My Whole30 | Week 2

My Whole30 | Week 2

Another week down and I’m feeling great!

It’s starting to feel a lot less forced since I’m learning about more about the program and have more time and experience under my belt. I’ll go ahead and let you know I did a lot better with meals this week! I still got a little bored just cause I ate the same thing for lunch 4 days in a row… but I’d rather do that than make a ton of different meals or worse, eat out. Shout out to TJs for the wonderful food this week!

Week 2 Trader Joe’s Grocery Haul

Week 2 Meals


  • Egg muffins with spinach and bell peppers + avocado (same as last week)
  • RxBar if I’m in a super rush (like running late for Pure Barre)


  • “Spaghetti” (aka zoodles) + Turkey Meatballs


  • Chicken burgers with veggies
  • Compliant hotdogs with homemade sweet potato fries



  • Celery with almond butter
  • Dried mango slices
  • Hazelnuts (my newest obsession!)

Week 2 Experience

I really enjoyed my meals this week! It was fun to try new things and include old favorites (sweet potato fries, yes please!) Pinterest and Google were my best friends when it came to finding recipes. I’ve also watched a good handful of Whole30 Trader Joe’s hauls on YouTube which is how I discovered the Chili Lime Chicken Burgers, Spindrift, Cruciferous Crunch Collection, and the 21 Seasoning Salute. They also gave me good ideas for recipes and snacks when needed.

No reason to recreate the wheel here — so many people have gone before me in this Whole30 journey and I’m all about learning from them. Which is also why I’m writing these updates for you 🙂

I’m feeling a lot better this week than I was in week 1. I’m learning more, so it’s becoming less time consuming and mentally tiring. Food doesn’t seem like a big deal, but it really takes up a large amount of brain space, especially when trying to eat different. The good news: it does get easier.

Date night — Whole30 Approved 😉

I was feeling really tired last week, but my energy levels seem to be back to normal. My sleep hasn’t been the best just because I’ve gone to bed late, but the sleep I get does feel quality. Now I just need to work on an earlier bed time! I did Pure Barre 6 days this week. I think it’s been the perfect activity to pair with my Whole30. I’m feeling strong, empowered, and confident. I’m loving my body more deeply as I’m getting to know it better and treating it well ❤

My skin is clearing up! It’s usually pretty good, but lately its broken out, especially around my chin. I haven’t changed anything in my skin care lately, so I think nutrition and exercise are doing wonders. The tone and color of my skin is improving too. It’s not as red/irritated looking, but softer and smoother complexion. Skin has always been a sensitive subject for me as it wasn’t very good growing up. Clear and healthy skin is what I’m striving for and it’s an indicator of how things are going internally. Health from the inside out.

I’m generally feeling happy. I’m excited about my progress with my health. I feel connected and more patient with my husband. My house feels in order. And for the first time in a while, I feel at peace. Externally and internally. It feels amazing!

During week 2 I successfully navigated some challenging social situationsI’m proud of how they went because I stayed true to myself and my Whole30. Instead of avoiding the situation (which probably would have been easier) I made it work and had fun while at it!

Thursday we had an appreciation luncheon at work. Each person on the sales team brought a dish to share for the construction and customer care teams. The dishes looked amazing, but I decided not to partake even with what appeared to be compliant. I didn’t want to go down a slippery slope into breads and desserts, so I had my packed lunch once I got back to the sales center. Win!

Saturday afternoon I met a friend at Starbucks to catch up and talk about our goals. A quick Google search helped me find a compliant, yummy drink (Passion Tango Iced Tea Unsweetened) and it was great! We had a good time and getting together with an old friend was just good for the soul. Win!

Saturday night was date night! Eric got us tickets to the Carolina Hurricanes hockey game and we had a blast! I ate dinner before we met up and didn’t have anything at the arena. I felt a little tempted by Eric’s wings and beer and all the other sweet treats around us, but I knew it wouldn’t be worth it. Win!

Sunday night we met friends out for dinner. Eating out is the part that seemed most difficult to me. What definitely made it easier were friends that understood my goals with Whole30 and were willing to go somewhere that all would enjoy! Bad Daddy’s was delicious! Burger in a lettuce wrap with avocado and sweet potato fries on the side. Yummy win!

