheese fries, and all your friends.

An elimination diet may seem extreme, but it’s only for 30 days and it’s a great way to reset mind and body. I’m giving myself time to detox my system from the craving-inducing, blood sugar disrupting, gut-damaging, inflammatory food groups and detox my mind from the negative thought loops around food I’ve created.

I will make good food choices. I will read food labels and be aware about what I’m putting in my grocery cart and my body. I will say “no” when I need to and I will say “yes” to myself and to this program. I can do this. I can do hard things. It will be worth it. ❤

Week 1 Meals


  • egg muffins, chicken sausage, and sometimes I added in avocado for good measure
  • spinach bowl with mashed sweet potato, 2 scrambled eggs, avocado sprinkled with Everything But the Bagel Seasoning (Thank you, Trader Joe’s!) and fresh lemon juice (I made this for dinner as well and it’s just as good)


  • chicken sausage, sweet potato, onion
  • baked chicken breast, sweet potato, asparagus


  • honey crisp apple with almond butter
My favorite and easiest meal from week 1!

Week 1 Experience

First thought from week 1 is “whoa I’m super bored with these meals.” I purposely kept it super simple to get started, but unfortunately I got bored with the food I made. I still ate it, but I wasn’t looking forward to it which made it harder. Note to self for week 2- make meals you’re less likely to get tired of and have some more options!

Whole30 so far has been both easier and harder than I imagined. Easier because I generally eat whole foods anyways. Definitely not Whole30 compliant on the reg, but we’ll say I’m no stranger to the produce section of the grocery store.

Harder because I didn’t realize how much I snacked for no reason and how often I consumed sugar. Ice cream after a long day. Spoonful of peanut butter and chocolate chips as a little pick-me-up. Dessert after a dinner out with my husband (he’s such a bad influence when it comes to sweets…). I don’t think sugar is necessarily a bad thing in itself when in appropriate moderation (life sometimes calls for celebration and cake, right!?), but the way I was consuming it and using it to help make me feel better was the problem.

It’s such a mental game. I think about food often because I have to take those “noncompliant thoughts” captive. The thoughts about that last Girl Scout cookie in the box. About just drinking one soda with lunch. About how a glass of wine wouldn’t hurt. About how good a piece of avocado toast would be. I didn’t realize until this week how often I had those kind of thoughts. Each day it gets a little easier and a little less since I’m training my brain, but it’s still challenging me. For that split second I consider it, but then I remember why I’m doing this. I will be proud of myself for resisting and completing this. And I will feel amazing!

Although I’m sleeping well, I’ve felt super tired in the afternoons. It’s getting a bit better each day, but I’m thinking it’s my body adjusting to this way of eating. No carbs and sugar. Way less snacks. My body isn’t getting those sugar spikes, so I’m feeling it. I did also begin going to Pure Barre again, so I’ve been physically tired and wearing out my muscles. Some good adjustments! This site is super helpful to explain some common Whole30 symptoms. I’m in my first 14 days, so makes sense.

Overall I’ve felt good! I’m feeling less bloated and overly full after meals. My body will continue to adjust and I’m looking forward to the energy bursts/restful sleep/clearer skin/flatter stomach I’ve heard about 😉

Have you ever done Whole30? If so, what are you biggest tips!? Help a sista out and leave them in the comments below ❤


5 steps to survive a busy season

5 steps to survive a busy season

Busy seasons — we’ve all been there. Maybe it’s college finals, planning a wedding, going back to school, a career change, or anything else that demands most of your time and attention.

They often lead to that burnout feeling. We’re exhausted, we’re drained, we’re weak. I’ve been there and I’m back in the busy season right now. I don’t always do it gracefully or avoid burnout completely, but I have learned lessons along the way that help me keep it together. Here are my top 5 steps to survive a busy season without (or at least with minimal) burnout.

#1: Take care of yourself!

This is number one because it’s absolutely the most important! You can’t do anything well if you aren’t first taking care of yourself. You know the ole mask on an airplane thing — if the plane has an emergency put your oxygen mask on before helping others. You can’t be much good to anyone else if you’re passed out, or in this case, burnt out.

Focus on the 3 major areas: sleep, nutrition/water, exercise. I know exactly what you’re thinking because its gone through my mind too… “I don’t have time!” I’m going to help you find more time in the next few steps, but first lets transform that mindset. When you’re extremely busy, likely the first thing to go will be one (or all) of those 3 things. We’re busy so we stay up extra late, grab drive through dinner, and skip any sort of exercise. How does that make you feel though?? It makes me feel even worse. I’m not saying you have to spend 2 hours in the gym, fix up a fancy meal, and sleep 12 hours, but you should do the bare minimum of what makes you feel best.

