Weekend Warrior

Alright yall, it's Saturday night!!! What are you up to? Your health and fitness goals may or may not be the first thing on your mind around 8pm, butttt they still matter! They don't go away once that clock strikes 5:00pm on Friday. So what can you do to stay on track?? Set your intentions before [...]

“Me too.”

If you follow me on Facebook, you have already heard bit and pieces of my story. By sharing my experiences and struggles I discovered there's actually a lot of us in the same boat! When you're going through something difficult it can often feel like you're alone - like you're the only person who's ever [...]

Good vibes only.

If I'm being honest, this week was rough. It was a short week {which makes me superrrr nervous about actually having to work a full 5 days next week...}, but it felt so difficult. Without getting into the details, it was extremely emotional, draining, and just all around not pretty. Do you know what I'm [...]

Easiest Snack Ever!

I have become obsessed with this simple, delicious snack! You've probably seen overnight oats blow up over social media and I totally understand why. Comparable to the CrockPot, it literally takes minutes to put together then you pop it in the fridge to do it's job! My friend passed along this recipe {from backtoherroots.com} and [...]

Weight Loss HACKS

So you have an event coming up and you want to drop a couple lbs the HEALTHY way.... Here's some tips for making that happen THIS weekend! 1. Decide on Thursday that Friday-Sunday = no alcohol! 2. 60-90 mins of steady state long endurance cardio {run, bike ride, power walk, etc - keep heart rate steady [...]

Fill up your cup

No, I don't mean your actual cup {although I probably wouldn't be opposed}. I mean your spiritual cup. The cup in which your joy, passion, creativity, and love overflows from. There is a delicate balance within that cup. If we're not careful it can dry up... It is so good to serve others. To love [...]