It’s important to be social and cultivate connections no matter what your diet is like. Yes, it would have been easier and much less tempting had I just avoided all those activities and maybe tried to schedule after Whole30, but that isn’t beneficial. Nor is it the point.

The world doesn’t stop just because you’re making a change and your life shouldn’t stop either. Have a plan, be open and honest about your goals, surround yourself with people that lift you up, and enjoy each day! The challenges make you stronger because they push you and teach you something new.

I’m looking forward to week 3!

Lets spread love and light! What made you smile this week? 


My Whole30 | Week 1

My Whole30 | Week 1

I never thought I’d be able to do the Whole30 nor did I have interest in completing it. I mean why would I want to voluntarily give up sugar, carbs, and wine??

The more I thought about and researched it, I realized did want to do it because it would be good for me. But could I actually do it? Whole30 didn’t seem too hard. Just eat whole foods. But I needed to learn the specifics surrounding compliant foods/any exceptions and rid my house of whatever I could that didn’t meet my new guidelines. That seemed overwhelming. Plus I needed to do the dang thing. Maybe easier said than done…

So, why Whole30? I want to be healthy from the inside out. “Health is a state of complete harmony of the body, mind, and spirit.” I want to be the best wife, dog mom, friend, daugther, sister… I can be. That means I need to be able to show up as my best (healthiest) self. Along the way something had fallen out of sync. I couldn’t find the motivation to workout. “Treat yo self” became a daily mantra around food. My sleep wasn’t ideal. I crave alignment in how I know I should treat my body and how I’m actually doing it. Alignment of the inner and outer.

I want to create a positive relationship with food. I don’t want to use it as a crutch or a bandaid, but as nourishment to fuel my mind and body. I want to recognize the foods that really make me feel good, not just taste good in the moment. Cause lets be real, there’s a good amount of food I eat that taste delicious at the time, but make me feel icky and bloated later. Looking at you, cheese fries, and all your friends.

An elimination diet may seem extreme, but it’s only for 30 days and it’s a great way to reset mind and body. I’m giving myself time to detox my system from the craving-inducing, blood sugar disrupting, gut-damaging, inflammatory food groups and detox my mind from the negative thought loops around food I’ve created.

I will make good food choices. I will read food labels and be aware about what I’m putting in my grocery cart and my body. I will say “no” when I need to and I will say “yes” to myself and to this program. I can do this. I can do hard things. It will be worth it. ❤

Week 1 Meals


  • egg muffins, chicken sausage, and sometimes I added in avocado for good measure
  • spinach bowl with mashed sweet potato, 2 scrambled eggs, avocado sprinkled with Everything But the Bagel Seasoning (Thank you, Trader Joe’s!) and fresh lemon juice (I made this for dinner as well and it’s just as good)


  • chicken sausage, sweet potato, onion
  • baked chicken breast, sweet potato, asparagus


  • honey crisp apple with almond butter
My favorite and easiest meal from week 1!

Week 1 Experience

First thought from week 1 is “whoa I’m super bored with these meals.” I purposely kept it super simple to get started, but unfortunately I got bored with the food I made. I still ate it, but I wasn’t looking forward to it which made it harder. Note to self for week 2- make meals you’re less likely to get tired of and have some more options!

Whole30 so far has been both easier and harder than I imagined. Easier because I generally eat whole foods anyways. Definitely not Whole30 compliant on the reg, but we’ll say I’m no stranger to the produce section of the grocery store.

Harder because I didn’t realize how much I snacked for no reason and how often I consumed sugar. Ice cream after a long day. Spoonful of peanut butter and chocolate chips as a little pick-me-up. Dessert after a dinner out with my husband (he’s such a bad influence when it comes to sweets…). I don’t think sugar is necessarily a bad thing in itself when in appropriate moderation (life sometimes calls for celebration and cake, right!?), but the way I was consuming it and using it to help make me feel better was the problem.

It’s such a mental game. I think about food often because I have to take those “noncompliant thoughts” captive. The thoughts about that last Girl Scout cookie in the box. About just drinking one soda with lunch. About how a glass of wine wouldn’t hurt. About how good a piece of avocado toast would be. I didn’t realize until this week how often I had those kind of thoughts. Each day it gets a little easier and a little less since I’m training my brain, but it’s still challenging me. For that split second I consider it, but then I remember why I’m doing this. I will be proud of myself for resisting and completing this. And I will feel amazing!