Keep a water bottle with you to refill throughout your day. Water actually does make us feel more energized and the hydration is good for your entire system! Incorporate easy, healthy meals into your days — maybe salads with different ingredients you have on hand or a crockpot chili. Those won’t take up too much extra time, but you’ll feel so much better AND save time and money in the process by avoiding the drive through lines. An intense workout may not be what your body needs when it’s super busy, but a 20-30 minute walk can do the trick. Download a good podcast and get some fresh air. It’ll clear your mind and even help you sleep better at night.

#2: Plan ahead

Plan your clothes and meals. This is the biggest time saver for me! Each day that I have a commitment to be somewhere (work, class, an event, etc) I prepare my outfit and my meals the night before. At the foot of our bed I lay out everything I need for my outfit including shoes and accessories. This saves an enormous amount of time in the morning when I’m getting ready. What takes me max 5 minutes at night could take me 20 minutes or more in the morning if I’m unprepared. Have you ever tried to pick out an outfit when you’re in a rush?? It’s nearly impossible and you just make yourself late and frustrated, which is the last thing you need in a busy season!

Same thing goes for my meals. First, I determine which meals I’ll need to eat out of the house. I prefer to eat breakfast later in the day, so usually I need to pack at least breakfast and lunch for a work day. Lately I’ve also had night classes right after work, so I need dinner too. Next, I put together my food in my lunch box and leave it in the fridge to be grabbed in the morning. I used to just leave all food items in the fridge individually, but I feel much more organized and am less likely to forget something when I pack it all together ahead of time.

This is also where meal prepping comes in! I usually spend some time on Sunday preparing food that can be eaten throughout the week and I’ll put meals together as much as I can. Frozen food options and go to meals are your best friend! Meal planning and prepping deserves its own blog post, what do you think?? 

#3: Automate what you can

For us, the big one here is bill payments. I think I finally have as many of our bills as I can on auto draft! There are still a few that I pay manually for whatever reason, but the majority are drafted from our account automatically. I still check our accounts each day, but this keeps me from having to actually log into every bill account and manually pay. Doesn’t seem like much, but I’m all about saving time and energy wherever I can!

If you’re anything like me, you can become a bit scattered when you’re super busy and the days fly by. You don’t want to wake up one day and the shower won’t turn on because you accidentally forgot to pay the water bill (this has happened to us once and never again).

There may be other tasks in your day-to-day that you can automate as well. I encourage it, especially in this busy season! What other areas do you or will you automate to free up time? I’d love to hear any of your tips in the comments!

#4: Say “no” more often

I know this sounds harsh, but you cannot do everything. It’s hard to say no, but it’s important to protect your precious time and energy. When you say yes to one thing, you’re saying no to everything else. In a busy season, be extra sure that you’re reserving your “yes” for the very best things.

You may even need to back out of accepted commitments. I’m not a fan of going back on your word or standing someone up, but there are times that it’s necessary. If you decide you need to change a “yes” to a “no,” do it as early as possible and be honest. Most people will understand. Try to avoid doing that in the future by checking your calendar and being absolutely sure before agreeing to something.

You’re probably in or close to survival mode in a busy season and time is your most valuable asset. If you do find yourself with extra time, it’s helpful to have already set your priorities (such as taking care of yourself and spending time with your spouse). You know best, so spend your time wisely.

#5: Weekly recharge & listen

Schedule a weekly recharge for yourself and listen to what your body needs. Depending on your personality type or how your week has been, this recharge may be some quiet time alone or a fun afternoon out with friends. There is no right or wrong answer here! Having a recharge on your calendar each week will give you something to look forward to and help keep burnout at bay. You’re not likely to burnout when you’re re-energized, right!?

This recharge might be a date with your spouse, a relaxing bubble bath, an afternoon of hiking, a gym class, time to be creative with writing or art — maybe even try something different each week. The possibilities are endless! The important thing is to actually schedule it. Look at your calendar for the week and carve out an hour or 2 by making an appointment with yourself. This can even tie into step 1 because it’s something you’re doing to care for yourself. See how I did that?? 😉

I know it’s not always this clear-cut and simple to do, but do the best you can. You’re more capable than you know and I’m sure you’ll flourish no matter how crazy it gets! No season, no matter how busy it is, can last forever. You know what they say… this too shall pass. You CAN do it! I’m walking with you through it and cheering you on every step of the way.

