Why should you have a WHY?


Your “why” is powerful. About 2 years ago I didn’t understand the power of why and I definitely didn’t know what mine was. If you’re anything like I was, you may be wondering what I’m even talking about…

Your why is your reason. It’s the driving force behind the things you do. Typically when I think of it, it’s in terms of goals and my future. It provides that extra layer of personal accountability – it keeps you in check and pressing forward. Why do you want to ____? That blank may be lose weight, start a business, pay off debt, etc. The blank is completely personal to you and even more personal is your reasoning behind it. Is this making sense?

Without a why, it’s pretty easy to give up. Lets say your goal is to lose 20 pounds. If that’s it, no heart or purpose behind it, when you’re 2 weeks in and you don’t ‘feel’ like exercising and eating right you’ll be a lot quicker to slip into opting for the couch/Netflix marathon with a bag of chips. This is nothing against you at all. I believe that every single person can achieve their goals! But your why needs to be bigger than the obstacles that will line your path.

I can guarantee you there will be obstacles. Challenges. Set backs. Most of us don’t like to experience those things. We’re humans – we like comfort. So, to help protect us from future hurt, failure, disappointment we might throw in the towel. That’s assuming we haven’t determined our deep seeded WHY.

Why power > will power.

At the beginning it may be that will power that gets you going. It’s a new venture, so you’re feeling motivated and excited. But eventually that motivation and excitement begins to wear off and you’re still needing to push forward to reach your goals. That’s where the why power comes in. Your why helps you to continue on your path even when you don’t exactly want to.

So how do you find your why? If you can’t think of one right now, no worries. Lets work through it. First, what is it that you’re wanting to do? Again, this is usually going to be a big goal you’re pushing for. Next, why? What will your life look like once you reach your goal? Why do you want that? Ask yourself these questions and don’t stop at the first level. Dig deep. Continue to ask until you get to that point that pulls on your heart. If you’re having trouble digging deep on your own, ask a trusted person in your life to assist. Let them read this post and have them ask you the question, why? It could look something like this…

Goal: lose 2o pounds.
– Because I’ve gained weight since college.
– Because I want to feel better.
– Because I want to fit into my clothes again.
– Because I feel sluggish and not like myself.
– Because I want my confidence back.
– Because I want to be able to be my best self.
– Because I want to learn to love myself better.
– Because I want to show up in the world heathy and happy.
– Because I want to be a good role model for my future family.
– Because I want to live a long, healthy, full life.

Do you see how it got much deeper than just the weight? I created a picture of my ideal world; I was getting down to something that touched my heart and impacted my life. I’ve been told “your why should make you cry.” There should be heart and emotion tied to it. Now that I have my why, when I’m faced with a Netflix marathon instead of exercising, I am firm in my decision because I’m being led by my why.

Short term gain < long term benefit.

Our culture loves the short term. We crave that immediate satisfaction and many of us don’t like to put the time and hard work in when we could just enjoy something now. A candy bar or a salad. Yes, the candy bar is delicious for those 10 seconds we’re eating it, but the salad provides the nourishment for our body. Do you see what I’m saying? Your why allows you to see past that immediate gratification to something bigger – the big picture. The long term victory!

Now, it’s completely up to you. But if you’re reading this, I know you’re someone who wants to live a meaningful, intentional, BIG life. You have vision, you have goals, you have a difference to make. Put your why behind that and go after those amazing things! I’m cheering you on!!


Rachel ❤


Done will always be better than perfect.

Bold, underlined, italic. I want you to really take that in. Done > Perfect.

How many of us spend way too much time thinking, strategizing, planning, talking about it {and repeat} instead of just doing IT!? I am in that camp a lot of the time, but I’m working on it. Here’s the thing, until we actually DO IT, nothing is going to happen. Life is about action.

Change does not come until we put in the action just like muscles don’t become stronger unless we’re exercising and lifting the weights. Often times all that planning and strategizing is just a result of our own self limiting beliefs, doubts, and excuses… just a little prettier.

What are you afraid of doing? What have you been putting off? What are you talking yourself out of doing because you don’t feel ready/prepared/capable/etc?

I almost talked myself out of my workout yesterday because I wasn’t feeling up to it. Seriously?? I’m going to be honest with you – most of the time I don’t feel “up to it.” But I become stronger by doing it. You don’t just wake up one day with the health and body you want. I mean, wouldn’t that be nice?? But it’s not how it works.

I’ve almost talked myself out of countless other things because they were outside my comfort zone. Getting a new job, becoming a coach, starting this blog. I know I’ve talked myself out of many other things because after thinking long and hard, strategizing, worrying, I had decided to just not even try instead of going for it. What would life look like right now if I had just acted instead of waiting until things were perfect?

Silly question because I don’t think we should play that “what if” game. It’ll drive you crazy. BUT we can use that sparkle of thought to encourage us to act when faced with future opportunities that come our way. They may be scary, but isn’t it even more scary to miss out and hold yourself back from possibly an amazing thing!?

Are you thinking about all those things you want? You can totally have them. But you need to take action. And take it NOW!