Although I’m sleeping well, I’ve felt super tired in the afternoons. It’s getting a bit better each day, but I’m thinking it’s my body adjusting to this way of eating. No carbs and sugar. Way less snacks. My body isn’t getting those sugar spikes, so I’m feeling it. I did also begin going to Pure Barre again, so I’ve been physically tired and wearing out my muscles. Some good adjustments! This site is super helpful to explain some common Whole30 symptoms. I’m in my first 14 days, so makes sense.

Overall I’ve felt good! I’m feeling less bloated and overly full after meals. My body will continue to adjust and I’m looking forward to the energy bursts/restful sleep/clearer skin/flatter stomach I’ve heard about 😉

Have you ever done Whole30? If so, what are you biggest tips!? Help a sista out and leave them in the comments below ❤


January Progress & February Goals 2018

January Progress & February Goals 2018

Raise your hand if January felt like the longest month *raises both hands*

It was one of those funky months for me where it felt incredibly long and short at the same time. You know what I mean? New Years Eve celebrations seem like forever ago, but it’s also crazy that 1/12 of 2018 is complete. Time flies!

We had the holiday season that just felt like a black hole of time (what day is it? where am I? what do I need to do?) And then we were thrown into the new year and expected to have it all together. Well, no worries. None of us have it all together. Nobody is perfect, but we can set intentions and do our best. So what happened in January??

January Progress

Monthly Goals

  • Celebrate 26th birthday — We celebrated and it was so much fun! I’m so grateful for another year and for being able to celebrate with friends and family. 26 is gonna be a good one!
  • Plan & prepare for small group — Check! Kelly and I worked hard planning and preparing for our small group launch. It was a fun and challenging process, but was so wonderful with a friend by my side.
  • Small Group launch! — This went so well!! I’m thrilled about the amazing couples that were able to join us for our launch meeting and for the couples that will join us in the future. God has big plans for this group! We are building a community for young married couples (and soon to be married couples!) that is so needed in our area.
  • Planning meeting with Eric (budget/schedule) — This was a monthly goal that we realized needed to be a weekly goal. So much can change day to day, so we decided to make Sunday our meeting day to go over any budget and schedule items. It’s been helpful to keep each other on the same page.
  • Gather Whole30 information — Done. I was overwhelmed to think about starting the Whole30, but the more I gathered and understood, the less intimidating it became. I also followed some Whole30 accounts and found other helpful resources to assist and inspire me.
  • List of 10 books to read in 2018 — Check! My list of 10 are: A Simplified Life by Emily Ley, The Happiness Advantage by Shawn Achor, The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership by John Maxwell, The Blessed Life by Robert Morris, Eat, Pray, Love by Elizabeth Gilbert, You are a Badass at Making Money by Jen Sincero, Developing the Leader Within You by John Maxwell, The Miracle Morning by Hal Elrod, Successful Women Think Differently by Valorie Burton, and Can I have and do it all please? by Christine Caine. “You will be the same person in 5 years as you are today except for the people you meet and the books you read.”
  • Add $4,000 to our savings — We didn’t hit $4,000 (which really was a stretch goal to begin with), but we did add $2,000 to our savings. Progress yall! While it bummed me out to miss our goal, I’m happy we took steps in the right direction and have a plan for February.
  • Plan upcoming blog content — Done! I love writing and sharing blog content and it’s super helpful for me to know ahead of time what I’ll be sharing so I can be sure to have a good mix of content and have whatever I need ready (images, IG post to share, etc). It also cuts out on that time of “ummm what do I post??” which leads to more focused time and fun in the process.
  • Read A Simplified Life by Emily Ley — Check. This book was SO good! I could barely put it down. I love Emily Ley’s style and her outlook on life. This book was just as beautiful as it was practical. If you’re feeling overwhelmed, overcluttered, overworked grab this book and utilize the tips that work for you. It doesn’t have to feel that way, friend.