Lets help each other. I’d love to hear any of your busy season tips and tricks in the comments. It becomes a bit easier when we do it together. 


Overcoming overwhelm

I’ve been wanting to write this post for a bit now and I finally found some time tonight. So welcome — here’s a little update of life in the Torres household.

Both Eric and I are trying to find a “new normal.” Figuring out schedules and how to best support each other in this season. We don’t get to see each other as much as we used to, but I can tell we’re in such better places now even though at this moment the places are farther apart. Goals are being realized and it’s incredible to live them.

Eric’s still enjoying working full time at the restaurant and although I haven’t been able to see him in action, I know he’s doing an awesome job. He’s the most hardworking person I know and if he’s committed to something, he’s going to give it his all.

My sleep schedule has gotten funky {mostly} because of his restaurant hours — even though I’m tired I love hearing the stories about his day. The funny things that happened, the kind words a customer said, how he made a difference in someone’s experience. He’s proud and excited for the new opportunities ahead. I’m proud and excited with him!

Last summer was happily consumed with wedding activities. Preparations, celebrations, and of course, the special day. I thought this summer would be so much calmer. Silly me.

The last 2 weeks have been a bit of a whirlwind.

I’m halfway through my real estate class with just 3 weekends left (including this one!) Plus I started my new job on June 12th. Bring on all the new info! My days lately have been spent in class, at work, or learning (for both class and work).

Each day has been getting a little easier. More information is sticking. I’m becoming more comfortable and confident. I’m answering more questions correctly on exam preps.

Despite the craziness, I still feel like I’m where I’m supposed to be. As I look back over what got me to this point, there’s no doubt it was God’s doing. His perfect plan. He’s been weaving my story and aligning it all to get me here. So grateful!

You know when you’re starting something new and you all of a sudden have that overwhelming doubt? It’s too hard. I’m not ready for this. I can’t do it. Those thoughts have flashed through my mind on multiple occasions over the last few weeks.

What have I gotten myself into!? 

But I’m confident. I can do this. I was brought to this point for a reason. It’s going to be uncomfortable for a bit — that’s normal. Understandable. But if I can just push past it, it’ll be worth it.

So lately as I’ve been feeling this overwhelm, I’ve decided I’m going to overcome. I am an overcomer. I will not let doubt hold me and I won’t get in my way.

How have I been working on that?


I’ve accepted that I’m overwhelmed and anxious at times. That’s okay. But I don’t have to face it all in my own strength. I pray for His wisdom, His peace, His comfort. I pray that I’ll be an example of His light and love to those I interact with. I pray that a little bit more will stick and I’ll feel more comfortable and confident than the day before. I pray that I’ll do my best and allow Him the space to fill in the gaps.

They’re simple prayers, but they do so much good. I talk to Him when I can — in the car, in a quiet moment, and anytime my heart needs a boost. It makes a difference.

Let go

I have a page full of goals for the month of June: good habits I want to develop and things I want to accomplish. I started off the month strong and even tried to keep it all up once classes started. But I quickly realized I can’t keep up with everything.

That bothered me. I wanted to continue to do it all. But I also knew that wasn’t reasonable. By continuing to push through, I was spreading myself way too thin. So I’m having to find the balance. Not everything will get checked off each day and I’m okay with that. I’m letting that guilt go. I’m making progress on the few most important things. Yes, that means many empty boxes, but that’s good enough.

Guilty pleasures

Episodes of Friends and Blue Bell Cookies ‘n Creme. That’s been the jam. That is my mini escape. “Free time” isn’t exactly a thing lately, but I try to find some time to unwind #nodaysoff. Admittedly I’ve probably had ice cream more nights this week than not. Whoops. I suppose that’s a part of the letting go.

This isn’t a season I’ll be in forever. If that means a few more ice cream nights, then fine. I’m not holding myself to a level of perfection. I’m extending myself more grace because I need it. It’s more about getting through in one piece. And my philosophy is that it’s better to have a treat here and there than to just crazy splurge later. Craving the ice cream?? Eat the ice cream. Give yourself what you need right now. Ice cream isn’t always the answer, but sometimes it may be.

Friend, can you relate?

You may be reading this in the midst of your crazy. Or maybe you just got through that season. Or maybe you’re getting ready to enter it. No matter where you are, I’m cheering you on. You are doing amazing things and your best days are ahead. Lets encourage one another and lift each other up ❤

You’re doing great!


