Put on your mask.

  Why is it that extending love to others is positive, celebrated, and good, but extending love to ourselves is frowned upon?? If you've been on an airplane you've heard the flight attendants go over the safety instructions. What do they always say? In the event of an emergency, please put on your mask first [...]

Holiday Goals Survival

Holiday Goals Survival

Thanksgiving is upon us - TOMORROW! Can you believe it!? For many of us, this is the start of the downhill spiral of our health and fitness goals. The holiday season is a lovely, yet stressful time. We're busy, we're eating wayyyy more than usual, 'CHEERSing' with family and friends our favorite adult beverage, diving [...]

Work in progress.

Here we go! Another transformation begins. I am forever a work in progress. The thing about health is that you never really arrive. Each day has new challenges and obstacles to overcome and if we're not always moving a bit forward, we're gonna fall back. Super encouraging, right!? Probably not very much. BUT the beautiful [...]