Weekly Goals

  • Love check in with Eric — Every week I like to ask 2 questions that I got from someone else (wish I remembered who… I’m sorry)! #1- how did I love you well this past week? #2- how can I love you better this week? It’s a bit cheesy and I felt weird asking at first, but it’s a really great way to open up the conversation to see where I’m doing well in our marriage and where I can improve. We aren’t mind readers, so we need to ask the questions to help our relationship flourish.
  • Unplugged date with Eric — I love doing this! I crossed out week 5 since it was only 3 days, but it was a fun thing to do. I think the unplugged part is important. How many times are you together with someone, but both of you are off in your different words because your phones are in between? I’m certainly guilty, so I have to be intentional. We’re trying to save money, so these dates were at home cooking dinner together, playing card games, doing a puzzle, or a dinner out with coupons. You don’t have to spend a lot of money (or any money a lot of the time!) to enjoy quality time together.
  • Learn about & use essential oils — This has been a new world for me and I’m enjoying it! I’m learning more about when to use different oils, what diffuser/roller combos I like, and how to incorporate them more into my daily life. I’m working on transitioning our products to non-toxic, so it’s helpful to have these powerful, but healthy oils.
  • Blog post — I had a lot to share in January and I loved it! Thank you to those of you that read my posts, I really appreciate your support! I will continue to post on Wednesdays + any additional days as needed 🙂
  • Increase IG followers — This was a tricky one to track since I wasn’t always good about looking at the number each week. I also realized I don’t want just an increase in followers, but I’d rather have people that genuinely enjoy my posts and follow for that reason. I don’t use any “bots” or pay services because I want an authentic platform, so the growth may be slower, but it’ll be steady and true. It’s not all about that number next to your handle.
  • Plan week ahead in Simplified Planner — I’m loving my planner and it’s been super helpful to keep me organized as I wrote about in my January Favorites post. At the beginning of the week I add in anything I already know ahead of time: meetings, appointments, which community I’m working in, Pure Barre classes, etc. Then I’ll add for each day as I go or as things come up. It’s been working well for me!

Daily Goals

  • Read/pray through the Bible — Achieved 31/31 days
  • Active body — Achieved 29/31 days
  • Meditate — Achieved 30/31 days
  • No phone in bedroom — Achieved 28/31 days
  • Get fully ready — Achieved 27/31 days

I’m proud of myself for sticking to these daily goals! They weren’t especially challenging, but they were meaningful to me and I had to push myself a bit harder to make sure my day encompassed these items.

I’ve been doing the Bible in One Year plan on the Bible app – it has a feature where it’ll read the devotion and the verses to you, so I usually do that while I’m waking up and getting ready. It’s helpful to be able to hear it and read along. I was doing at home workouts and recently I’ve gotten back into Pure Barre classes, which I’m loving! Meditation with my Simple Habit app is wonderful! I went ahead and purchased the year membership and it’s nice to have access to so many 5 minute meditations. Getting fully ready may sound like a strange goal, but I had gotten pretty lazy when it came to getting ready, so it’s a habit I’m trying to change. I feel good when I look good!

No phone in the bedroom deserves it’s own post, so that’ll be coming soon 😉

February Goals

Monthly Goals

  • Whole30
  • Complete Emergency Fund (baby step #3)
  • Read book #2
  • Plan month’s blog content
  • Prepare + file taxes
  • Update 401k (baby step #4)
  • Health appointments
  • Be still + quiet

Weekly Goals

  • Check in meeting with Eric
  • Unplugged date
  • Intentional Instagram
  • Blog post
  • Small Group
  • Get ready fully
  • Utilize essential oils

Daily Goals

  • Bible plan
  • Meditate
  • Active body
  • No phone – bedroom

I’m excited for this month of love. And it’s a short month. And we’re that much closer to spring! Bring it on!! Have you made progress on any of your New Year Intentions? If not, it’s never too late to work on it. Don’t give up! If yes, keep going! Either way, I’m proud of you and know you’re capable of amazing things!


Monthly Favorites | January 2018

Monthly Favorites | January 2018

January has been full of so many awesome things! The start of a fresh year, motivation for new goals, and some pretty fantastic things that have made my life easier and more flourishing. That’s the point of these monthly favorites posts — to share what’s working for me with you! Lets help each other flourish! Here’s 5 things I’ve been loving this month


I’m not sure how I’ve gone almost 26 years without one. Well for a majority of those years I didn’t have to worry about it, but ya know. My adult life has greatly improved with this handy tool. I used some of my Christmas giftcards to order this steamer off Amazon and I’m a big fan! I definitely wanted one that would be affordable, simple to use, compact enough to travel with and use on the daily if needed, and work well. This one hits all the marks!

