Put on your mask.

  Why is it that extending love to others is positive, celebrated, and good, but extending love to ourselves is frowned upon?? If you've been on an airplane you've heard the flight attendants go over the safety instructions. What do they always say? In the event of an emergency, please put on your mask first [...]

Weekend Warrior

Alright yall, it's Saturday night!!! What are you up to? Your health and fitness goals may or may not be the first thing on your mind around 8pm, butttt they still matter! They don't go away once that clock strikes 5:00pm on Friday. So what can you do to stay on track?? Set your intentions before [...]

“Me too.”

If you follow me on Facebook, you have already heard bit and pieces of my story. By sharing my experiences and struggles I discovered there's actually a lot of us in the same boat! When you're going through something difficult it can often feel like you're alone - like you're the only person who's ever [...]

Quality matters.

When I think about my life, I want to see the QUALITY, not the quantity. I think most people know the saying quality over quantity, but I know I have a hard time living that out. In a world of social media, we are so focused on quantity and this trickles into the other areas [...]

A year from now…

A year from now you will wish you had started today This quote could not be more true about anything in life, but isn't it hard to get started sometimes? Especially in our crazy, busy world, "tomorrow" always seems better. "I'll try tomorrow." "I'll eat better tomorrow." "I'll begin tomorrow." I am typically a procrastinator, [...]