Giving up the “one day” for today

One day when I’m in a new job… then I’ll be happy.

One day when my schedule settles down… then I’ll start working out. 

One day when I have more time… then I’ll start cooking.

One day when I lose the last 5 pounds… then I’ll love my body. 

One day when I’m not so busy… then I’ll catch up with my friend.

One day when I get that raise… then I’ll take the trip I’ve always wanted.

One day… then…

Fill in the blank with whatever sounds “right” for you. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve uttered these or similar phrases. Even more often have I thought them. It’s a common problem — we always think things will be better once we get acquire that next right thing. We’ll finally be happy once we do the thing.

Has that ever been true? I’ve convinced myself of this so many times and each time it’s not as fabulous as I had imagined. The joy, excitement, happiness are fleeting and then I’m right back out searching for the next fix of goodness. When I’m placing my ultimate happiness and fulfillment of my life on external circumstances I will always come up short.

I’ve felt especially convicted of that this week.

I’ve been wanting to get fully back on track with my health and fitness lately, but something in me keeps holding me back from really going for it. The best time to start is today. I shouldn’t let past slip ups (like weekend splurges) completely derail my efforts. I know these to be true, but I’m hanging on to one day.

“Well I’m going away this weekend, so I’ll really get started next Monday.”

I’ve actually been taking a lot of trips lately, so this has been a common thought. At first, it seemed okay. “Yeah, you’re right. You’ll do much better if you start on a Monday. If you start now you’ll just have to take a break in the middle of the program, so just wait.”

Yall, I am way too good at justifying things that I maybeeee don’t really want to do.

Deep down in my heart I know it’ll be best for me if I put in 100% effort. Yes, summer is coming up so I want to feel most confident in my bikini, but bigger than that is my long term health. I guess I’ve been having a hard time because what’s pushing things back one week when I have my whole life to get healthy and fit??

I don’t know about you, but the way things are going in my fitness life is a direct reflection of the other areas. If I’m focused, giving my all, and really committed, that positive energy and determination shows up in other areas. I’m a better wife, dog momma, friend, coworker, etc.

It’s definitely been that reflection. I’ve been letting myself slack and so I’ve been pushing off things in other areas too. That “one day” mentality is creeping into other areas and I’m not a fan.

Enough is enough.

I’m claiming back control of my own happiness and fulfillment.

I’m letting go of the power “one day” has on me.

download.pngYou know the saying, we always think the grass is greener on the other side. But truth, it’s greener where you water it.

Stop giving the destination the power! The destination can be amazing, wonderful, exciting, but really it’s just the next step. Once you’re there, you’ll be looking for the next one, so don’t get caught there.

Keep your head up, eyes open, and priorities straight.

So here I am making a commitment to you. I am not going to continue to put things off for that magical day when everything comes together. I’m going to make it happen now. My happiness, my joy, my health, my relationships. They deserve my attention now with whatever I’ve got.

What you’ve been waiting for is sitting next to you — will you stop and notice it?




Screen Shot 2017-03-18 at 7.16.40 PM

At the beginning of 2017 I was challenged: unplug.

I’ve “unplugged” before, but mostly out of force. We were traveling in another country and didn’t have access to reliable wifi. So maybe that isn’t exactly unplugging. Because any change I could, I was searching for a connection. I was thinking about all that I was missing. What would happen if I missed a Snapchat? An Instagram post? An update in the Facebook newsfeed!?

Well nothing happens. Nothing except being able to connect where I am. Being able to focus. Being able to enjoy. Being able to truly be present in the moment instead of trying to be present everywhere online.

I’ll admit it – I’ve become addicted. I love the notifications. I love the constant updates. I love being in the know of what’s going on in the worlds of those I follow.

But it had taken over. It can be overwhelming.

We live in a world more connected than ever, yet so many of us feel disconnected.

The comparison games run strong the more “connected” I am. The highlight reels become too much. I’d find myself with eyes glued to my phone, constantly switching between multiple apps missing what’s happening right in front of me.

So in January, I was challenged. I was setting my monthly, weekly, and daily goals and I knew unplugging needed to be a part of it.

But honestly, I was scared. I run an online business. What would happen if I wasn’t present online? Sometimes it’s easier to just continue with what we’ve been doing instead of doing what we know is best for us.

A full weekend felt too much, so I tried for a day. And it was amazing!