So far I used it on a pair of white jeans and a delicate white shirt that has a sheer overlay. With both pieces the wrinkles came out in just a few minutes. The steamer heats up quickly (it says within 2 minutes, but it seems a lot faster to me!) and gets to work. I’ve never been an ironing girl, so this is a major win! No more wrinkly clothes when we’re traveling or just too lazy to get out the iron and board. If you don’t have one already, you should probably add it to your Amazon cart, like now.

E-Cloth Home Cleaning Set

In an effort to detoxify our home and our products and to be less wasteful, I was on a search for a cleaning product that would meet both those needs. I’ve always just used the disinfecting wipes or different cleaner sprays with paper towels. I saw these in someone’s Instagram story that was thinking about trying Norwex, but didn’t want to deal with the cost.

I’ve used the kitchen cloth a few times now and am transitioning to using the others as well. This 8 piece set includes pretty much everything you would need to clean your home. Each cloth is for a different area (two Glass and Polishing Cloths, a Kitchen Cloth with scrubbing pocket, a Bathroom Cloth, a Window Cloth, a Dusting Cloth, a Stainless Steel Cloth, and a Range and Stovetop Cloth) and they are labeled on the cloth so you don’t have to remember, although you’ll learn the more you use them.

They only need water, remove 99% of bacteria, and are guaranteed for 300 machine washings. Less wasteful: check. Non-toxic: check. I’m excited to use them more throughout our home!

Essential oils

The more I learn about and use essential oils, the more I fall in love. I ordered a starter kit from Young Living in November, so I’m still new to EO, but I’m incorporating them more and more into our life and home. I love diffusing them instead of candles to freshen up a room and assist with whatever I’m needing at the moment (some faves are a sleepy blend in our bedroom for sleep or Purification in the kitchen when I’m cleaning or cooking). I’ve also made a few different roller blends: Sleep Tight, Glowing Skin, Happy Tummy, Early Mornings.

We had a sick house over the holidays and having the starter oils gave me so much peace of mind. When you’re not feeling good, you’re willing to try anything to feel better, right? Anything I could do to boost our immunities and give some relief was done. I was amazed by the oils’ powers to support our bodies. I’ve got my eye on more oils to add to my collection based on recommendations and different healthy DIYs I want to try. Need to budget them in first of course 😉

Simplified Planner

I’ve been a planner girl for as long as I can remember. I always have my phone on me, but I just need that pen and paper to keep my life straight. This is my first year using a Simplified Planner by Emily Ley and I’m not sure I can ever go back to anything else.

I adore this planner for a couple big reasons first being the heart behind it. I love Emily Ley as a person (don’t know her, but wish we were best friends). She’s on a mission to help women simplify their lives so that they can focus on what matters most. Yes please! Not to mention, the planner is beautiful! I look forward to using it and making progress through my days. It helps me stay organized through my busy days without feeling overwhelmed. I can just take it a day at a time and do my best.

Small Group

I am absolutely loving our small group! We finally launched our Young Married Couples Small Group on January 11th and it’s incredible! There is something so special about face to face community. I’m especially excited that it’s a group of people that are at the same life stage as we are: young, married, no kids yet. I think it’s important to surround yourself with people of all stages because we can all learn from one another, but it’s also important to have those people that are walking the same path at the same time. When we go through struggles, we have a group of people that can help carry us through. When we’re celebrating victories, we have a group of people that can cheer us on!

In our digital world it’s becoming more and more difficult to have those face to face interactions. We live busy lives and can feel a simliar connection through the power of social media, but nothing can ever replace in person. Grab coffee with a girlfriend, seek out a small group in your area, or even start a group of your own! We all crave community and connection and it’s so fruitful to do life with others. 

What have you been loving lately!? Leave your favorites in the comments below ❤

Reality of NC Real Estate School

Reality of NC Real Estate School

Last year, with the amazing push and support of my husband and family, I decided to make a complete (and scary) career change into the world of real estate. At the time, I had no idea what that would look like. I was in a job with a great company that looked awesome on paper, but wasn’t for me. After much searching, praying, and conversations, we decided I should go for it!

I still remember sitting in the chair in our living room toggling between tabs: NC Real Estate Commission website and searching for people talking about their experience in RE school in North Carolina. I found a blog of a woman sharing how difficult school was and a list of accredited schools for pre licensing. Also stumbled upon a Groupon for one of the schools on that list, so the couponer in me was pretty much hooked. And terrified.

I went from zero to full Real Estate Broker in less than 7 months. This means I completed 75 hours of prelicensing, passed a class exam, passed a state and national exam. Then I also completed 90 hours of post licensing and passed 3 exams. It was a lot, but it was so worth it!

I’m sharing my experiences with you — the good, the bad, and the ugly. This is what I wish I could have read when I was considering and preparing for this major change. My hope is that this helps you with your decision if you’re making one or at the very least gives you a glimpse into my world from June to December 2017 {aka why I was MIA for most of those months}

Prelicensing Experience

I’ve heard from multiple sources that North Carolina is one of the hardest states to get your real estate license in. So if you’re a North Carolinian, be prepared for some really hard work, but also an amazing feeling once you pass! If you’re not in North Carolina, this may or may not be similar to what you’ll experience since it varies state to state.

I took my 75 hours of Prelicensing at the Go School of Real Estate in Cary. They had a Groupon running at the time which swayed my decision greatly, but their website also made me feel super comfortable as it looked like a good school for me (laid back, technology friendly, good location, snacks available, etc).

Bless their hearts, I changed my class registration 3 times. Originally I signed up for night classes since I was working a 9-5. I quickly realized working and night classes were going to burn me out, so we made the decision that I’d quit my job. I requested to be moved to day classes. Then an awesome job opportunity in the real estate field opened up, but this meant I would need days available. Go School had a weekend class coming up, so one last time I requested a switch. My weekends from June 3rd until July 16th were spent at Go School and any other available time was spent reading/studying 🙂

To be completely honest, I studied more and harder for this 6 week Prelicensing class than I did during my four years of college. I took this real estate class seriously. Our instructor shared that many people fail the class because they underestimate it and don’t take it seriously, so that wasn’t going to be me.

Our textbook was at least 3 inches thick and we covered so much material. It makes my brain want to explode thinking back to those days. We were behind from day 1 because apparently we should’ve picked up our books ahead of time and read the first 3 chapters, but nobody told us that was a thing.

This class was extremely fast paced, so I was committed to staying ahead. We had a syllabus and knew what chapters we’d cover on which day, so I always read ahead for that day and watched Travis Everette’s Youtube lecture on the subject. It helped me to have already been exposed to the material before getting to class. Through the school we had access to a site called Engrade that had virtual flashcards, quizzes, and practice tests — all extremely helpful! I enjoy learning, but I also put a lot of pressure on myself to do my absolute best so I could knock this all our the first go round (many people don’t).

There was an 80% attendance policy per the NC Real Estate Commission. I wouldn’t recommend missing any if you can help it, but it can be challenging to find a chunk of time where you have nothing going on, especially on weekends. I did miss one class as I was in one of my darling friend’s weddings, so I’d say that was a good excuse. I still stayed on top of reading and lectures. Make friends in the class! It’s a blessing to have people that can fill you in if you have to miss or help explain concepts that you’re iffy on.

We took our class exam on July 16th and I passed! The instructor graded our bubble sheets there on the spot, so we found out immediately. I couldn’t imagine having to wait to find out. It felt like such a weight lifted, but that was just the first battle. Next came the state/national exam.

This was taken at a testing center near North Hills. I had to wait a few days to be able to take this exam since the school had to report my pass and it had to be processed. I submitted my application and request for a background check weeks before we finished class, so that was all good to go. This must be done before you can sit for the state/national exam, so I do recommend getting it out of the way early. Some people wait a bit once they’re released to be able to sit for the state/national exam, but I signed up for mine as soon as possible. 

I was a ball of nerves leading up to the test, but I kept visualizing how awesome I would feel when it was all said and done. The computers were old and the room had an annoying buzzing sound, but I focused. The questions were more challenging than the class exam, but I went with my gut and did the best I could. On both exams I knew I could only miss a certain amount to pass, so I skipped questions I wasn’t certain on to revisit later. These tests are timed, so I didn’t want to get too hung up on any one question or lose my confidence. Sometimes you might even recall the answer to a question because of a later question!