I deleted the social media apps on my phone and kept my laptop shut. I knew if I gave myself an out, it wouldn’t happen. I’d fall back down the social media hole I was trying to take a break from.

I unplugged. And I plugged into what’s most important to me.

It felt so weird at first. In my spare moments I found myself reaching for my phone and scrolling over to that familiar place of entertainment, only to be reminded it was out of service for today.  It happened so many times that first Social Media Free Saturday, but I did find other things to fill the spaces.

I read. I relaxed. I spent time fully present with friends. I hung out with our crazy dog, Stella. I prayed. I went for a walk. I was still. I was at peace. 

Once I got a taste of it – being plugged into what’s important – I totally understood why it was so encouraged. It felt like a big weight lifted. My world wasn’t going to fall apart if I didn’t post or missed an update. That sounds silly to say, but that was my fear.

It’s done me so much good to unplug and get out of the madness, even just for a day. It resets my system. Refocuses my heart. For a day I can check out.

Unplugging has made it to my weekly goal list every month since. I don’t always do it perfectly, sometimes I don’t do it at all. But I try to make an effort to unplug where I can. Maybe I can’t do a full day, so I’ll leave my phone at home for a long walk.

It’s so important to take care of ourselves the way we need to and that means unplugging for yourself every once in a while. Take time for you! You don’t need to feel guilty or uneasy about it – we’ll be okay without ya and will be even more excited to see you again when you’re back 😉

So how do you unplug? 

I guess it’s pretty simple, but since I was doing this as a weekly thing, I wanted some structure. I needed to be clear with myself so I knew if I was achieving my weekly goal or if something needed to be tweaked.

I chose a day of the week and determined what I would unplug from.

Of course, this is different for every person.

When choosing a day of the week – Is there a day that would be better than others? Are there certain days you absolutely have to be available online? Is there a day in particular you’re more distracted from what’s happening around you? For me, Saturday was best. That’s the day I’m naturally more checked out because there tends to be other things going on: trips, events, dates, etc.

When determining what you’ll unplug from – Will this be all apps? Will you limit to social media? What about emails or texts? Some people may choose to turn their devices off or on airplane mode. Others, including myself, may just delete the distracting apps and then reinstall once the unplugging is complete.

The most important thing is to make it work for you and your family. I’d suggest letting those close to you know about your plan to unplug so they do not worry if they’re not hearing back from you and they can help hold you accountable. Goals tend to be reached easier when we share with others what we’re setting out to do.

This is a dedicated time to connect back to what’s most important to you! Enjoy it ❤

Share: I’d love to hear below your plans for unplugging! I encourage you to join me for Social Media Free Saturday – or whichever day works best for you!



Yall, I’m feeling it this week.

Pressure to keep it all together.
Pressure to be everything for everyone.
Pressure to check every single item off my to do list.
Pressure to show up.
Pressure to keep moving forward.

It can be a lot. Pressure can feel like the weight of the world. And sometimes I crack.

I’ll be honest: pressure stresses me out. Ask my husband, I don’t exactly handle stress well. There’s usually shortness, screams, tears. But then I face it. I face the stress and realize maybe the pressure isn’t so high.

Or maybe it’s high, but I realize I can handle it.

I trust that I wouldn’t be handed anything I can’t handle. I have an amazing community of support. I am capable of more than I think. I’m stronger than what these days throw at me.

Even if I doubt myself. I have an Almighty God who knows me. He knows my heart. He knows my strength. And even when those waiver, I know He has my back. He’s holding me in His hand and I have to rely on His strength.

I don’t have all the answers. I can’t be everything for everyone. As much as I love helping people and saying “yes,” I can’t do it all. I like to be the person that has a hand in everything. I like to be involved and responsible for making things happen.

But sometimes the only thing I should be making happen is myself.

I should be making my joy happen.
My peace happen.
My heart happen.
My rest happen.

This may mean letting things go. Having to say no. Or it means pushing through that pressure. Accepting the challenge and trusting that I can.

Nothing worth having comes easy. As cliche as that is, I have to believe it’s true. Amazing things don’t just fall into my lap. They come to fruition because of hard work. Because of uncomfortable situations. Because of pressure.

I have to learn when to use my “yes” and when to use my “no.” When I need to make myself happen and when to let the pressure happen.

Screen Shot 2017-03-10 at 12.32.08 PM.png

If I’m feeling the pressure, there must be something amazing on the other side.

I can do it.

I can push through.

I can make it happen.