When I was finished, I hit submit and instead of being shown my results, I was taken to a survey for the testing center. Seriously!? Ask my opinion once I know how I did! After the survey came the results, but they weren’t easily found. I scanned the page looking for a pass/fail and spent like 20 seconds staring at it to make sure I was seeing it correctly. PASS! Praise!!! I did a happy dance in my seat and then giddily glided into the lobby to get my belongings back and proof of my pass.

Screen Shot 2018-01-20 at 6.38.11 PM.png

Postlicensing Experience

Postlicensing was wayyyy less intense, thank goodness! A provisional broker becomes a full broker through postlicensing education and must take at least one 30 hour class a year for their first 3 years. I didn’t want to drag this out for 3 years, so I knocked my classes out back to back to back. 90 hours while working full time — I got this. I waited about 3 months to start — the break was nice, but I was ready to be done!

I took all 3 of my classes at HPW Real Estate School with Scott Greeson who was an awesome instructor (and provided a study guide for each exam! insert praise hands emoji here). These were night classes (Monday/Tuesday/Thursday) since I work during the day and needed my weekends available for work. Many schools only offer day classes, so I was thrilled HPW was offering night classes and that I could take all 3.

The exams in these classes weren’t easy (they’re made by the commission if that tells you anything…), but I certainly didn’t study nearly as hard. I paid attention, attended every class (again, there’s an attendance requirement — don’t miss if you can help it), and knew the material from the study guides. This was enough for me to do really well on each exam. Woohoo!

Screen Shot 2018-01-20 at 6.44.55 PM

What am I doing now?

Finishing all this up was one of the best Christmas presents — I’m so happy to have my life back! It was a lot of work, but I’m glad I did it this way. It was a huge accomplishment for me and I definitely proved to myself I’m capable of anything I set my mind to. Cliche, but true!

Now I’m working for a new home builder and I’m loving it! It was a big learning curve and I’m learning more things everyday, but it’s such a good fit for me. I’m able to work out of beautiful model homes and help people with one of the biggest purchases they’ll make in their life, something they’ve been dreaming about — their home.

The beauty (and curse) of real estate is that there’s so many different areas you can explore: new home construction, general brokerage, commercial, property management, and the list goes on. There’s so much flexibility and potential with an active real estate license. I feel so blessed to have this opportunity. The risky jump was worth it!

Am I missing anything!? If you have any other questions, I’m more than happy to chat! Thank you so much for your support and for being on this journey with me! ❤


2018 Word of the Year

2018 Word of the Year

To be completely honest, I’ve been putting off writing this post. I’m super excited about the new year and the word I’ve chosen to focus on in 2018 — why am I procrastinating!?

I really don’t know.

Maybe it’s the lack of motivation after being sick for weeks (yuck – finally feeling almost all the way normal). Maybe it’s the fear of really putting this word out there. Maybe it’s all the other blog post ideas I have bouncing around in my head and I’m not sure where to start. Maybe it’s that I don’t have the perfect words to share with you.

Any or all of those excuses may be “true”. But here we go anyways!

Friend, let that be an encouragement to you. If you’re lacking motivation. If you’re feeling some fear or hesitation. If you’re just not sure where or how to get started. You’re not alone. Begin right now. With what you have. Remember, you have plenty.

What is a Word of the Year (WOY)?

It’s exactly what it sounds like: a word of the year! Simply, this is a word (or even multiple words or a phrase) that you want to hold on to for the year.

It might be an overarching idea of what you want to develop (strength, patience, community, contentment, etc). It might be a description of what you want for your year (adventure, fun, abundance, joy, etc). The beauty (and also the challenge) is there are no rules. Choose a word (or multiple words) that speak to you.

How do you choose your WOY?

This is going to be different for every person.

Some people know it immediately. Some people have to talk about it, pray about it, wait and listen on it. Again, there’s no right or wrong way here.

Imagine what you want for this year and start brainstorming. Jot down any word that sparks something. The dictionary and thesaurus may also be helpful here! Take a look at your list — is there any one word that stands out amongst the others? If not, don’t stress it. There’s no deadline either. This is your word, so it’s whatever you want it to be! It even has flexibility to change if the chosen word falls out of alignment. No pressure!