I’ll trust and believe in my own strength. My power. My ability. My path.

There will always be pressure. Always be stress. But if I’m moving down the path created for me, it’ll be worth it. Sometimes I try to grab hold of things that aren’t meant for me. Pressure that isn’t a part of my path can be let go.


So today I encourage you: press into the pressure. You’re becoming a diamond.



My self love journey

Screen Shot 2017-02-14 at 7.53.42 PM.png

Happy Valentine’s Day, friend! There have been years where this was the best day ever and also some where this wasn’t my fave. Regardless, I love all the love ❤

I am blessed to have so much love in my life, but it got me thinking about a unique type of love: self love.

This is a phrase that has been getting thrown around a lot lately. It sounds wonderful, but what the heck does it even mean? To me, self love is really about self care. Treating yourself as you would treat your very best friend.

Self love can be a tough concept to grasp, especially in our comparison world. I mean take today for example – your friends are sharing the romantic Valentine’s Day gifts their honey’s got them and you feel that sting of comparison. “I wish I had those flowers/chocolates/fancy dinner…”

First things first: comparison is a thief. Comparison will steal your joy, your contentment, your peace.

Growing up, I didn’t feel like I fit in so much. That lack of fitting in was parallel to how I saw myself. I was loved at home and had a lot of friends, but something still told me I wasn’t enough. I didn’t look like the other girls. Definitely didn’t look like the women I saw in magazines (but lets be real, most of the time those women don’t even look like the women in magazines…)

I struggled to find my worth. My value was placed in external things: appearance, attention, comparisons. I had no idea of self love because honestly I thought it was up to other people to make me feel loved.

If only I was skinnier, then I’d be loved.
If only I was prettier, then I’d be loved.
If only I was funnier, then I’d be loved.
If only… then I’d be loved. 

Oh, the lies we tell ourselves. They’re garbage. But I know it’s a tough mindset to shake.

So how do we overcome this comparison game and get to a lovely place??

I can’t give you expert advice, but what I can do is share how I got here and walk with you through it.

I began to discover self love when I realized Who I belong to. I am the daughter of a King. I have a Savior that pursues me daily. He chose to die on a cross so that I may live and be in relationship with Him. He displays the ultimate example of unconditional love.

I let that truth sink in and the walls of lies that have built up around my heart began to crumble. It certainly didn’t happen overnight, but my mindset started to shift and that old way of measuring my worth just didn’t measure up against this love.

We love because he first loved us.
1 John 4:19

My world was forever changed.

About the same time I was having a heart transformation, a physical transformation began to take place. Now, please don’t hear that you need to look a certain way or weigh a certain amount to love yourself. Love yourself right where you’re at. 

After college, I had let myself go. I wasn’t sleeping well. I wasn’t exercising. I was eating whatever. I had gained 20 pounds and didn’t feel like myself. Tired and unhappy became a pretty usual state.

Out of this internal love I was discovering came a desire to treat my body with respect.  I found an amazing fitness program that fit my lifestyle – I started working out regularly, eating more nutritious foods, drinking more water. I was feeling amazing!

Truly a transformation from the inside out. 

In order to make a life change, we must make a heart change.

Actions without heart won’t stick. It may happen for a bit, but eventually you will go back to your old ways.

I’m a lot different now than I was when this journey first began. The beautiful and frustrating thing is that you never really arrive. Each day has new challenges and new beauties. Sometimes it feels like 1 step forward and 2 steps back, but that’s okay. It’s a dance.

Through it all, I learned more and more about myself.

Self love makes so many other amazing things possible. It’s opened me up to deeper and life giving relationships. To vulnerability. To encouraging others. To honestly being myself. To going after the things I want. To saying no to the things that don’t serve me. To letting go of people that bring me down. To saying yes to new and exciting opportunities.

Self love makes a beautiful, fulfilling life reality.

They say not to pour from an empty cup. I like that thought, but recently I heard something I like better.

Screen Shot 2017-02-14 at 8.32.42 PM.png

Imagine this tea cup. Each day we’re engaged in things that either fill or deplete our cup. These things are different for every person, but think about what lights you up versus what drains your energy. If we poured from the cup, we would be draining ourselves. Not good. Instead we should fill our cup so that it creates an overflow.

Pour from the saucer. Serve and love others from your overflow.

This Valentine’s Day and every day of the year, love yourself.

You are beautiful.
You are smart.
You are worthy.
You are on a path of greatness.
You are valuable.
You are accepted.

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