In 2017, my WOY was Become. At the time I was struggling with choosing a word. I had some good ideas, but there wasn’t one that was sticking out to me. During my quiet time I was reading my Bible passage for the day and journaling when the word Become stuck out like it was written in lights. You can read more about my 2017 WOY here.

My 2018 WOY didn’t require any brainstorming. There was a word that kept showing up and it sums up perfectly what I want for myself and my year. Any guesses about what that word could be!?

My 2018 Word of the Year is…


  1. : to grow luxuriantly : thrive 
  2. a : to achieve success : prosper
    b : to be in a state of activity or production
    c : to reach a height of development or influence 
  3. : to make bold and sweeping gestures

Webster’s definition is spot on for what I want this year. I want to thrive and prosper. I want to be active and productive. I want to be of influence. I want to be bold in my gestures and my life.

And his master saw that the Lord was with him and that the Lord made all that he did to flourish and succeed in his hand. -Genesis 39:3

I want our marriage to flourish.

I want my faith to flourish.

I want my health to flourish.

I want my community to flourish.

I want our finances to flourish.

I want my career to flourish.

I want this blog to flourish.

Every area of my life has the opportunity to flourish this year if I stay focused and intentional. That’s powerful! I will be obedient to the Lord and trust how He’s guiding me. My goals could completely shift and transform and that’s okay. Sometimes that’s what it takes to flourish. I don’t know how the path will be laid out, but all I have to do is take the next right step. I’m expectant of the goodness!

There’s nothing magical about January 1st, yall. If you haven’t set your intentions for the year (aka your goals, I don’t care much for resolutions) or your Word of the Year, go for it now!

If you don’t know where you’re going, how will you know when you get there? Success is not an accident. Unfortunately, you won’t stumble into the life you want. It must be created through your intentions and actions.

What’s your WOY?! Leave it in the comments below and lets inspire each other ❤


The best hot chocolate | Recipe

The best hot chocolate | Recipe

Are you team egg nog or team hot chocolate?

Both have a time and place during the holiday season, but as a chocoholic, I can never say no to chocolate! Especially one this good.


Recently there was picture of a Crockpot Hot Chocolate recipe floating around Facebook, so when it was time for us to get together with my in-laws for a pre-Christmas celebration, I thought that would be the perfect addition! I found a good recipe on Pinterest and adapted it to make it work for us.

Yall. This hot chocolate is ahhh-mazing! I’m forever spoiled. That instant stuff + hot water will not longer cut it (I mean, it never really did, but definitely not gonna happen now). I was nervous about this recipe because a) I’ve never made anything like it and b) I was trying it out for the first time with a group of people. Sounds like a recipe for disaster, but I’m so happy to say it was easy peasy AND tasted delicious!

The Best Crockpot Hot Chocolate

Serves 8-12 people (depending on how big the mugs are) 😉

  • 16 fl oz heavy whipping cream
  • 5.5 cups 1% milk
  • 14 oz sweetened condensed milk
  • 2 cups chocolate chips (I used a mix of milk chocolate and semi sweet)
  • 1 tsp vanilla extract
  • Any desired extras (I put out marshmallows and candy canes!)

Add all ingredients to your Crockpot. Cover and cook on high for 2 hours, stirring frequently). Once chips are melted and mixed in, you can reduce to low. Serve and add in any extras — enjoy! If serving later or people are helping themselves at different times, put the crockpot on the “warm” setting so it’s not piping hot.

Know what’s wonderful about this recipe?? It’s amazing when it’s made, but it’s also just as good reheated later! Yes, I enjoyed delicious hot chocolate even days after I originally made it! I overestimated the amount to hot chocolate we would need, so we actually had a lot left over. We put the remaining into glass cups (or any microwave safe container) that we reheated in the microwave later. Reheat for 1 minute, stir, and reheat longer as needed. How perfect!?


This is now a must have for the holidays and I can’t wait for the many memories we’ll make in the years to come with this delicious hot chocolate in hand. Family Christmas movie nights, driving around to view lights, opening presents. I can just see it now ❤

What’s your favorite Christmas memory?